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-Chapter Seven-

As soon as Brief's shackles disappeared, Barby knew that something horrible was about to happen to her lover. But this? Who could of thought that her sweet, loving boyfriend could end up becoming a crazed fighting machine. She was sure that the Ghoststone was influencing him, as his Ghost blade was in sight for the first time eversince he was given his weapon, and had a feeling that she shouldn't try anything just yet.

"Hahahaha, so this is what it feels like to be him, eh?" Barby looked at Brief, now knowing that something now had control of Brief. He suddenly disappeared in a splash of red, making her instinctively use her bee ghosts to see if she could spot him. It was all for naught; however, as he appeared behind Panty and stabbed her through her stomach. Well, he would of succeeded in slicing her in half, if it wasn't for Stocking pushing her down, using Stripe 2 to parry the Ghost blade. Normally, when a blade, weapon, or anything meets the ground, they simply bounce off the floor, especially if they're being held by someone. Yet, despite knowing this, a small, dark purple ooze formed where the tip of his blade met the ground.

'That's not natural.' Barby noted to herself as she took several steps back to her sisters. From a quick glance, she knew that Kneesocks was memorizing everything she could at the moment, using her scientific mindset to ignore any unnecessary details. Scanty, on the other hand, seemed to be worried, a trait that is never good to see on her during a crisis. "You said that this is apart of Oscar's abilities right? Then why is he going berserk!"

"I can't tell Barby." Kneesocks stated as she suddenly widened her eyes. Seeing the sudden change in sight, Barby turned to see Brief using the combined blade faster than ever before, putting more force into each strike that Stocking, who seemed to be sweating, was starting to loose her advantage with her two katanas. "Normally, all Oscar obtains is several enhancements in speed, weight, and the ability to manipulate snot. He could also fly, though this was done thanks to using nosebleeds-"

"I think," Scanty interrupted, "that this sudden mood change is due to the Ghoststone and Oscar's abilities intertwined with one another. Blood is a catalyst for many dark rituals in the world, and Briefers, being coated in it, must of been able to bring about the final form of his weapon thanks to it. Unless, of course, he covered the Ghoststone in blood as well as himself, but I don't think he did." Barby could only nod at Scanty's words, mostly due to herself focusing more on Brief. The sound of an explosion taking place caused her attention to focus back on the battle at hand, and saw that Panty tried to send some type of missile towards Brief, only for it to miss him and went straight into the kitchen area.

"FAK!" Panty shouted as she took to the sky, leaving behind a flash of blue as she manuvered out of Brief's slashing range. She began to releash a rain of bullets with her Blacklaces, forcing Brief to use the Ghost blade to block a majority of the small projectiles from hitting him. When Barby saw that Stocking was flying towards Brief with Stripe 1&2 spun like a propeller, she was about to fly towards him, knowing that by the time she got to intercept him, he'd most likely be injured by one of the two angels. Yet, she was glad she didn't leave her spot, as the Ghost blade glowed for a fragment of a second, shining like a glare from the sun, before he performed a three hundred and sixty degree turn with the blade extended, releasing a pulse of ghost energy from it. This not only forcefully made Stocking fall onto one of the tables, but struck Panty, who nearly dodged the new attack, at her ankles, causing her to loose her balance in the air. Brief took the time she needed to get up close and personal and yanked one of the Blacklaces from her, making the angel fix her balance in the process. Before she could do anything to him, he used his blade like a tennis rack and forced the slutty angel through the ceiling, hopefully breaking her back in the process.

"Panty!" Barby looked down to see Stocking, whose angelic dress seemed to be ripped in various spots that revealed her creamy thighs and her bountiful bust, and saw the intense glare the angel now focused onto Brief. "Oh, it is on Brief!" In a flash of blue light, Stocking slammed into Brief, forcing him to collide into several tables, breaking them in the process, and forced his blade into the ground to prevent himself from flying into more objects littered across the cafeteria. Just like with the first slash, a dark purple ooze formed where his blade met the ground, though this batch was much larger than the previous one, causing her to wonder if there was a time limit to the production of the ooze.

"Is that all you have, sweet Stocking?" Brief spoke out as he swung his blade to intercept the sudden flurry of strikes the gothic angel tried to land upon his flesh. His words made her strike faster, leaving shadow images of her angelic weapons behind the original weapon, though, thanks to how large his blade was, she couldn't get any closer to landing a hit. "You have no sense of timing, Stocking. Let me show you..." Brief used his blade to push her forward, causing her to step upon the puddle of ooze his blade created minutes ago. Barby noticed the faint flicker of ghost energy build within the puddle, and knew he had set up a trap. A tentacle puddle perhaps, or some type of acid that melted the skin? "A true timing tactic!"


In an instant, two long, Naginata pierced Stocking through the lower sides of her stomach, with the tip of the two weapons exposed through her upper torso. Stocking had widened her eyes in pain, tears pouring from them instantly, her mouth began to quiver as she let go of Stripe 1&2. With her hands now free, she took hold of both weapons and began to pull at them, only for the two to go further into her, the blades of the Naginata reaching dangerously close to her face. It was due to this sudden force that caused her to release a scream of utter pain, one that only the truly innocent ever released. It was then that two fake ghosts appeared out of the portal, their hands gripping at their respected weapon with their heads looking straight at Brief. Did they respond to his unspoken commands? But how would they know where he was, as he wasn't anywhere near them to activate them with his Ghoststone?

"H...How?" Barby spoke, breaking the horrid silence that took over the battle fueled aura that the ruined cafeteria once held. She tried to glance at Scanty at Kneesocks, yet found herself frozen to watch the painful look that the lesser of the evil angels showed on her face. Brief walked forward, allowing the tip of the Ghost Blade to scratch the floor, creating purple ooze in the process.

"Your blood..." Brief leaned down towards the exposed blade of the Naginata, taking a sniff of the crimson liquid dripping from it. He proceeded to surprise Barby even more by licking some of the blood, especially the droplets that began to coat her breasts. His tongue peeled back some of her flesh, earning a shout for him to stop from the angel as he proceeded to taste more of her blood. From the tap, as some alcoholics would say, but this was no humorous situation. He pulled away, allowing for a small stream of blood to leak from the corner of his lips as he leaned close to Stocking's face. "So bittersweet, like a tart, yet deliciously thick like chocolate syrup. Would you like a taste, Stocking?" Suddenly, with no warning, Brief brought the blade to his right, blocking several bullets from lodging themselves into his skull. This manuver wasn't without consequence; however, as not only did he force Stocking to fall, forcing the Naginatas through her even more, but he wasn't able to stop something from striking his chest, sending him flying near Barby and her sisters.

"Brief-kun!" Barby ran over to him and helped him up as quickly as she could. As usual, he released an aura that made her feel more powerful, but she tried her hardest to ignore the sudden urge to battle and helped him stand up, but not before taking notice of their newest enemy. He was a tall, dark skinned black man with the largest afro she had ever seen, outside of anime of course. He wore an outfit one would see upon a priest, though the golden tassles that she saw on his exposed chest was a bit unusual, with a leather bible in his right hand. While she pondered about who he was, a sudden scream made her look to the side to see Panty recovering the Blacklace Brief forced her to drop earlier, and the slutty angel truly didn't seem pleased at the state Stocking was in.

"You're gonna pay. You're ALL GONNA FUCKING PAY!" Barby was suddenly, yet gently, pushed to the side as Brief slammed the Ghost blade into the ground, causing a series of ghost energy shockwaves to run towards the angels and the unknown priest. The three were able to dodge it, Stocking was fortunate enough to have the black man grabbing her before jumping, though the trio nearly ended up skewered as six fake ghosts appeared out of the smaller ooze puddle in a comical fashion.

"FAK YOU!" Panty quickly turned towards the sudden targets and fired. The six fake ghosts were quickly dispatched by a small horde of bullets, allowing the three to land safe and sound, crushing the fake ghost's bodies with frightening ease. With a snap of Brief's fingers, hordes upon hordes of fake ghosts came out of the ooze portals, taking up most of the space the cafeteria provided Barby, Scanty, and Kneesocks to use to escape if need be.

"Dear sister." Scanty sudden talked.

"Yes sister?"

"Did Corset ever tell us if the school or the police ever cleared the campus of the fake ghosts?" Barby glanced at Kneesocks, who blinked before shaking her head. "That explains a lot about this situation dear sister. A unique trait to the Ghoststone in this blade form allows him to create portals that can pull the fake ghosts that are imbuned with its energy to where he is, as long as they're most likely in the same building I'd add." A dangerous ability, that was, if it was anything close to what Scanty described. Her Brief could bring a battalion of twelve thousand strong upon a single location, decimating his enemies with ease, especially if he is able to reconstruct the fake ghosts that are destroyed with the energy of the Ghoststone.

"We must retreat Panty." Barby heard the black man shout. She noticed that, during her time focusing on what her sisters spoke to one another, the man and Panty were killing as many of the ghost constructs as possible, making sure that none of them got within range to landing any life threatening blows to Stocking. While Panty was able to shoot the ones further away from them, the man was easily punching one of the fake ghosts into the others, knocking them down like bowling pins.

"No way Garter!" Panty combined the Blacklace duo to create another, slightly damaged rifle and began shooting like there was no tomorrow. Thanks to her having to focus upon a one hundred and eighty degree area of fake ghosts to take down, whatever ninety degrees she ignored for long enough was quickly filled with fake ghosts that picked up the weapons of their fallen puppet brothern. These actions made it harder for her to land a proper killing shot, as their shields would block the bullet, or would try to stab her, forcing her to step back and shoot like hell. "I'm killing that bastard for faking hurting my sister, ruining our clothes, and grabbing her panties instead of mine!"

'Really?' Barby felt herself sweatdrop at Panty's reasoning to continue the fight. She didn't seem like the only one, as she noticed Brief, who simply stood watching the battle, slouch at the information.

"We are outmanned, outgunned, and have to get your sister back to the curch to heal before those wounds kill her and..." The man known as Garter stopped talking, glancing at Brief with a form of sadness in his eyes. Brief stopped slouching and grabbed at the side of his head, causing Barby to hurry to his side to see if he was alright. She had to be honest when she was expecting to see her lover coated in the lava-like ghost skin, with his eyes being the ghost swirls with the inner most swirl glowing an ominous red. However, she wasn't expecting to see Brief's handsome left eye, followed by a patch of his puffy orange hair looking at her, before it focused upon the individual known as Garter.

"You are right Garterbelt." Brief's voice, which was once dark and filled with anger, seemed normal once more. "You are outmanned and outgunned. I'm sure you two could handle these fake ghosts, as, even with their weapons, aren't much to handle in hordes in a building, but you have me, Scanty, Kneesocks, and Barby to worry about, as we're ready to jump into the fray, while Stocking is in need of medical attention."

'No,' Barby mentally scratched her previous thought, 'He isn't speaking normally. He's speaking in a serious calm tone. Like the calm before the storm, where the brutality I witnessed were simply the harsh winds that come before the tornado runs rampant through the city.' Brief and Garterbelt entered a war of the eyes, to see who would fold first, to act out to attack or to run for their lives. She noticed that there weren't anymore fake ghosts appearing from the portals, but did notice that Brief's blade was glowing, releasing small pulses of aura that made her want to fight like a mindless ghost. Panty, who was glaring at Brief as Garterbelt talked to him, raised Blacklace towards him.

"I'm not gonna let you get awa-" A bloodied hand grabbed her wrist, revealing a pale, well, more pale than usual, Stocking. Her face had small dried droplets of blood, most of which was around her upper neck, with small, thick streams of blood poured from her chest and side wounds. What she noticed first and foremost was that she reverted back to her Gothic clothes, with Stripe 1&2 nowhere to be seen around her.

"Lets go home Panty." Stocking said, followed by a cough that she couldn't cover, allowing for a few globs of blood to fly out. Panty seemed she was about to say something more, but her sister beat her to the punch. "Today is just not our day." She then looked at Brief, glancing at him with a small glare, though her eyes. Her dull colored eyes held a different emotion than what she was trying to distribute to the crowd around her, but what was it? "Brief, I hope you know what you have just done to yourself."

"I know, Stocking-san." Brief glanced at the fake ghosts surrounding the trio and waved his right hand to the side. "Let them by." The fake ghosts moved away from each other within seconds, allowing a clear path for the trio to leave. As they turned and began to leave, Panty, who was the last to turn away, pointed Blacklace at him with her eyes filled with hate.

"The next time we meet, bastard..." Blacklace deformed back into Panty's panties, which meant that the pair that she still held were Stocking's pair of panties. "YOU"LL DIE BY MY HANDS! MARK MY WORDS!" She ran out of the building after Garterbelt and Stocking, though Brief didn't move from his spot for several minutes. As soon as he moved, the lava-like skin he had broke like glass, allowing for the true him to be seen without issue, though his tuxedo was still transformed in its Ghost blade state.

"Briefers Rock, we need to leave as soon as possible before any footage can be taken." Barby turned and saw that, despite all of the destruction Brief and the angels caused, their escape vehicle was still in prestine condition. "Father will of noticed the lack of video footage sometime soon, so we must hurry!" Barby felt a hand grab hers and turned to see Brief starting to walk forward.

"Lets go home Barby-chan." She nodded and hurried into the limo, closing the door and felt Fastener drive as if there was no tomorrow. She could barely see the fake ghosts, making her wonder if they would return back to the basement of the school, or if they would stay in the cafeteria waiting to be destroyed or called into service once more. All she did know was, as she laid her head upon Brief's chest, she wanted to stay at home with her Brief-kun, away from the destruction that were called the Anarchy sisters.

'Yet why do I have a feeling that something horrible is about to happen.'

Up in the heavens, in a cathedral made of sterling silver and true, pure gold with stained glass as large as the Empire State building gazing at the building around it, a white robed figure stood behind its light brown podium. Below them were thousands of angels, many of which were either too old or too young to be of use, but must be told the grave news that has been learned.

"My angels, I have called you here to tell you that the time is upon us!" Loud murmers and prayers began to jump around the walls, filling the figure with an energy of enlightenment. As pleasurable as this energy was, now was not the time for this to happen. "Quiet!" As soon as it was said, the angels stopped, focusing on the figure before them. "We have prepared for this day, and I am proud to say that the prophecy shall not be completed with what we have to combat this threat!" The figure felt the presence of their seven appear in the air above them, each having their weapons active and ready for a command.

"With the Seven Heavenly Virtues here, Ragnarok shall not breach our golden gates! With the Seven Heavenly Virtues trained, we shall kill the prophesied one, obtain the key of Hell and Demons, and seal every ghoul, spirit, and demon back into their proper realm! The time for Utopia is upon us!" With their arms stretched wide, the hood that covered the figure's face fell, revealing long, smooth blonde hair with violet and pink bangs.

"All hail the Holy Mother! All hail the Holy Mother! All hail the Holy Mother!" The Holy Mother turned away from her people, looking at each of her chosen with pride swelling inside her. She truly knew that she was about to change the world of humans forever, as they would embark upon a journey of paradise with her and her Seven Heavenly Virtues guiding them along the way.

Nothing would prevent their prophecy from being completed.

-Author Note-

So, how many people thought "What the HELL!" when they finished with this chapter? Not only do we have more abilities for Brief, the first serious battle causing unforseen changes upon both sides, but a new enemy is dawning upon Daten City quite soon. The point where the main storyline is forgotten is coming close, and where everything from that point forward will deal very little with the ghosts in the series, save for one or three necessary ghosts. So, all in all:

Will Panty stay true to her words and try to kill Brief?

Do the looks that Barby saw from Stocking have a hidden intent?

Does the spirit of the Ghoststone truly care for Brief, or does it have its own agenda?

Shall Corset ever find out about the deal that the Akuma sisters have with Barby and Brief?

And what shall the Seven Heavenly Virtues and the Holy mother do when they come to find Panty and Stocking?

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