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Peace and quiet. The blonde-haired nation wasn't even sure he knew the meaning of those words anymore. It was one of those lazy days where the sky was completely blue, untainted by fluffy white clouds. The grass swayed along with his hair as he lay peacefully on the riverbank. Truly it was one of the days that made one feel great to be alive. The only thing that could spoil it now was-

"Heeeey Froggyyyyyy!" A voice called.

He sat up immediately, for he knew who that voice belonged to. A voice so obnoxious, so annoying to him that meant it could only belong to one person whom he knew very well. France sighed as he spoke the name.


"Sup froggy dude?" He smiled.

"Well I was enjoying a nice relaxation time until you interrupted with your-"

"Dude don't be so uptight."

"Uptight? I was relaxing!"

"And even then you're a froggy idiot."

"And you are un connard."

"Don't try usin' that dead language with me, y'know I'm normal."

"Could 'ave fooled me."

"Anythin' can convince you frog when there's men involved."

Playful banter like this was normal for the two countries. They usually hung out all the time and generally got on well with each other but even the tiniest of sparks could set them off. They obviously had the capability to get on with each other if they wanted to, there was just one thing: they didn't want to.

France was a fancy kind of man. His clothes looked quite fancy and refined and were mostly purple. His baggy trousers were grey, his shirt was white but he had a purple vest over it and that reached halfway up his neck. There were yellow lines on the vest and his trousers and shirt were rolled up.

America looked slightly different. His clothes were less fancy and more casual. He wore dark brown trousers, accompanied by lighter brown boots. His shirt was white and two buttons were left undone. He wore a brown vest and he also had a red neckerchief. His brown cowboy hat was hung around his neck by a string and his hair was messy and had a flick at the top.

These two seemed like an unlikely pair of friends and to tell truth: they weren't friends. They were the sort of people who could be friends one minute and hate each other the next. The best term for this relationship was probably 'Frenemies' though sometimes not even that.

The time was the seventeenth century, the time of the New World. It was a time for relaxation but also to establish dominance. A time to better your country, discover the uses of your natural resources and make sure your country was up to speed.

But it wasn't just a time for improving your own country- it was also a time to be discovering new ones. America and France didn't know it yet but there was a new country ready to emerge and be discovered. They didn't know the country yet, but they would find out soon how valued and powerful this country would become.

But back to the New World. The main powers at the time were America, France and the Netherlands. Of course there were other smaller countries too. There was Sweden of course. But also there were other punier countries, namely Fi-

"Dude what's that sound?" America asked.

America and France looked around. A small sound could be heard, like that of a person crying. Further up the bank, they found the source of the noise. A distant figure sitting with his knees up and crying. Curious, the two countries went to investigate. America jumped into the shallow river and ran up, splashing everywhere as he went. France however, went at a quick yet leisurely stroll secretly laughing at his fellow country's childishness.

Once they were quite close to the crying country they realised that it was Finland. America ran up to Finland and then stopped once he was in front of him.

"Dude, Finland! Sup?" America laughed.

America was obviously not aware that his running had caused a series of several large splashes to erupt and completely drench Finland. Since he was crying, he didn't notice that he was wet but he had noticed that America had laughed slightly when he greeted him and he wasn't happy about that.

"You guys this isn't funny anymore! It's mean and cruel and stupid!" Finland whimpered.

"Tell us what 'appened now zen Finland..." France sighed as he dried the items of clothing that America had made wet with his running in the river.

"Yeah dude, tell us! Head in the butter churn or somethin'?" America asked.

"Nothing like that! It's the Netherlands. I built a villa with Sweden but... Then stupid Netherlands beat us up and took away our villa!" Finland explained.

"Dude, that's too bad..." America muttered, somewhat sympathetically.

To himself, France thought: Zis whole country will be mine anyway as he commented about how he caught a fish with his hands. America however, was a little more forward.

"Dude you have no need to fear! This whole country will be mine soon!" America beamed.

Finland pretended that he didn't hear the comment that America had just made and continued to rant. France looked over at America and glared, knowing that America was also planning to take over just like he was.

"There's something else that's bugging me!" Finland began.

He went on to explain that there was a mysterious kid that had been showing up and that no-one knew who he was. Finland also pointed out that the neighbouring town was at least a day's walk away so it was unclear as to where he came from.

Now usually, America's mind would tend to wander to things like aliens, hamburgers and general stuff about his country but this time he actually took the time to listen to Finland's story. The idea of a little kid wandering around began to interest him so he asked Finland about it.

"What's a little kid doin' on his own in the new world?" America asked.

"Exactly my point! That's why we thought the whole thing was kinda weird." Finland explained

" 'Old on!" France began.

However, America cut over France by saying: "Hold up dude!"

It was clear that America and France were thinking the same thing, however America was louder and didn't care much for other people's thoughts, especially when it was France so America just spoke right over him.

"So the kid came by you an' Sweden?" America asked.

"Yeah that's right. He was a cute little kid." Finland told him.

"Dude, d'you think he might be related to one of us?" America asked.

"I never considered that possibility." Finland gasped.

"Ah a kid like zat... All alone... And in ze new world too. 'E might even be..." France began.

Then the three all said at the same time: "My little baby brother..." All three were smiling to themselves and wondering what their new brother would look like. This moment of peace was short-lived however for in the next moment France was trying to strangle America. However, America was strong and could easily keep France away with just his one hand.

"The boy's my brother and you know it froggy!" America yelled.

"In your dreams! Your bruzzer would 'ave died of 'eart problems by now!" France yelled.

Finland watched the two, scared by their constant fighting and just hoping he wouldn't get sucked into the violence. The two fought for a while about who the boy belonged to but eventually Finland stopped them by saying that they should just go and see the boy.

Everyone agreed that this was a good idea and so they set off to see the kid. France and America were still wondering what the boy would look like but as they got closer to the destination, they both inwardly wished that the boy was their brother. But out of the two, America seemed to want it more, because for a very long time he had wished for a brother and the opportunity was perfect.

But one question still remained: would the mystery boy want him as a brother?

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