We reached Bobby's house in record time. We hurriedly exited the car, going to find out if Bobby was okay. Sam went upstairs, Dean the main level, and I went down to where the panic room was. And I found him groggily waking up, half in and half out of the room. I jogged over so I was inside, stepping in the remains of what would have been Brice's lunch. Great, now I had jelly all over my shoe!

"Bobby, you okay?" I asked, kneeling down to his level.

"At least you're calling me by my name" he muttered, trying to sit up.

Confused, I helped him up until he was leaning against the door. Besides having been knocked out, he looked fine. But who am I to make that call? I have no idea what the signs of a concussion are. So against the old man's protests, I called down Dean and Sam.

"Hey, dumb and dumber! Found the old coot!" I shouted up to the stairs. Bobby reached across and smacked my leg.

"Not an old coot, you idjit" he said.

I rolled my eyes and waited to hear the thundering footsteps of my family coming down the stairs. Sam being the Boy Scout had the first aid kit and was seeing something about pupils being dilated or something. Like I said, not a doctor. Anytime I try to fix something it either becomes worse, or is fixed for a little bit and then completely fall apart. Such is the story of my life.

We made sure Bobby wasn't going to die before we left. Dean made the executive decision of taking us back to West Virginia. Heaven knows why that even came up as an option. I don't exactly want to go back. Not a lot of good things happened there. People think I'm dead there. My mom is dead there. My friends who think I dropped off the grid, which I did, are there. So tally all that up, measure the pros and cons, not the best place to be. Sam told me it would be nice if I went to my mother's grave, closure and such. I really didn't give a rat's ass about closure at this point in time. My friend was in hell for god's sake. That tops on my priority list at the moment. And oh yeah, the fucking Apocalypse looming over our heads! That's up there too. Not closure. I say that about a number 64 on the important scale.

So we drove out to the land of my people. How fun. We bought out a room in a motel eight on the outskirts of town. Sam went out to get diner and Dean went with him since he needed to fill up the Impala and he didn't trust Sam with her. So I was left with instructions not to leave the room, don't touch the salt lines, and try not to blow the place up. They know me so well to add that last bit. But leaving me to my own demise wasn't in their best judgment. It left me to think about Brice, which was never good. I had this weird feeling that something was wrong. I needed to talk to her but there isn't any way. She's in hell. A freaking spirit right now. Wait, spirit! That's it! A Ouija Board! I always thought those things were stupid but do you see the life I'm living? But I can't do it alone and I doubt Dean and Sam will let me do it.

I pulled out my phone, dialing in an old friend. Well not old, but we are very close. Except I didn't exactly tell her where I went. What's a few lies between friends?

"Hello?" Caitlin answered.

"Obviously you did not look at the caller i.d"

"Emily! Holy crap! Where are you?" she demanded.

"Motel 8. But that's not the point. I need a favor."

"Okay… What do you need?" she asked a little wearily. I understand. After all the stuff I make her do, very good precaution,

"I need a Ouija Board and those things work better if you're with someone and my dad probably won't be too keen on the idea"

"Dad? You don't have a dad"

"It would be impossible for me not to have one. Unless I'm a test tube baby. But that's beside the point. I'm coming to your house. Be ready"

And I hung up. Aren't I nice? I left a note for Sam and Dean and left. I racked my brain to try and remember where she lived so I could just teleport. Finally it came to me and I popped up at her front door. I am getting good at that!

I pounded on her door, tapping my foot impatiently. Why is this taking so long!

She finally came and jumped out of her skin when she saw me.

"How did you get here so fast?" she asked.

"Long story. Now come on!" I ordered. I spun around and started walking down her steps.

I heard a mutter of I'm an idiot and this is weird and that she is so going to die when her mom finds out. Such a goody two shoes. Why am I her friend?

"Okay so we got to the monster and goblin store, ask for Polly, she'll take us down the magic tunnel, we grab the board, and ride out on a unicorn and contact your great great great great a million times over who fought in the World War" she rattled off. That's why.

"Smart ass. But seriously, where?" I asked.

Caitlin rolled her eyes, "Wal-mart you idiot"

Now I know where that is. And it's far away from her house. Momentarily forgetting that she didn't know about my powers, I grabbed her arm and took us there.

"What just happened" she asked, her eyes as big as her head.

"Crap. You weren't supposed to find out. Okay, I have powers, whatever. And I need to contact Brice who is in mystical hell boot camp right now" I rambled, spilling everything.

Caitlin stared. A lot to take in. She'll have to get used to it. Well, not really. I'm sure we will be leaving in a few days anyways.

And Caitlin being the ever annoying nerd got everything we needed. White candles and a nice board, not a cheapy crappy one. How does she know to do this?

We went back to her house, teleported of course, and set it all up. Two candles were lit, she made us hold hands and say 'let there be no evil forces or demons'. I snorted. Kinda too late for that.

She said a quick prayer before and we sat crossed legged with the board on our laps between us. I put my hands on the little piece while Caitlin got paper to write down what Brice was saying. I focused on Brice and soon enough I felt something tug on the little triangle.

"Are you Brice?" I asked.

It slid towards yes. Yay!

"I felt something weird. Is something going on down there?"

Yes again.

"Apocalypse plans?"


That cannot be good at all. What is bigger than the end of the world?

"What is it?"


Isn't she a charmer?

"Do you know anything that will help?"

It slid towards no. I hate this. It wasn't getting me anywhere. I can't really talk to her.

"So you just over heard?"


"Well bye Brice. See you when you want to kill me"

I slid it over to the goodbye. At least that's over. But now it's worse. I left Caitlin and prepared to get the yelling of a lifetime. Dean was not going to be happy about my absence.

Sorry for the wait.