A/N:This little story was my entry for the Harry Potter Kink Fest 2012 and I have to say that I'm quite proud of how it turned out. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I want to thank my beta CrazySue05 and my pre-readers LPlover93 and Nicia. I don't own the characters only the plot and the original character I made up for this story. My prompt was Marriage Law & Infidelity mix.

Chapter One

My life really is a nightmare. For the past two years I have been married to a man who doesn't love me, and that would be all right if I didn't have feelings for the said man. The worst part is that in fact I am unconditionally in love with him.

So let's start from the beginning. My name is Hermione Granger and I am married to Draco Malfoy. Our marriage was and still is just an agreement-at least for him- a simple marriage law that had to be fulfilled. As he put it, the day we got married I was his best choice, there was no better muggle-born than me. He doesn't treat me badly, but he doesn't treat me as a wife either.

He sleeps in the same bed with me but he also shags other women in that very same bed. Of course he provides me with every need, except for one. Love. All I need from my husband is love and he has denied it from me for the past two years. I have caught him hundreds of times shagging other women in our house and his office.

Astoria, Pansy and Daphne are the few I know of and on occasions I have caught him in the act with them. Imagine what it feels like to walk in on your husband shagging another woman and he acts like it's nothing.

To someone from the outside we look happy. If finally Granger and Malfoy are getting along then everyone can get over their prejudices. I can't even talk to Harry about it.

A light knock on my office door brought me out of my thoughts and I looked up only to find one of my few true loyal friends.

Anna is my guardian angel in a way; she takes care of me when I need her to. Every Lady Malfoy had one, the day I married Draco was the same day Anna made an unbreakable vow to serve me for the rest of her life. At first I didn't accept it, and then she explained to me that it was a tradition that ran in her family and that she would be more than happy to take the vow.

She is a petite blonde with deep blue eyes; you could easily confuse her for a Malfoy. Walking in to my office she sat herself in the seat on the other end of my desk and pulled a cigarette out. Lighting it up she took a good look at my appearance. I was a complete mess; my hair was a big mess of wild curls on the top of my head, dark circles had grown under my eyes from lack of sleep and let's not forget about the crying. I spend endless nights on her couch crying my heart out while Draco screws his whores.

Taking a deep breath Anna threw her burnt out cigarette in the ashtray and her dark blue eyes locked with mine. "You really love him don't you?" She asked me with sadness in her voice. She knows firsthand what I'm going through after all. I nodded and the look that crossed her eyes scared me a little. I hadn't seen her like this before. Her patience was wearing thin with Draco's behavior.

Anna is 27; just two years older than me, but she did not go to Hogwarts. When she was eleven her mother sent her to Smyrna; there she began her training, so when the time came she would be the guardian of the next Malfoy bride. She told me once about her years there. They were training her to become a witch. Not like me with a wand and all that. No, Anna learned how to be one with the spirits; she is trained to master a higher power. She is like a fairy with the only difference being that she is mortal. She is quite powerful too; even more than I am.

She let out a sigh and pulled something out of her purse. She placed a small wooden box on the desk and motioned for me to open it. I removed the lid to find a little crystal bottle full of a clear liquid buried in black velvet.

"What is this?" I asked curiously while examining the bottle.

"The liquid in this vial my dear friend is called Esther." Anna's eyes were sparkling now. "You are holding pure gold in your hands."

"I still don't understand what I should do with it." She rolled her eyes at me.

"You are supposed to be smart." She chuckled but all too soon her face became serious again. "This is a potion as you people here call it. I learned about it back when I was in Smyrna, it can give you the man you want; make him yours until the day he dies. So I'm asking you again do you really love Draco Malfoy?"

"I love him with all my heart Anna. You have seen what I've gone through the last two years." Tears were ready to spill from my eyes from the thought of what I saw last week. I walked in on my husband shagging Astoria Greengrass in our bedroom. On my sheets for fuck's sake! The logical reaction would be to go crazy and avada his whore, instead I walked soundlessly out of our room and apparated to Anna's flat where I cried my heart out once again.

"Then this is exactly what you need." She smiled mischievously and made her way over to where I sat. She kneeled before me and took my hands in hers. "You will do exactly what I will tell you." And she proceeded to explain to me every detail what I had to do.


The next day found me impatient for Draco to leave for his "business" trip so I could put the plan in action. Anna gave specific orders. I would split the potion in three, from what she told me it was nothing like the love potion we had. This potion would create a bond for the male and the female who would wear it. It would make Draco crave me and only me. My mind drifted back to the conversation I had with my friend last night in my office.

"Listen to me carefully Mione." She said squeezing my hands. "When you get home tonight you will make love with your husband. After he goes to sleep I want you to do what I tell you." I had never seen her so serious. "You will open the vial and you will add three drops of your tears for all the times you have cried for him, three drops of your sweat for all the times you struggled to give him everything he wants and needs and lastly, three drops of your arousal mixed with his seed to tie him to you." I looked at her with wonder in my eyes.

Oblivious to the amazement that was written all over my face she continued, "After you do that, I want you to shake the vial really good." She took a deep breath. "Then I want you to place the vial over your heart and chant three times these words:

Like the shining sun, your love will shine for me.

Like the burning fire, your heart will burn for me.

Like a thirsty man craves water, you will only crave me.

Do you understand?" She asked me and I nodded. She got up and made her way back to her seat. "Now I want you to do one last thing. When you do everything I told you to do, I want you to split the potion in two parts. With one part you will mix it with his cologne and the other one you will mix it with yours."

As soon as I arrived home, I changed into my most sexy underwear and seduced my husband in to my bed after a long time. After he fell asleep I did exactly what Anna told me, step by step.

Now I'm pacing back and forth in our drawing room anxious for him to leave. I'm so caught up in my thoughts that I don't hear him enter the room. "So anxious to get rid of me Granger. Aren't you? "His voice takes me by surprise and I look up to his silver eyes.

"It's Malfoy." I tell him bitterly. "Pardon me?" He raises his brow at me. "The name is Malfoy for the past two years." I repeat a bit louder this time.

"I am deeply sorry for my mistake my lovely wife!" He fires back, his voice full of venom and mockery. The nerve of him! As he turns to leave I pull him back to me by his jacket kissing his lips passionately, pouring all my love for him in the kiss. Wrapping my arms around his neck I manage to rub a little of the potion on the back of his neck successfully. Anna pointed out that it would be perfect if I managed to do that. Something about him becoming addicted to the scent.

"Now you are free to leave." I say as I pull back and make my way over to my seat by the window. "Give my love to your whore for the weekend." I spit at him and dismiss whatever he has to say with a wave of my hand.

A/N: To clear something up about the potion Anna gave to Hermione. I've been told that this potion really existed in Smyrna many years before. There was a clan of witches of sort that could master potions like the one I wrote in the story. Yes it is a kind of love potion but has nothing to do with the Harry Potter Universe. They say that back then the women who could make the potion ( always older witches) would give it to younger witches who where in love with men that wouldn't even look at them. The potion makes the male obsessed with the woman who gave it to him and eventually it creates love and lasts forever. So what do you think?