A/N O.k., this is just a very short little one-shot on how I see Cas coming back to Dean. I'm super excited for this episode, and I really just don't think after everything Dean has been through he would be angry at Castiel when he first sees him again. I think he'd be relieved to get to see Cas. Therefore, fluffiness is ahead!


"Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them, but you know they are there."

- Old Saying

Cas looked up at Dean, his sharp blue sapphire eyes meeting Dean's emerald ones. Dean's face was shocked, and though he tried to hide it, Cas could also see the fear. Cas took a deep breath, readying himself for the punch, or the shouting, or whatever Dean was about to lash at him for what he had done.

He wouldn't even be able to be annoyed at Dean if he chose to be violent toward him. After everything he had done; the betrayal; Sam's wall; working with Crowley; unleashing the Leviathan's, he knew he deserved for Dean to tell him to 'go tell his sob story to someone else.' Cas knew that he shouldn't be alive right now, he shouldn't be bothering the Winchester's asking for forgiveness, yet here he was.

Dean was yet to say anything. They were just standing at the doorway, each one waiting for the other to be the first to break the silence. Cas decided to say something, as it was his presence which was making the situation awkward.

"Dean, I- "

"Cas." Dean interrupted him. His tone was not as Castiel expected, it was disbelieving but relieved, not angry or defensive. Before he could think another thought, Dean had took one big step towards Cas and embraced him in a strong hug. Cas' mind was in shock, this was the least likely reaction he had expected Dean to have shown, but it was also the one Castiel had prayed for the most. He smiled, wrapping his arms around his old friend.

It seemed like God had finally listened to him.

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