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Bully Shrink

Ben get's bullied by Kevin Levin a lot. His grandfather has some strange technology Ben uses this tech to shrink Kevin down to size. No Omnitrix in this series

Part 1 The Big Shrink

Ben has been bullied a lot in his life, the main bully being Kevin Ethan Levin. What Kevin doesn't know is his grandfather Max Tennyson, built strange technology and it actually worked. He knew Kevin was bullying Ben but he never asked for help. He was proud of him for that, for being so strong, but he also knew Kevin needed an attitude adjustment.

Max toiled away in his lab eating weird food and testing out the device. When it was finally completed he went to Ben and showed him the item he created. "Grandpa what is this, this isn't another freeze ray is it I'm still trying to thaw my bike…"

"No no Ben this is something special…" He pointed it at Ben's lamp and pressed the button. Ben watched as a beam fired and hit his lamp. The effects took hold and Ben stared in wonder. "Grandpa why'd you make this…?"

"Well Ben I know you've been dealing with Kevin Levin. I also know you've toughened it out but no more, I want you to use this…" He handed Ben the device with a smile.

"Grandpa I couldn't…" He tried to give it back but Max didn't take it back. "Look Ben it's yours use it how you want, there's a reverse button on it to…"

"Ok Grandpa I'll take it…" Max ruffled his hair. "You take care Ben…"

Max left the device with Ben. The young man stared at it and hit the reverse button and reverted his lamp to normal.

The next day Ben was running errands for his mom. He had his arms full of groceries when someone tripped him. Ben landed on his side, the bread got crushed and the eggs smashed. "Aww jeez…"

"Have a nice trip Tennyson…?" Kevin said laughing.

"You've been watching too many old movies Kevin…" Ben snapped getting up. Kevin pushed him back down. "You talk pretty big Tennyson…To bad you don't got the body to back up all that talk…" Kevin said with a laugh again. "Seriously do you even bother to work out or do you just hang out with that weird old grandpa of yours…"

That did it, Ben snapped and using a move Gwen had taught him, he grabbed Kevin and flipped him over his shoulder using Kevin's weight against him. Kevin landed on his back and he balled up his fists.

"Now your gonna get it Tennyson…" Kevin got back up ready to fight. Ben drew the device and pointed it at Kevin. "Now now you're gonna get it Levin…"

Ben pressed the button and the beam hit Kevin. Kevin gasped as he saw Ben get bigger and bigger. "What the hell is this?" Kevin gasped. Kevin was now 7 inches tall. Ben grabbed him. "Look who's the big shot now…" Ben dropped Kevin into his jacket pocket. Kevin tried to climb out but Ben flicked him and knocked him out.

Ben took the shrunken male home and got out his old hamster cage. He pulled Kevin out and removed all his clothing. He then dropped Kevin into the hamster cage. It was a clear plastic cage. "Oh I got plans for you Levin…"

To be continued…