By Arwendle

Disclaimer: Don't own!

Pairing: M/A

A/N: I've had this idea for awhile and tried to incorporate it into one of my other stories but it didn't really fit. So here is my totally predictable situation.

This was just so damn predictable! Max thought to herself as she opened the door to the sleazy motel room. The room was small and had walls that once were bright red but had faded with time and smoky patrons. The flaking waterstained ceiling boasted a mirror, which hung above a none too clean looking double bed. The only double bed. Max groaned. *How had she known that this was going to happen? How had she known the second that Logan had sent them on this bogus mission that this was going to happen? * She glanced at Alec lugging their gear in from his car. He dumped it in the small amount of floor space that was not taken up by the bed or the decrepit looking desk.

"Alec?" Max asked

"Yes Max." Alec sighed. He knew exactly what was coming.

"Why is there only one bed?"

"No other beds." He replied shortly.

"Did you check?" She asked.

"Yes Max I checked."

"Did you really check? I mean did you phone around and get on the Internet and search? Or knock on people's doors and ask if they possibly had two different beds for us to sleep in?"

"In case you've forgotten we're not supposed to draw attention to ourselves Max. That's kind of the purpose of an undercover operation. I checked the whole town for another room. Just believe me when I say that every single garbage can in this town is occupied tonight."

"Fine!" Max said harshly "But I'm not sleeping in the same bed as you!" she knew that she had started the all too predictable argument with the all too predictable outcome.

" Well then you can sleep in the bath tub."

"This room doesn't even have a bath tub Alec."

"Well then you can sleep on the floor."

"I'm not sleeping on the floor Alec."

"Why not Max?"

"Because you're sleeping on the floor and I get the bed."

"Why should I have to sleep on the floor? I'm not the one who has the problem. Besides you don't even need to sleep."

"Fine you win! Just don't touch me or you may lose some of your more valuable appendages."

"Whatever." Alec replied. "I'm going to bed."

He pulled off his shirt and pants and crawled into bed in his boxers.

Max followed him not long after.

Max lay waiting for Alec's expected advance. Listening to his steady breathing she waited for him to subconsciously reach out and take her in his arms. Hours passed and nothing happened. Max began to wonder why Alec was behaving so well. * Does he not want to hold me? Does he find me unattractive?…* The questions flooded through her mind. It wasn't that she wanted Alec to hold her. She didn't actually. It was because he hadn't even tried. All of a sudden Max felt very alone. She looked at Alec's sleeping form beside her and sighed.

Alec had made sure he used all his Manticore discipline to refrain from touching Max. He had succeeded and actually managed to fall into a light sleep when he was awakened by a sharp kick. He ignored it. She wanted a reaction. She continued to kick him. He began to get annoyed.

"Will you please stop that!" He said rather testily. She kicked him harder.

"Hey that hurt!" He said turning to face her. She was grinning evilly. He caught her leg in his hand as she attempted to kick him again.

"I've got you now." He said cockily. She kicked him with the other leg. Alec grabbed on to that one as well. Max stilled.

"Now go to sleep!" He ordered.

Thinking he had got the better of her Alec closed his eyes and let her go. Max promptly smashed a pillow over his head. Alec grabbed her wrists and confiscated the pillow. She started to kick. He grabbed onto her legs and she grabbed the pillow again.

Alec snatched the pillows and threw them off the bed.

"What's your problem?" He said getting annoyed.

"I want my bed!" Max said. " And I won't stop until you get out."

" It's not going to happen Max." He said.

She began to scratch and then kick. When she bit him. Alec had had enough. He flipped her so that her back was to him and she couldn't bite him. He locked her legs with his and wound his arms around her so that her arms were trapped at her sides. She struggled for a little while and then stopped when she felt Alec drifting off into sleep. She smiled and gently slipped her arms free so that Alec's arms were wound tightly around her waist. Alec pulled her closer to him and murmured her name. She wanted to stay awake forever just feeling his strong arms cucooning her. Eventually she drifted into sleep safe in Alec's embrace.

The whole situation had been totally predictable. She was always meant to end up in Alec's arms.