When she was a little girl, she knew that she was wealthier than most of the other kids in Daten City. She didn't care much about the wealth her parents obtained, though she did love going to carnivals and amusement parks with one of the hired guards. Even with all of the money that was at her fingertips, she knew that there was one thing that the money, no matter how bountiful, could never give her.

A friend.

Growing up, she was able to get a better understanding of what greed did to people, and the people she met were full of that particular sin when she met them. When she was able to play with other kids, all they wanted to do was to play with her stuff, brag about their own toys, or simply eat without giving her a second thought. It also didn't help that the one thing she loved to talk about most of all was something that most rick kids, as well as their parents, didn't want to deal with.


She loved every single type of insect she saw on the tv. Ants, worms, beetles, mysqitos, and so much more! Her favorite was the bee, since they looked so cute on the cartoons she watched, and tried to get her parents to buy her a bee hive as a birthday present. Instead of getting the bee hive that year, she got bee-themed clothes, and a stern talking to from her father. Her parents, back then, were members of the highest class of society that Daten City had. Her mother was a professional model for a beauty magazine, as well as had her own fashion line, making her one of the main reasons their family was rich. Her father, on the other hand, was a football coach, though his thin, fragile look would make you think otherwise. It wasn't as known as his coaching career, but her father was also a ballet and cheerleader instructor, which made him not only having a constant income of money, but also brought a variety of people to visit their personal home.

Despite having all of this money at her fingertips, she didn't care for it when she was younger, as she wanted two things most of all. A friend, and to spend more time with her busy parents than she did at that time. The only time she could see them were on the major holidays and weekends, though there were times that, even on those precious days, that they would go off to their private study to take care of a project. She even remembered one of the maids, Alicine, speak up on her behalf to her parents about how she was lonely and wanted to spend time with them. Sadly, not only did the maid get fired, she was sent to one of her mother's business friend's homes for a week. She had cried, screamed, and even bit the family's butler in order to stay, only to be dropped off without a second thought.

The family was the Rock family, a prestigious group who were known for their handsome features, flirtatious charm, and their thirst for fame and fortune. When she arrived and met most of the family, she could see their inner soul, and nearly looked away at how ugly the true them looked. As soon as they told her that she could ask the butlers and maids for anything she needed, she began to explore the mansion, hoping to find a garden to see what bugs would be in it. In that same garden, behind a colony of bushes, was a young boy with combed over orange hair, cute freckles, and the most stunning pair of eyes she had ever seen. To this day, no one she met has ever outclassed those gems humans dared to call eyes.

Surprisingly, the young boy was chasing after a tiny butterfly, which made her squeal and chase after the cute creature. Due to her squeal, this made the boy stop running, turn to her, and sadly bump into her, making her and the boy fall to the ground. Mind you, she didn't mind, since she managed to get the butterfly in her hand, but it was at the cost of grinding her knees into his stomach. After apologizing and getting off the boy, the two examined the butterfly and its unusual colors. She would never forget those colors, a stunning orange with charcoal black patterns interlaced into the butterfly's wings. The boy pointed out that it was a monarch butterfly, and watched as it flew away, though she found herself fixated onto the boy and introduced herself.

"Briefers Rock, but everyone else calls me Brief." Was the boy's reply. For the remainder of her stay, she played with Brief, doing everything she possibly could with him, even going as far as to staying in his room after hours watching the lightning bugs light up in search of their mates. In truth, she never wanted her stay at the Rock family to end, but she knew that it would, and made the most out of it. She discovered, mostly thanks to Brief, that he completely loved bugs, almost as much as she did, and had various terrariums set up to hold various insects; however, he didn't have her favorite insect, and had gotten him to ask his father to give him the necessary means to get it.

She was going to get herself a queen bee to make her own hive, whether her parents wanted her to or not.

However, as fate would have it, the very bee hive she and Brief went to claim was a very, VERY unique one, even amongst the insect world. It was a first, to the scientific world, the occult world, and the world she would soon be joining. The hive was none other than the very thing that would make Briefers Rock the wimp of a teenager he would become.

It was a ghost hive, filled with ghost bees that were controlled by a ghost queen. Now, she and Brief didn't know this, as they just thought that, as trees did when the seasons changed, the hive was entering a phase, and came close to it. Brief climbed on the back of the tree, hoping to knock it down into the special plastic box that Brief's father gave to them, close the lid, and have her family's butler order a specialist when her parents were busy. Sadly, fate had other ideas, and proceeded to bring out the queen bee ghost as Brief was climbing the tree, and stung her. Unlike most stings, where she just felt pain in her arm, the bee would die, and there would be a large bump on the injured spot, she felt an onslaught of pain constrict her whole body, widening her eyes as a black and red substance began to take over her skin, and heard a sinister voice call out to her as she heard Brief scream her name, watching as the bee hive fell on top of her before passing out.

When she awoke, she found herself in the care of a pale blue skinned man's care, who had two odd, red skinned girls by his side with a curious expression on their faces. The man, she quickly learned, was named Corset, and the two girls by his side were Scanty and Corset, his "daughters" to the public, and was the sole reason she was alive, from what her parents told her soon after she was reunited with them. Before that reunion, he explained to her that she was a unique human now, mostly since she had won against the queen bee ghost who had tried to use her body as nourishment to keep the ghost alive, and, instead of simply puking the devilish energy inside of her, assimilated it, making her half ghost.

At least, she would of been half ghost, if one factor hadn't changed that.

She was allergic to bees, a kiss from karma if she ever felt one.

Still, due to overcoming the original queen bee, she still retained her consciousness, though she was forced to understand that her GHOST form was the true her, and nothing would ever change that. After she was shown to her parents, they begged for her forgiveness, hoping to sue the Rock family in order for them to pay for their mistake of letting this happen, only for her to beg them not to. In exchange, she and her family moved away from the Rock family, living on an estate provided by Corset, in order for them to have the utmost of privacy, especially when she was taught how to control her ghost self.

As the years came by, she found herself grateful for the chance to becoming something so unique, so outlandish that no one could ever claim to have a similar experience happen to them. There were many people who suffered a loss, those who have had broken hearts, or even killed someone for the first time, may it be by accident or on purpose, but no one could ever say that they became a GHOST QUEEN. She was placed under intensive care, going through test after test to find out what exactly her abilities were, such as if they were support or attack abilities, what she could eat, what she couldn't and other things that bored her to tears. She befriended Scanty and Kneesocks, the two daughters of Corset, who in truth were his prodigies to be trained as mercenaries, and found herself slowly, but surely, replacing her fascination with bugs with ghosts, ghost artifacts, and anything related to her new self.

Then, at the tender age of twelve, both of her parents died at a business party, leaving her to the care of Corset. None of her remaining family knew of her, especially since they all believed that she was dead, and was forced to live with the man who had 'saved' her, a fact that, after years of being near the man, seeing the items in his possession, and the cruelty he possessed, a part of her wondered if he really saved her, or forced her to become what she became. Still, thanks to her parent's deaths, she fell under his guardianship, and she found herself back in Daten City, and was placed in Daten Jr. High.

Maybe it was the charm of the queen bee that she naturally had, the human form she had learned to create for herself, or those years of being taught how to be a true lady from Corset, but, in the little time she was in school, she became the head of the school. No student, teacher, or even the principal could deny her what she wanted, and it honestly made her feel fantastic with each order she could spew from her mouth. As she graduated Jr. High, she was more than sure that three fourths of the girls, as well as eighty percent of the guys in the Jr. High were under her thumbs, doing whatever she wanted when necessary, or simply praising her, giving her the attention she had always wanted from her parents.

Then, when she became a student at Daten High, she met him, the very person who she never thought she'd see again. The same person who, not only got her even more fascinated with bugs, but made her the happiest she had been in years. The same individual who led her to becoming what she became, as well as became her first, TRUE friend.

She had met Briefers Rock.

Instead of the happy, pure boy she had met when they were young, the Briefers Rock in front of her was a nervous wreck of the boy she once met. Upon further information from her followers, he was shy, preferring to hide his stunning eyes by puffing out his hair, wearing the same army standard jump suit with a special thing on his back. Upon seeing it for herself, as well as eavesdropping, she found out it was a PKE meter, a special ghost hunting tool that was meant to scan, record, and, if necessary, capture ghosts. The very thought of him being a fan of ghosts excited, and yet terrified her at the same time. If he ever, EVER found out who she really was, let alone what she had become, she wondered if he would try to kill her, most likely claiming that she was the ghost that was 'taking the form of the one he cared about' before killing her.

So, from that day forward, she made it so no one announced her last name, making everyone know her only as her title, and did the one thing to insure that Brief was under her command. She made him, and only him, her special drone. In truth, it was an excuse to be close to him without being close, learning more of his life at the Rock estate, how many friends he had, which weren't many, and anything bit of information she could get his hands on. When forced, Brief would talk, but he never once mentioned her, his opinion of her, or what was his inspiration to being a fan of ghosts.

Over the course of her freshman year, she tried to get more people to befriend Brief, even going as far as to ordering them, rather than suggesting the idea by mentioning of his family, but only her cheerleaders, whom she was the cheer captain of, would associate with him. The males were jealous of his role as head drone, and would pick on him when she wasn't around, even going as far as to set up moments where she would walk up to him being in a humiliating situation in hopes of dropping him as the head drone. If anything, this made her closer to him, treating him with more care than ever, something that Brief was thankful for, she told her a few days later.

When she became a sophomore; however, Corset had ordered her to do something she wasn't exactly proud of, and it would be the very thing that led to her downfall. She was told of how her friends, sisters from the view of the public, Scanty and Kneesocks were to come to the school a few months into the semester, which she would welcome with open arms, and make them popular, well liked, and a part of her inner circle. In truth, they were to use her control of the school to allow the Akuma sisters to create their artificial ghosts to take over Daten City, as well as place to experiment on new ghost ideas by using the unsavory students, such as failing students, gangsters, and, much to her fright, geeks. Fearing for Brief, she had used one of her abilities, to create a ghost bees that would attach themselves onto the victim's head, in order to give her maximum control of whoever was picking on Brief, as well as those who threatened to end her reign over the school. Within a month of the new school year, she had made six boys and five girls disappear, transforming them into cheerleaders and football players that were under her control, though she wasn't happy about her actions. She had to do it, though not for making it easier for Scanty and Kneesocks to enter the school. No, she had to do it in order to give Brief the easiest week he would have, so she could give him a gift on his birthday.

Her gift to him was a very special beehive that was filled with her bees and, to a sense, a queen bee duplicate of herself. It would be thanks to that gift that she would, not only get the first hug she had ever received, but would see his eyes for the first time in years. Their beauty had evolved into something only angels could ever have, and she wanted the owner of those eyes all to herself. He had sworn to her that, not only would he keep the bee hive safe, but he would honor it, as it reminded him of someone who had passed long ago.

Not more than two hours later, the source of her demise would arrive, promptly by crushing her gift to Brief.

Anarchy Panty and Anarchy Stocking, two angels who took over the school in less than two days, completely ruining Corset, no, HER plans to keep Brief safe. All of those fools she had to deal with. Their fake friendships, their flirtatiousness, and every corrupt soul that sought for her hand, all for naught thanks to those two destructive, crazed ANGELS! Brief still stood by her side, only to see him following Panty more and more, which made her snap. In truth, Panty reminded her of what she could of been. Perky, thin, with long, perfect hair, gorgeous eyes, rather than the cold, dull eyes she currently had in her human form, and out right loud, never taking no for an answer.

So, not more than a day later, she began to take control over a horde of students, making them her puppets as she prepared for them to ambush the two angels when they would leave the school after their detention. Much to her horror, the two sisters found her, who were led by Brief, and forced her, though they didn't know it, to ambush the two right then and there. When her forces were beginning to overcome the angels, she transformed into the real her, giving an apologetic look to Brief as he saw her eyes widen as she prepared to kill the angels. Only for the two to discover the trick to her control over her subjects, and freed them with ease. She then made an, all for naught, desperate attack by releasing hordes of her ghost bee creations from her inner hive, forcing them towards the angels, only for them to use Brief as a spring board, with the help of her freed subjects, to kill her bees. Panty, the blond angel, suddenly appeared in front of her and prepared to shoot her in the head. She just had a feeling that she was going to die, a feeling that caused her to relive all of her memories in a single second, making tears fall from her eyes, had one thing not happen.

"BARBY NO!" That split second made the angel hesitate, allowing for her to fly up as the bullet, rather than drill its way through her brain, went through her chest. She didn't want to leave yet, not in a long shot. She wanted to stay for Brief! She wanted to stay by his side, protect him, and care for him like she had been for the past year! And then, she felt the most pleasing, yet painful sensation explode from within, killing her.

When she awoke, she found herself as a spirit, hovering above Brief as he held the tiara and earrings she once wore to his chest, crying without anything to restrain his emotions. She was confused, wondering where the angels were, since she believed they were his friends, as well as why she was still here, amongst the living. With nothing else to do, she followed Brief home, scaring herself as she was able to phase through walls as if they weren't there, and found herself in his room. It was darker than she once recalled, the bright blue paint was replaced by a dark shade of purple, followed by posters of various ghosts and magazine covers of them and ghost hunting products. She watched as he placed the tiara and earrings on top of a tank that, much to her surprise, held the ghost hive she gave him.

Then, she felt it. A stand of life living within the hive she gave to him. No, it was more like a horde of little bits of her energy, followed by the queen bee ghost she made just for him, and phased through it. Within seconds, she injected herself into the queen bee ghost, happy to take control of the mindless breeding machine, and forced a few of her drones to go out and collect energy for her. Thanks to Panty stepping on the hive, there were many holes that allowed her to see outside of her hive, such as one to a hole that only her bee drones could escape, as well as a hole that allowed her to watch Brief as he slept. Despite her circumstance, she was happy for three things.

She was free from the control of Corset.

She was free from being the fake individual she found herself becoming.

But most of all, she was happy to be given a third chance to protect Brief, and one day, hopefully, have him as the king she had always wanted.

-Author's Notes-

Yep, that's right my readers. I just, not only made a new story, but, if my scavenging is correct, made the first ever Barby/Brief pairing to exist on fanfiction! I'll admit, I like Barby, her ghost form, and her personal ghostification, even though I had to alter it in order to fit the story idea. I truly wished she was able to live for the rest of the season, rather than being killed off with only a short reminder in a later episode.

In many ways, she reminds me of Panty, another reason as to why Brief was so attracted to Panty in my story. She is slim, like Panty, had bright colored hair, like Panty, relies on popularity, like Panty, and doesn't like it when someone messes up her personal agendas. Again, like Anarchy Panty. Like I said, it is a shame she was cut off so shortly, as she could of been a good mid-boss for the girls, sending possessed students after the angels as another ghost, sent or created by the Akuma sisters, would try to kill the Anarchy sisters. At least this way, no one would suspect for Barby to be one of the ones making the disappearances happen, until Brief or one of the Anarchy sisters discover a bee ghost inside Brief's bee hive.

Either way, I have enjoyed making this, and I will be more than glad to continue this, though I believe this is wonderful as a one-shot. Until next time!