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Life is unpredictable at times, and sometimes when we want it to be predictable, Fate has a sense of humor and decides to be unpredictable. That happened to my brother and I. All I wanted to see was the presentation with my brother and father, but Fate had a horrible and sad plan in mind. But in the end, it turned into something that changed our lives forever.

It was just another easy day at school, and we were in physics at the time (My favorite class!). I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself! I'm Emma Tenma, and I have a twin brother named Toby Tenma! We are the genius twins of Dr. Tenma, our father and the father of modern robotics. I have black hair with blond highlights in it, and it was in a short braid right now. My brother and I were wearing the typical uniform for school, but instead of wearing a skirt (which most girls do), I was allowed to wear pants. After the presentation of a commercial for robotics in Metro City finished, our teacher, Mr. Pistachio, announced that there was a pop quiz. As the other kids started to groan, I glanced at my brother and he knew. We were going to race and see who would finish first!

"Begin." The teacher declared

Our pens were moving in rapid movements and brains calculating until both our hands shot up at the same time.

" Yes Toby and Emma? Is there a problem?"

My brother stood up and said,

"There's no problem, I'm just finished and I'd like to leave."

"Finished?" Mr. Pistachio exclaimed as the rest of the kids gasped.

" I am finished as well, sir!" I added as both my brother and I pulled out our flash drives and walked forward.

" For rocket science, it wasn't exactly rocket science." We said as we both handed in our flash drives.

" Well I don't suppose there's much a point for you two staying here-" As he looked up to find us not there.

" Good luck guys!" We both said as we opened the door

" Thank you, Mr. Pistachio!" I added as we started out the door, and heard a clunk of a book being thrown at the door.

As Toby and I walked out the doors of Metro City High School, our family robot, Orrin, greeted us. Toby was wearing his favorite hat, while I was wearing my favorite necklace, a heart with a diamond in the middle. My Dad gave it to me on a birthday, but I can't quite remember which one.

"Hello Master Toby, Mistress Emma. How was your day at school?" Asked Orrin

"Think fast, Orrin!" My brother said as he tossed his book bag to the robot.

"AIEE, thank you Master Toby, very good throw by the way." The surprised robot managed to grab the bag in time before it dropped to the ground.

"My day was great, thank you for asking, Orrin!" I replied as I handed my book bag to him.

"That's good to hear, Mistress Emma. And thank you." Orrin said as a smile appeared on is digital face.

My brother and I stepped into the car and waited for our father to appear next to us, and soon enough, he did.

"Hello kids." Our digital father spoke to us

"Hello, sir!" We both replied

"How was school?" He started off the conversation

"Oh, great! Mr. Pistachio dropped a pop quiz on us, but I'm pretty sure I got a 100%." My brother explained to the hologram

"I'm pretty sure I got a 100% too!" I added with a smile on my face.

"That's good, kids, very good. But I don't want you two to become complacent. It's important to keep studying. Onward and upward, Toby, Emma!"

He always says that when we are talking about school.

"Sure, Dad." Toby looked away

"Of course, Dad." I looked at my feet, a bad habit I had when someone was lecturing me, as my smile disappeared.

"I'm aware I said I'd take you two to that symposium on quantum mechanics... But I'm afraid, I'd have to take a rain check again." He said as he looked towards the floor.

"You- you promised!" My brother said shocked

"What? But you specifically said you would not let anything get in the way!" I exclaimed as tears started to form. His work always got in the way of family time, and we barely got any family time!

"I'm sorry you two, but it's unavoidable. President Stone's brought forward the work for the unveiling of the 'Peacekeeper'." He explained to us.

"The 'Peacekeeper?" We both exclaimed.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Toby shouted.

"I never kid. Goodbye, kids" and his hologram disappeared, leaving us in a tense silence.

"The 'Peacekeeper, huh?" He had that tone of voice and a smirk the he does when he is thinking up some plan that's bound to get us in trouble.

"Toby…" I told him in a warning tone of voice.

He gave me thumbs up and a smile like he knew what he was doing. I had to make sure that he didn't get into too much trouble, so I went along with it.

"Hey, Orrin, change of plan. Take me to the Ministry of Science." He told the robot. Then I knew kinda what he was planning.

"I'm sorry, Master Toby, but your father gave me strict instructions to-" then Toby started to mess with Orrin's controls to change his objective.

"Stop it! What are you doing back there! Hey, Hey!" The panicked robot was yelling until something snapped into place and he exclaimed happily,

"Next Stop, Ministry of Science!" My brother had a smug look on his face. I rolled my eyes and hoped that he knew what we were doing….

The drive wasn't that short, but I was thinking about what trouble Toby was getting us into now. When we finally got there we had to sneak in. As we walked with a dazed Orrin behind us, Toby explained his plan to me.

"We are going to watch that demonstration, but we have to be quiet and sneaky."

"And how are we going to find where this demonstration is going to take place?" I enquired

"We are going to find Dad, and follow him of course!"

"Well that will be hard if we've got him behind us." I jabbed a thumb toward Orrin who was singing, along with turning around and around like a ballerina.

He wasn't able to answer as we started to hear voices in front of us. One I identified as our father, and the other was President Stone. We quietly ran a little faster and saw the group. It consisted of a squad of soldier robots, a military leader, Dad, and the President. We tip toed over while trying but failing to get Orrin to shut up.

"Dr. Elefun is an esteem colleague of mine, Mr. President. He may be resistant to having his discoveries used for military purposes." My dad tried to explain

"Oh, you leave Dr. Elefun to me." The President replied

"Dad!" We both called

"HOLD IT!" someone randomly said

Suddenly, everything was upside-down and I quickly realized that the robots were holding Toby and I both up by our legs.

"What are you two doing here? I gave Orrin specific instructions to…" then he saw Orrin running into a wall for no apparent reason.

"I-I wanted to see the demonstration!" Toby explained.

"Me Too!" I said as I gave him a sheepish smile.

"You're always talking about the 'Peacekeeper'" Toby was horrible at making excuses, so Dad saw right through it

"Really, Toby?." He got on his serious face and it looked like he might yell at us at any given moment.

"These your kids?" Stone asked. As he said that, I noticed that his face was scary, almost evil looking. I know I shouldn't be saying that, but up close, that's how he looks.

"Yes, sir." Dad looked embarrassed, and I hate when he got that face.

"Well, let them tag along" was the President's reply

"Releasing potential threat." The robots let us down and as I regained my balance, ran up to my dad along with Toby.

"It'll be good for them, good education." Was what I heard President Stone tell my Dad as I walked up.

"Yes, sir" was Dad's only answer

" So, are you interested in robots, you two? Robot Weaponry?" The President asked

"Absolutely!" We both answered, but I let Toby go into detail about the targeting system that was outdated.

I heard him mutter "No one likes a smarty-pants" then call out to the soldier and say

"Take these kids to a safe place and keep them there"

"What! Why?" I yelled as the soldier grabbed my shoulders

" What? Dad!" My brother tried to understand why our Dad would not let us go and watch

" I think it's for the best, Toby, Emma" My Dad replied. Why was he always blowing us off?

"But you said we could see the Peacekeeper!" I yelled to him

"You still can, on tonight's news, like everybody else." President Stone replied almost too smug for my liking. But there was nothing we could do except let out an exasperated sigh and let the soldier robot lead us to this "safe place". When we got to said "safe place", it turned out to be a janitor's closet. We were both pushed in and knew we had to find a way out so before he could close the door my brother and I begged to not go in and Toby managed to swipe his key card. Soon after, we got the door open and the guard was distracted.

"Onward and Upward, Toby." He told himself, as if to reassure him

"Come on, Emma! The guard is distracted!" We would have to run if we didn't want to miss the demonstration, so we ran to where the testing was most likely to be. The Control room. After a while we finally got there and went through the huge door. When we came in, it looked like they had loaded the robot with some red light and were sending test drones at it. It was destroying the robots no problem, and doing it very fast!

"Wow!" we looked at each other excitedly

"We need to get in closer" I nodded my head and followed him as he got closer and closer to the robot. But then the robot started absorbing the drones onto it's body and then they would shot the other drones. I heard Dad going on about what the robot was doing but I wasn't listening. I was watching the robot. Then, suddenly, the robot started running at the scientists until they had to close the emergency door. But then I realized something. Toby and I were on the wrong side of the door. Panic swelled up in my chest and I looked at Toby, who had come to the some realization as me. We banged on the door and called for our Dad, who noticed we were trapped. His face then turned to sheer horror.

"Dad!" We both called

"Toby, Emma!" our Dad yelled as he tried to open the door, but it would not open. The robot was banging against the shield and we curled up into balls until Dad was right outside the barrier.

"Dad, Help!" We repeated I was crying and wanting to touch my Dad. Toby and I were hugging and holding each other tight.

"It's going to be okay, Toby, Emma! I'm going to get you out! Everything's going to be fine! I promise!"

I stared into my Dad's eyes, which were filled with horror, fear, hopelessness, and many more emotions that I could not define. But those eyes where the last thing I saw, before there was a bright light, and I could see no more.