Oh Sweet Child of Mine

I looked at the crumpled piece of paper my mom had given me, double checking the number on it. I quickly looked around the pay phone, searching for the men who I'm pretty sure have been fallowing me ever since the house. I deposited enough money for a good sized call and punched in the digits and then the annoying dial tone was in my ear. "How did ya get this number?" a gruff voice answered. Did I dial the wrong number? With a quick check I know I didn't. Be brave. "Well hello to you too," so far so good, "my mom was told to call this number if she ever ran into trouble. She's dead. I consider that trouble." My voice came out stronger than I expected. Especially since on the inside I wanted to cry like a baby.

"You a Winchester?" the man asked. Why would he want to know that? "Yeah, I am, why?" I asked. A heavy sigh sounded on the other end. "Look, I'll give you Dean's number. I would give you Sam's but Dean will probably answer anyways," so there's two of 'em, "If he doesn't answer, call me back." He said. I scrambled for a pencil, and found one on the sidewalk. Taking a moment to realize how dirty that was, I flipped the paper that has the guys number over. As the man recited the number, I got nervous. Here I am, talking to a complete stranger, getting another strangers number! My life sucks. "Oh, what relations do you have to the Winchester's?" he asked. "Dean Winchester is my dad. At least that's what my birth certificate says" I explained.

I heard a muffle of you friggin' idjit. What's an idjit? "That's just fantastic!," did I hear sarcasm in there?, "By the way, I'm Bobby. I'm the friggin peace keeper for the boys. They get in to too much trouble for their worth. Have fun tracking 'em" and with that, Bobby hung up on me. Jerk face.

I patted each of my pockets for more change. Which I didn't have. As a man walked passed, I grabbed his arm. "Hey, um do you have a couple quarters? I need to make an important to call." I asked. Surprisingly, the man pulled out his wallet and shifted through the contents, finding three quarters. "Will that be enough?" he said, with a small smile. I nodded. It shouldn't take that long to say, hi I'm your daughter, where do you live? Maybe that's too straightforward but I couldn't think of anything else. Apparently the man's car was parked right there, and as he fiddled with his keys, I dialed the number. Right when the man was about to climb in his classic beauty, his phone rang. It seemed oddly coincidental to me. As soon as he said hello, so did the voice on the other end. "Hi?" I said. "Who is this?" both the other end of the call and the man said at the same time. By now, he was looking at me. "The girl next to the telephone booth" I said maybe a little sarcastic. I mean, I had my hand on my hip and everything. The guy in the car, I'm assuming he's Dean, looked down at his phone, to me, back to the phone and so on. I gave up, hanging up the phone and practically stomping my way to the car. "Hiya. So, I'm pretty sure you're Dean Winchester?" I said. Dean let out a sigh. "Yeah, that's me. But the question is, who are you?" he asked. That sounded so unbelievably corny. "Emily. Emily Winchester" Hey if he got to say something corny, I get to steal James Bond's catch phrase. "Winchester? Oh jeez! Please don't tell me your John's kid" he said, putting his head in his hands. "No. I'm yours"