Author Notes:

I came across two challenges by adodcefa, one of it is code named 'Royalty' and has Harry as a heir to the British Magical Throne and the other one is 'Magic wild' in which Harry and Hermione are raised by animals in the forest. My fanfiction has elements of both the challenges but does not conform to either of them entirely.

Summary of the story Three to Triumph (or what I like to call- 'It Takes Three to Triumph Over Evil')

An ancient prophecy foretold a period of great struggle before the dawn of a new era of peace and harmony. This win for the 'light' is brought about by a 'Being Supreme' a result of joining of three bonded magical humans. Three orphans, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger along the way with Luna Lovegood flee the 'polite society' which brought about their troubles. Growing up with a few animal friends/ familiars and developing powers, they are rescued by Lady Hedwig to be trained. Coming back into a society under the threat of Lord Voldemort, the three bondmates take the fight to the forces of darkness. They are supported by other sentient beings and a few 'light wizards' led by Albus Dumbledore. Harry Potter takes up the mantle of Ruler of Wizarding Britain ably supported by his two wives.

The three facets of nature as briefly alluded to in the story have been based on India Mythology represented by three well revered gods.

Brahma: God in charge of birth and creation- Srusthi

Vishnu: God in charge of restoring and maintaining balance- Laya

Shiva: God in charge of destruction- Vinasa

Declaration: I write for my own pleasure and not for profit. I do not own Harry Potter Universe.

Three to Triumph

Chapter 1

Time: Unknown, Present day Scotland

Those were the days when all magical users were free to roam the earth without any persecution or fear of prosecution. Goblins, High Elves, Low Elves, Centaurs, Merfolk and Fairies were among those that flourished in those days devoid of any discrimination. The magical beings were revered by the other intelligent species primarily the humans, this of course stemmed from the realization that the ones with power could very well use it to hurt those without power. The humans of that time lacked the ability to commune with nature and thus wield it's incredible power, what is today known as magic.

The gift given to by nature itself was not feared by those who did not have the ability to manipulate the power but instead respected it. The magical beings commanded but did not demand respect from the non-magicals. Their gifts were liberally used to make the lives of humans and other non-magical species as easy as possible helping out in their time of need whether for their wellbeing or treatment for any diseases.

The days were peaceful and life flourished on earth but with time, the differences in culture and the ways that magic was used by the magical beings started to brew resentment amongst them. The Goblins were a warrior species and though not too intelligent, prided themselves on their bravery. They always tried to settle differences by conflict, a process they advocated during disputes among humans too. At the other end were the fairies, who were gentle creatures willing to believe the best in all and tried to provide second chances for mistakes rather than retribution. Their magic kept the fields fertile, the trees filled with fresh fruit and rivers plentiful with fish. The High Elves being mostly royalty or nobility expected the other species to defer to them for any major decisions. Though every race had their own leaders and partial government, they did not have a means to connect with the other magicals or the humans over dialogue rather than conflict. The High Elves wanted to take control of a modicum government to rule over all the races on Earth whether magical or mundane. This angered the Goblins and nearly brought the entire world to the edge of a deadly conflict, a situation nature never wanted to or dreamed about. The Merfolk and Centaurs had their own territories where the others rarely trespassed and so were reluctant to mediate in the dispute between the others. The Low Elves on the other hand were creatures that liked to work for the benefit of others and therefore were willing to wait in the sidelines for a clear victor and offer their allegiance.

The three facets of nature or gods, if you will, sat together to bring about a resolution to this conflict. Srusthi (Sanskrit for creation and Birth), Laya (Sanskrit for balance and continuity) and Vinasa (Sanskrit for death and destruction) sat for endless discussions over a tankard of mead. In what was a decade but a few months in Earth time, they finally decided to give the ruling authority over to humans who at that time were not only intelligent, brave and resourceful but were also tolerant to other races. They could see the potential for benefit for all the races due to the tendency for doing good that was the basis for all human life. No authority survives without power and it is more so when it was in an effort to bring an end to a brewing conflict, and so it was decided to grant a few select humans the gift of magic.

Those days the humans were divided into four sects based on their traits or skills and though the division was not strictly on familial basis, it was mostly so. Members of a particular family were discouraged but not forbidden to learn a trade that was not part of their family or dabble in the arts of other sects. This was a highly unusual level of tolerance that was seen only in the humans and not in the other races which never dared to learn new skills foreign to their own ancestors.

The so called rule of the humans started when four friends and brothers in all but blood took the reins of their sects.

The four friends were not only wealthy in terms of monetary value but also in knowledge, intelligence, character and good will. They encouraged their families to transcend the age old boundaries of sects and develop their god given skills but more importantly understand the differences and work with them. Lord Schlakett was the chieftain of those that were cunning and were capable of flourishing in politics and law making. Lord Griffter was the chieftain of the clan gifted in weaponry and led a fighting force meant to protect the lives of all humans. Lord Rownger prided in knowledge, learning and taking care of schooling for the masses. Lord Frairwood was the epitome of skilled hands responsible for art, entertainment and also the tools required for other trades.

The four lords came to their positions near simultaneously at a tender age of twenty and not only cared for their charges but also excelled in their duties. What sealed the decision for the three gods was their willingness to listen to the counsel of the other three friends rather than fighting over what they thought was best.


The quarrel between the magical beings threatened to rip the world apart and forced the four friends to try and intervene. The chieftains of the different races finally agreed to meet under a neutral territory and Lord Griffter graciously agreed to play host. Hot tempers were never a good associate for peaceful negotiations and this instance was the same, bringing Liege Lord Goraunk of the Goblins and High Lord Asterius of the High Elves to the verge of drawing their blades against each other and enforce their rule over the other then and there, much to the dismay of the four humans. The other chieftains either kept quiet or tried to put as much distance between the two as possible for their own safety.

Into this scene of utter chaos flamed a beautiful silvery white phoenix with a golden crest and plumage of iridescent white. This phoenix was unlike any that the congregation had ever seen and apart from the unusually pure colouration, the majestic bird was much bigger than normal. The phoenix travelled by fire that glowed in all the colours of the rainbow rather than fiery red flames usually seen with other phoenixes. The unfurled wings tipped by emerald green were nearly six feet from end to end and the presence of the bird commanded a respect that was unequivocally given by all those present in the room. They unanimously dropped to the floor on their knees bowing to the noble bird. The trill of the phoenix in an unfathomable melody not only stilled their hands but also filled their hearts with an unusual emotion, a sense of shame and a desire to correct their mistakes, mingled with hope.

The phoenix hovered in midflight and changed to a beautiful woman dressed in robes of silvery white with an emerald green trim and adorned in a simple tiara of pure gold designed to keep her transparent veil in place. The uncommonly handsome features of High Lord Asterius paled in face of the outwardly beauty of the woman. What caught the attention of all the occupants of the room was the respect just her presence commanded.

The woman gave a nod of acknowledgement and spoke in a voice reminiscent of angels, "Rise my children." When her gentle command had been obeyed, the host Lord Griffter led her to the head of the table giving up his place.

Seeing the expectant looks on the face of all those present, the woman gave them a pleasant smile and spoke, "My name is Hedwig and I am here in the role of a messenger for the gods."

The audience was shocked; they believed in gods but never in their walking hours thought about meeting one of them, albeit a messenger but a goddess none the less. Letting out a gentle chuckle at the gob smacked looks she continued, "Your stubbornness to accept the differences among the different races has forced the gods to intervene." This was directed mostly at the two warring chiefs much to their shame and though the reprimand was gentle it struck with the force of a hammer.

"Once forced, the hand of god can be deadly but there is salvation for you all. You will form a governing body that is in charge of all the magical beings on this planet whether it is the Elvin Royalty, the mighty Goblins or the lowly Pixies. This body will be composed of a representative of all the races and headed by a human."

This announcement brought forth a silence that was unbroken for a good five minutes. The only movement in the room was the gentle sway of the veil of Lady Hedwig. The four human lords looked at each other with mouths hanging open unable to decide if the news was a welcome one or one that would bring danger to all of them. Meanwhile the other chieftains were furiously thinking about the implications and repercussions of the announcement.

Their attention was brought back to Lady Hedwig when she continued to lay down the rules, "This is not an opinion but an order. The four of you, Lords Frairwood, Griffter, Rowenger, and Schlakett will head the governing body in turns. Each one of you will hold the responsibility for four years and once you pass on, your eldest son or daughter would take your place."

The four friends had no problem with that arrangement as they respected the other three but the only problem was that they could not win against any magical being let alone an angry Goblin or a pissed of High Elf. They however did not dare to voice their question lest they anger their guests or give out any ideas detrimental to their continued living. They however noticed that Liege Lord Goraunk and High Lord Asterius were staring at each other with unblinking eyes while the rest held their collective breaths. After a few minutes of non-verbal parley the two nodded their heads simultaneously.

Lord Goraunk voiced the one point that could spell disaster to the arrangement, "No offence to my human friends but I fear for their safety. With no means to protect themselves against the force of nature wielded by us magicals, they may not be able to do their duty without fear or favour. Our representatives could give them a semblance of protection but they would still be vulnerable."

Lord Frairwood gave him a grateful smile, "Thank you Lord Goraunk and no offence taken, it was our main concern too."

Lady Hedwig gave them a benign smile, "The gods have decided that yours will be the first four human families to be bestowed the gift to wield magic. Your tolerance and ability to command your families with their best interests at heart was one of the main reasons for this benevolence. Your progress and the way you wield this power would then decide if other humans are worthy of this gift. It will also greatly enhance your life time, use it well."

This was shocking in itself but pleased the four friends very much. Now they would truly be equal to the other magical beings. The silence that followed by the Proclamation was broken by the chief of the Centaurs, Dradian clapping his hands together which was quickly taken up by the Low elves glad that they have someone to follow. Congratulations were quickly given to the four humans who were now named as Kings of the magical world with the blessings of Lady Hedwig.

When the guests partook of a glass of wine in celebration of a successful and amicable solution to the predicament, Lord Griffter was proclaimed as the first king due to the fact that it was in his manor that peace was restored. He approached Lady Hedwig and bowing to her invited her and the rest of the guests to dinner. When the divine lady entered the dining room on his arm, King Griffter was a very happy head of the governing body.


The years following the proclamation of king of the magical world were those of peace and tranquility. Fair taxes and laws were enacted to assist the old and invalid and those unable to find their livelihood, while the skilled were never short of work or their just reward. Disputes were few and far in between and the few that raised their ugly head were quickly and amicably solved by the 'First Four' as they were fondly called by the masses.

Even the non-magical community benefited by this, there was no distinction between the two societies as all humans regardless of their sect or magical status lived together. The happy emotions and general positive energy greatly strengthened the spirits of the non-magical humans and other species also and this helped enrich the society as a whole and continued to create a healthy living atmosphere.

Greatly bolstered by the success gained with giving magic to humans, the three gods gradually began to reward exceptional deeds with the ability to wield magic. Due to this and the marriages between magical and non-magical humans, slowly but surely the number of magical humans began taking an upward trend. The three gods were happy with their handiwork but a few decades later Laya poured cold water on their euphoria when he uttered a prophecy to the other two:

Three born at the stroke of three…

Forged in the kiln of adversity…

The bonds of friendship strong…

The Being Supreme arisen of the three…

Bring forth the light smothered by the dark…

Unite will all the magic and the living…

With the Triumph of the Three…

Lady Hedwig being a phoenix and messenger of the gods was tasked with finding the three children, probably orphans, and render aid when required. She was ordered to reveal the prophecy only to the three involved and their guardians at the proper time.


Life continued with the passage of time and the four kings began to enter the twilight of their lives, giving the reigns to their first born, the original four friends receded from the limelight. The descendants off the 'First Four' continued to keep the peace whenever needed but their power and popularity began to wane due to the malicious intent of a rising faction of magical humans or wizards as they now began to call themselves. As seen with the other sentient species, jealousy and greed whether for money or power began to creep into the very fabric of the once peaceful and tolerant society.

The original participants that witnessed the birth of a magical king of wizarding world accompanied by their wives, met over dinner at the house of Lord Wabalaby, the erstwhile king of the Low Elves to reminisce over the times. Many of them passed on to the land of the spirits and the dead but the powerful few still remained.

The discussion was focused on the troubled times and the possible future. Everyone present could see the rapidly gathering darkness, a darkness which threatened to wipe out all that they achieved through the intervention of divine forces when the world was at the brink of bitter conflict. Plans were tossed around preparing for the worst and find a means to preserve their way of life and thinking.

Their discussion was interrupted when Lady Frairwood suddenly stiffened and in a ringing voice began reciting the tale of a very grim future, a future laden with prejudice and feud over blood status and purity. The non-human races subjugated to servitude or annihilation. She foretold about a world where anarchy and deceit would reign supreme and the forces of good nearly trampled to the ground before being saved. Their own descendants would revive the age old traditions of honour and selflessness. The reputation of the 'First Four' would be restored to its highest due to the action of their many times grandchildren during the time of profound darkness that threatened to over throw everything that even the gods stood for. The Great War would finally restore the broken friendship between the original participants though by that time some of the races would be lost for eternity.

The somber atmosphere that followed the declaration, allowed the diners to formulate their plans. Over the next few days, furious discussions took place in complete secrecy among the families involved and measures were taken to ensure that their legacy would not be lost. Family history and secrets were saved in 'Grimoires' that were charmed to survive the vagaries of time and tide, so that their descendants by blood or magic could access in their time of need.

Lord Griffter enacted a binding oath that would eventually lead the sons of the same father to split and take new names for themselves when faced with annihilation. They would be forced to take any and all measures to ensure that the original Griffter line would survive, even if the surviving member had to go into hiding.

Lord Rowenger cast a spell on his descendants that would ensure that their magic would go dormant when the darkness manifests itself and when the time is right the descendent at that time would manifest his or her magic.

Lord Schlakett knew and accepted that there was a chance that any one of his family could be betrayed and led to turn against their friends and family. After all they were known for their cunning and if that would happen, and if his descendants were to meet on opposite sides of a battle, then the descendent who was in the wrong would lose his body and his magic.

Lord Frairwood cursed his family that there would be no patriarchal head after a few generations down the line, and even if his name was no longer in use, his magic would always be through the daughters of his family.

The Goblins vowed to ally themselves with the true king when he would eventually return to take his proper place as the ruler of the magical world. The Low elves freely bound themselves to the humans vowing to help them out when needed. Unfortunately this bond would be perverted over time and the Low Elves began to be called as House Elves and treated as slaves. In all this, the High Elves decided to distance themselves and theirs would be the first race to become unseen by others.


Then one day a couple of centuries later, the governing body led by the 'First Four' was overthrown and their authority to rule the people was subverted. Few of those remaining loyal that were in high ranking positions were quickly silenced or swayed by gifts of gold and influence and they also supported the removal of the rightful rulers from power. Their forefather's curse was activated and the Griffter family no longer existed, and the Frairwood name was no longer heard as only daughters were born into that family. Even then, the descendants of the four families continued to maintain contact and occasionally intermarried to continue their lines in their children.

Many centuries later when the darkness began to take root in the early 15th century, Lord Rowenger's curse activated and one of the first families to get the gift of magic was lost to time waiting to surface when needed. Most of the knowledge about the ruling families was lost to time, only the four families that were given the right to rule knew about their true role in their society and diligently worked to maintain the knowledge and the particular skills their families were known for. There was no need for Lady Hedwig to continue her visits to the mortal world and now all she could do was to wait for the inevitable event where the darkness would take root and the birth of the prophesied three.