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"Not to piss on your party or anything... but there anything happenin' anytime soon?"

Vincent cracked open one of his closed eyes to glare at Reno from underneath the lid. In the eerie light of the candles that threw long, dark shadows onto the bare walls of the little cellar room Vincent's eyes appeared even more red and freaky.

The redheaded boy rotated his shoulder, unimpressed, but kept his finger on the wooden planchette that sat on their faded, old Ouija board. He hadn't thought that summoning demons and ghosts was that boring. Had he known he'd have dragged Cloud somewhere else.

"Shut up. You were the one pestering me about this" Vincent growled, closing his eyes and still managing to glare through shut lids. Amateurs. Had it not been for Cloud he'd have kicked Reno out six times already! And how dare Reno complain after he had gone through all the trouble 'borrowing' his crazy granddad's Oujia board?

Clearing his throat, he shifted a bit and mumbled something inaudible under his breath that sounded like some sort of incantation. Then he tensed, his dark wide garment (which actually was a bathrobe he had lend from his father for dramatic effect) slipping over his shoulder.

"Can you feel something?" he muttered in a low voice that bordered on a whisper, glancing at Cloud from under dark lashes.

Immediately, Cloud stiffened at the question. Did he feel something? Yes, he felt freaked out and more than a little panicked at what they were trying to do. When Reno had called and told him he had a "fuckin awesome" night planned for them both, he imagined it would involve walking from one end of the town to the other as they usually did, followed by a movie if they felt really wild.

He never would have dreamed that Reno would drag him to Vincent's house to try and contact the dead.

"Um..no." he finally answered, "Sorry..." He shifted a little in his seat and quickly glanced over at Reno to make sure there were no stray demons or angry spirits floating around trying to get inside his friends' head. That would be tough to explain to people.

Reno rolled his eyes, deciding that it was time for the fun part to start. He should have known that depressing, serious Vincent was not a good source of entertainment. Without a little help, at least.

"I feel something!" he suddenly whispered, and carefully pushing the planchette a bit. He could feel Vincent stiffen beside him in surprise and inwardly smirked.

"We have made a connection" the dark haired youth whispered importantly and sharply, before clearing his throat anew and mumbling something to the 'ghosts' about being grateful for their arrival and gracing such lowly humans as themselves with their presence.

Then, way more disrespectful and grumpy, he hissed at Cloud, "Ask them your question!" Gosh, he was so excited, this had never worked before! He should have worn the robe earlier.

Cloud was almost paralyzed with fear – Reno could feel something? He widened his eyes at him, he must have missed a sneaky spirit that could be trying to strangle Reno or slip a ghostly appendage around his waist and drag him back into the afterlife!

"Oh Gods..." Cloud whispered. Suddenly, he felt Vincent's boot connect with his leg under the table and, allowing with a glare directed his way, he remembered why they were here.

His question, he had a question...what was it again? Something to do with the history of the town – that was it. They wanted to contact a spirit who was alive years ago to tell them what their town had been like when it was founded, for their school project. Of course, Cloud didn't want to barge straight in with his reasons for being here and piss off any potentially insane spirit that could be in this room with them right now, so instead he decided to be his usual polite self.

"Um..hello." He began, trying to keep his voice from shaking, "H-how are you?"

It took Reno everything he had to not burst out laughing. Keeping a straight face he sneakily made the planchette move to the letters until they had formed the sentence 'WTF! I'm dead, how do you think I feel?'

Vincent frowned at that and muttered towards Cloud "Don't make the ghost angry! Ask something more... suited for a ghost." Not that he had any idea how to actually ask a ghost things. He wished he had his netbook down here, to search Wikipedia for a manual on how to properly interview the undead.

Something more suited for a ghost? What could that be? Cloud racked his brains for something that wouldn't make Vincent turn his scary red eyes to him again. He was still wary about pissing off the already annoyed ghost. Reno was no help, he looked as though he was shaking in his seat from the fear of having a ghost contact them.

An actual ghost!

Cloud sat up a little straighter in and looked at the space directly above the planchette. The ghost was surely hovering above that space right now. "I'm Cloud" he said, "What's your name?"

Reno didn't feel too creative, and just pushed the planchette onto the letter 'O'. He felt Vincent tremble with tension. He also wondered when Vincent's mom would come and bring them sandwiches and cake... his stomach was grumbling a little. Aand he yearned for a cigarette.

"Oh, great 'O'," gothic boy said in a ridiculously solemn voice, "May I ask a question, too?"

Reno inwardly shrugged and answered 'yes'. He wondered what Vincent could possibly ask their 'ghost'. It was probably something dark and depressing about people who bathed in the blood of virgins.

"Will I get the new Dynasty Warriors video game on the PS3 for Christmas?"

And Reno thought that he sounded disgustedly excited, too. He was just about to cruelly shift the planchette to the 'no' sign, when he felt a light ripple in the air around their fingers. He stiffened, but then he smirked. So Cloud wanted to have some fun too. He relaxed, leaving the answering to their blonde friend.

Cloud stared intensely at the board, waiting to see what the ghost would say. Could ghosts tell the future? If they were spirits and they could exist between their world and the human world, maybe they could go into the future too? Could they exist between planes? Between dimensions? Maybe he should ask if they would get an A in their project, or would that create some kind of paradox? Maybe he should just ask for help first...

Reno stared at Cloud, getting impatient. His small friend had a strange look on his face; the one he normally got when he was thinking about a difficult math problem or deciding what to eat for dinner staring into Reno's fridge that contained nothing more than some eggs, beer and candy. He reached out to move the planchette but he felt that ripple again. It felt...strange. Almost otherworldly. It couldn't be a gust of air since Vincent had closed all the windows and covered every source of light with a red or black cloth.

"Vince...you feelin' that, yo?"

"Of course I do," Vincent muttered, not happy that Reno was killing the vibes with his nonsense. He was still anxiously waiting for the answer to his question...

The planchette on the Ouija board moved and this time Reno knew for certain that it wasn't him! It was a lot faster too, the little piece of wood flying so fast over the letters that Reno had difficulties keeping his finger on it! In the end, they had a reply that read as followed:

''Nevermind that. How ya doin', boys?"

Cloud's train of thought was knocked right off its tracks when the planchette moved so quickly, and crashed right into his stream of consciousness when he saw what the ghost was asking. It wanted to know how they were doing? Then it was a friendly ghost after all! Relaxing into his seat, Cloud's confidence grew now that he knew they weren't sitting on an ancient burial ground full of angry ghosts with nothing better to do than eat curious kids who disturbed their sleep.

"We're all fine here," he said to the board. "We're all really excited to be talking to a real spirit!"

Vincent glowered at Cloud and his excitement. Didn't he know that ghosts didn't react well to overly chirpy chocobo heads? Although, now that he thought about it, the ghost didn't seem to be acting like a typical ghost either. Maybe he should ask him to move something in the room or shake the table around, that's what they always did in the movies that he'd seen.

Before he had time to demand some spirit action the planchette started flying over the board again, light scratching sounds filling the tense, dusty air.

'Yeah? Same here, you're a bunch of cuties! So, what's the plan for tonight? Having a pyjama party? I see no pyjamas. You gonna sleep naked?'

The silence that followed that statement was heavy and extremely awkward.

Reno's frown deepened as he stared at Oujia board and the slightly vibrating planchette, until finally he stated dryly into Cloud's direction, "Let's stop this. This ghost's just some undead pervert."

The wooden plate remained still for exactly one second before it moved to hectically assure, 'Just joking! ... So, you wanna know something? Ask me anything, really. I'm no one suspicious.'

Reading this from a ghost didn't make Reno all that confident in the trustworthy-ness of their spirit guest. Still he nudged Cloud in the side. "You gonna ask about the school project now, or what?"

Oh yes, the project! The whole reason they were here in the first place. Cloud tried not to think of a strange flirty ghost who was in the room with them, filling his head up with naked thoughts, and instead started thinking of his question.

"Um...Mr. Ghost..Mr. O" he began, "I was hoping you could tell us how old you are?"

A few seconds passed and there was no answer from the spirit, so Cloud felt the need to fill the silence with an explanation.

"You see, my friends and I are doing a project in school about our town and what it was like in the past, and maybe you could tell us if you lived there and what it was like, because it would be really cool to have some firsthand evidence from somebody who actually lived here in that time, and um, we tried the library but the librarian is really old and she thought Vincent was a demon and now we're banned, so um...could you help us?"

Cloud stopped talking once he noticed the death glares from his friends – from Reno because of his nervous babbling and from Vincent for telling the ghost about what had happened earlier today. Vincent began to hiss at Cloud again but once they heard the scratching of the wooden planchette they all looked down as one to the board.

The planchette shook a bit and hadn't Reno known any better he would have sworn he could hear someone chuckle. He stole a sneaky glance atound the room but there was no one here, just them and piles of junk that were neatly arranged on shelves along the back wall.

The wooden piece moved again, but a bit more thoughtful and slower this time. 'I'm afraid I'm no expert either. But I might know someone who is... you interested?'

Both Vincent and Reno turned to stare expectantly at Cloud. Vincent had mellowed out a bit and was no longer holding himself in such a haughty position, and Reno was sitting up straighter in his chair for the first time all night.

"Well?" they asked together.

"What? "Cloud squeaked, "You're leaving this up to me? Why? It's all of our project, we should all be involved in a decision like this!"

Reno rolled his eyes at his friend's dramatics. "Listen, yo" he began, "Think of it this way. It's like checkin' out a book at the library, but instead of a book it's a ghost, and instead of an index chapter you have to talk to them, and once you're finished with it you'll bring it back again. Ghost gone, we get an A, the end, nothin' to worry about."

Vincent nodded in support. "I feel it" he said, "I feel a positive presence..."


The ghost in the board seemed to get a bit impatient too. Vincent feared that he might leave if they didn't give their answer pronto, so he sent Cloud another imploring look. From the looks of it he should have been the one to interview the ghost, since he had the whole gothic thing going on with being all gloomy and dark and mysterious, but admittedly, now that they had an actual ghost here he didn't mind Cloud doing it. At all.

Cloud squirmed a little under the looks his friends were giving him. "Well..." he mumbled, "I guess if the ghost only stays for a little while and we get our answers quickly, there shouldn't really be a problem, right?" He thought for a moment and then directed his answer to the board.

"Alright" he nodded, "We're interested. Let's meet him."

The moment Cloud's words left his lips and their echo faded the temperature in the room dropped.

The candles flickered violently and the planchette on the Ouija board remained still. Reno couldn't even feel the soft vibrations anymore. Now it was nothing but a piece of dead wood.

There was no sign of their ghost anymore, just eerie silence. It seemed as if time had been frozen, but then the shadows darkened and broadened, the nervous light of the small candles swallowed by something unspeakable.

Suddenly a cold mist formed on the stony ground around the Ouija board where the three human boys sat, and it swirled into a grey pillar of chaos, breaking against the ceiling. Out of the smoke peeled a black figure, their silhouette only visible at first. The creature was humanly shaped and big and when finally the fog dissipated, a black wing stretched from the man's back. It was wet and oily with blood that dripped from the huge feathers. The man's face was obscured by cascades of long hair, but one single eye with a slitted pupil peered out at them, piercing and sharp and not amused.

Apparently their interviewee was none too pleased about being trapped here with a bunch of school kids in a cramped, dusty basement somewhere in suburbia.

His eyes roamed over the three young boys that had called him away from very urgent matters and settled on the smallest of the three, the one who summoned him.

The one he was bound to.

Sephiroth stared with power and fury radiating from his very being, and the blonde gaped back out of wide, startlingly blue eyes.

And then Cloud fainted.


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