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Bully Shrink

Chap 2 First Day's Lesson

Kevin woke up to strange surroundings. He didn't know why everything looked so big but then he saw the hamster wheel and realized that he was shrunk. "What the fuck happened to me?" His mind was a bit fuzzy. Ben came into the room wearing his soccer uniform. Ben took off his sweat soaked shirt and kicked off his shoes. "Tennyson!" Kevin shouted and banged on the wall.

"Oh look who's awake. Perfect timing." Ben said and took off his socks. "Tennyson turn me back to normal now!" Kevin yelled and Ben chuckled. "You really don't realize your position yet do you." Ben said and grabbed Kevin and pulled him out of the cage. He placed the naked male on the bed and put up his sweaty feet. "You belong to me now Levin you are gonna start off by licking my sweaty feet."

Kevin stared in shock, he made a face of disgust and said. "No way." Ben glared down at him. With his foot he pushed Kevin onto his back. He rubbed his sweaty foot over Kevin's body pinning him and making him gasp in shock. Ben moved low and used his big toe to rub Kevin's crotch the feeling had Kevin shaking in pleasure, Ben's musk was all over him now and his cock grew to a semi aroused state. "Ok ok!" Ben pulled his foot back and Kevin staggered up and gripped Ben's foot.

The tiny male started licking the foot in his mind he thought it was going to be gross, but his body betrayed him. He enjoyed the taste very much so. 'Shit this actually tastes good.' Kevin thought and began to get into licking the foot in front of him. His cock grew to full arousal and he blushed in shame for getting turned on from licking the male's foot. When one foot was done Kevin moved onto the next.

"That's nice you deserve a reward for being so good." Ben said with a smirk he grabbed Kevin and held him in his hand. Kevin didn't know what Ben was going to do but gasped at what happened. Ben ran his tongue over his body. "B-B-Ben ahh." Kevin moaned as he was licked all over. He took Kevin's left leg into his mouth and sucked on it running his tongue over the limb. He repeated the process with the right leg giving a light nip at the male's heel.

Ben pulled Kevin back and latched his mouth to the male's crotch sucking his cock and balls all at once, the suction was to intense and Kevin arched his back moaning Ben's name as he came into his mouth. Ben removed him again and used his thumb to rub Kevin's spent dick and soaked balls. "You came a lot for such a little guy."

Kevin growled but was too spent to move. Ben plopped Kevin back in his cage. "This will be your first lesson you will learn, every day you will lick my feet clean of sweat, if you're a good boy you will be rewarded if not you will be punished. Now I'm gonna get some special things for you feel free to use the wheel for exercise."

"Hey what am I supposed to do for food!" Kevin snapped he was getting hungry. "Oh yes I almost forgot." Ben grabbed a small bowl and pulled out his hard cock. Kevin blushed as he stared at the 11 inch long cock. Ben worked himself quickly thinking of all the fun things he was gonna do with his little bully he came hard and filled the bowl with cum. "Eat up Kevin." Ben put the bowl in Kevin's cage and tucked himself back in his shorts.

Kevin cursed loudly and repeatedly but he was so hungry. He crawled over to the bowl and stuck a finger into the warm goo. He licked it and was amazed at how sweet it was. Using two hands he collected handfuls of cum and slurped it down. It took the whole bowl but Kevin was full, he let out a burp. "I think I ate too much cum." Kevin curled up in a ball to keep warm and waited for Ben to return.

To be continued