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"Tell me."
"I can't," I blushed.
"Just tell me."
"I literally can't, Beast Boy!"
"Rae, it's the only way to get this thing off your chest." He said this with confidence, yet he was looking at his feet and his face was red.
"It's not the only way."
"Look, the elephant in the room isn't going to leave unless you talk this thing out."
Cyborg crossed his arms, "You know, I'm right here."
I looked up and glared at him. Beast Boy tried to fight back a smile, "I think that's the point, Cy."
"Whatever," Cy said. He crossed his arms behind his head and leaned back in his chair. "I'll leave when things get serious."
"Cyborg..." Beast Boy and I said in unison. Except he said it in a warning tone while I said it in more of a I'm-going-to-freaking-kill-you tone.
"Go ahead, Princess." Cy laughed, getting comfortable.
I took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on my words…

"Cyborg, even if I wanted to, I wouldn't know what to say." I said, still slung over his metallic back. I had given up fighting him after my hands started to bruise up.
"Hmm…" Cy stopped. "Well, you can always tell him the truth."
"Obviously," I rolled my eyes. "But… How? It's going to be really, really awkward. Especially with you in there."
"Just ignore me. Like how you ignore Beast Boy when he's annoying."
"But… I don't actually ignore him." I mumbled as Cy started walking again.
"What was that?" He said, but I knew he heard me.
"Shut up." I snapped.
"Honestly, just tell him how you feel. It's easy."
"Your not the one spilling your guts out to the guy you like, but have to be all 'I hate you go away' to because otherwise you would be made fun of or he'll reject you and never bother you in that annoying, sweet, stupid, funny way he always does." I huffed, crossing my arms.
Cyborg kept walking, waiting for me to realize what I had just said. I didn't for another minute or so.
Finally, my face went red.
"Shut up."

Now was my chance to tell him everything. Why every time I checked my mind mirror, all I could see was affection. How every time he tries to come into my room, I just want to pull him in instead of locking the door. What I'm really thinking when I stare off in space… coincidentally, in his direction. I had to tell him now. Not just because Cyborg was making me, but because if I didn't now, I never would. I had to be now. I had to tell him. Tell him…
"I… I… I just wanted to say thank you. For, you know, taking care of me while I was sick." I stared at my shoes. What? What was that?
"Oh…" Beast Boy raised his eyebrow, "Was that it?"
"Yea-" I cringed.
"No! Uh-uh, nope. That's not going down, Princess. Tell him." Cyborg sat up.
"Cy, plea-"
"Tell. Him."
Beast Boy looked from me to Cy. Both our faces were red with anger. "Look, if Rae doesn't want to tell me, she doesn't have to."
"I can't believe you're trying to weasel your way out of this." Cy shook his head.
"I can't believe you're forcing this! What if I'm not ready?"
"That is such bull!"
"Cy! She doesn't have to if she doesn't want to." Beast Boy tried to yell over us.
"Shut up, Beast Boy. This has nothing to do with you." Cy snapped.
My face flushed with rage, "Yes it does!" I screamed and stood up. "It always has. I can't believe you, saying that!"
"Rae, what-?" Beast Boy started to say.
"And you!" I pointed at him. "What's wrong with you? Are you stupid? How could you not know what we were talking about already? God, I can't believe I fell in love with an idiot!"
There was a moments silence; Cyborg was ginning, Beast Boys mouth hung open and I was breathing deeply.
I groaned and put my hand on my face. "Close your mouth, Beast Boy. You'll catch flies." I mumbled.
Cyborg stared laughing hysterically. "Aaah," He sighed, wiping a tear away from his eye. "Okay , time for me to go."
"See you two later," He called behind his shoulder as the door shut behind him.
After a few seconds of me trying to avoid Beast Boys gaze, I slumped my shoulders and sat on his bed. "… Hi."
He started chuckling, "Hi."
I hit him in the arm. "Shut up, Beast Boy!"
"Ow, wait. Hold on! I'm not laughing at you!"
"Yes you are!" I continued slapping at him (more like flailing my arms and coming in contact with his body). "You're laughing because I just told you-!" I stopped and started blushing.
"Hey, I didn't laugh the first time!" He blushed, rubbing his arm.
"First time?... Oh." When I was sick… er, sicker.
"Yeah, I wasn't sure if you meant it though. You were kind of hallucinating." He started laughing again. "That was hillarious."
I gave him a soft punch, "Shuddup."
He flinched, but kept laughing. I looked down, trying to hide my red face.
"I… I still don't know what you think…" I mumbled.
He was quiet and I looked up. He was still smiling, but it was sweeter.
"Hey… Wanna know what my reaction was after you told me that first time?"
I nodded.
"Close your eyes…"
I did. I could feel the anticipation and excitement for what was coming next. Everything seemed dark around me and warm. As warm as it was when I was sick that morning. I could feel myself going into a daze. I guess I was still tired. Before I could tell Beast Boy this, I felt a light pressure on my lips.

...And this time, I didn't fall asleep.

~Beia 3