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A letter to Finnick:

Dear Finnick,

The doctors said I should do this, Writing you a letter. It's meant to make me feel better, it does but makes me worse sometimes knowing I'd never get a reply back from you and seems pointless.. It's been a week since your death and it hasn't sunk in yet. It will soon and It's going to hit me hard. I miss you, I miss you waking me up in the morning, Looking into your sea-green eyes. Your kiss, the way you'd hold me. Before I start crying, I thought I'd say this.. I know I didn't tell you, But I was 8 months pregnant before you left. The stress caused me to have an early labour, and the baby was happy and healthy. I named him after you, He looks so much like you. His name's Finnick Noah Odair. He's 5 days old now and I wish you could see him. He has your eyes and hair, Johanna and Katniss say he has my nose and mouth, but all I can see is you in him. When he's older i'll tell him everything about you, How you helped fight for freedom, I'll recite him that poem you read out at the Third Quarter Quell interviews. Tell him about the time you met me, When we were five and paired to work on an English project and all the girls were upset because I was the geeky one who had been paired up with the handsome boy. You tried flirting with me numerous occasions but gave up and we became very good friends. I remember the time you said you loved me, right before the reaping. The day before that.. My 18th birthday. Noah had punched me in the eye. You got a bit overprotective and kicked him where no guy should be kicked and when I took you upstairs to ask you why. Thats when you said. Then the day after, My reaping. My name was called, I looked up at you and you looked as if you would cry. You looked after me. Even when I had won and you stayed with me all day and night. I could never repay you for what you've done to help me in my life. When we got married in District 13, I didn't care for the people around us. To be honest I forgot. I was just delighted we were finally married. I love and miss you with all my heart.

Mrs. Annie Odair