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The Other Twice Blessed

A/N: This story takes place after 'Hyde School Reunion', but before 'Spin City', so Leo does not know that Chris is his 'son'.

Chris orbed into kitchen of the Manor. Piper had just called him. "Hey. What's up? Was there an attack?"

"Hey, sweetie. No, I just thought you'd like some breakfast. I thought we could talk later," Piper said smiling.

Chris cringed. He didn't want to talk to Piper. He didn't want to be around her. She was great and everything, well, as far as he knew. She'd died when he was so young that he barely remembered her.

Chris had lied to his grandfather when he told him when Piper died. Actually most of that conversation was a lie. First of all, Piper didn't die when he was fourteen. She died when he was about seven or eight. And that wasn't the reason he had been avoiding her. He was avoiding her because he felt like a horrible son.

Contrary to what he'd told Piper and the others, she was not his mother, nor was Leo his father. There were of course having a child, but it was not him. It was his cousin Melinda. And every time he called Piper 'Mom' or even heard her call him her son, he felt like he was betraying his mother. He was definitely betraying his father by allowing anyone to believe that bastard, Leo was his father. Leo was a horrible father in the future. Chris' own father and his uncles were more fathers to his kids than Leo was.

Chris actually wondered when exactly Leo had become suck a deadbeat. He certainly wasn't like that now. He was always loving and attentive to Wyatt. It was a shame that that was going to change.

"So what do you say, Chris? Breakfast?" Piper asked as she held out a plate with Eggs, Bacon, and sausage.

Chris knew he could probably get out of it by saying he was hunting demons, but honestly, he loved Piper's cooking. He didn't remember much of her from when he was a kid, but he remembered that she was the best cook. Definitely better than his own mother. Him and his dad used to joke about how with all the things his mom was good at, cooking wasn't one of them.

Chris took the plate and sat down. "Thanks."

"Wow, victory. I figured you going to say something about demon hunting," Piper said.

"Even I'll take a break for your cooking," Chris said as he started cooking.

"So I cook good in the future, huh? When do I stop cooking good?" Piper asked subtly.

Chris rolled his eyes. "Nice try. But anyway, you are a great cook."

"Well, I kinda have to be. I don't know if you've noticed, but Paige and Phoebe can't cook to save their lives," Piper joked.

Chris laughed. It was true. He remembered one day in the future when they did cook. He was about ten or eleven. They decided that if they cooked together that they could make an edible meal. Unfortunately, two bad cooks did not make a good one. All it did was cause a fire that his dad had to put out. From that day forward, they weren't even allowed in the kitchen unsupervised.

"What about you, Chris? Do you cook?" Piper asked. She was hoping that her son had picked up her skill.

"Yeah, my dad taught me," Chris said without thinking.

"Leo taught you?" Piper asked.

'Crap! Why did I say that? This is what happens when you let your guard down, Chris!' he scolded himself. "Yeah. He wasn't great at it, but he taught me what he knew.

"So I guess 'the event' happens before I can teach you," Piper said sadly.

Chris reluctantly nodded. He really had no choice but to admit it. He'd already made the slip up. Now all he could do was do damage control and hope that he didn't spill too much.

"I thought you and Leo weren't close," Piper said. He'd never come out and said that he resented Leo, but it was obvious in the way he spoke about him. That was when he spoke about Leo at all, which wasn't often.

Chris shrugged his shoulders. "He had his moments I guess." He supposed that much was true. Leo wasn't always a deadbeat. He did show up once in a while for his kids, and he usually showed up when one of them needed him to heal them, which wasn't often because there were three other whitelighters in the family capable and willing to heal. The one time he was needed though was the one time he didn't come. And for that, Chris would never forgive him.

Chris forced himself to shake those thoughts off. He couldn't think about that now. All it did was make him want to kill both Leo and Wyatt. Wyatt for being the cause and Leo for not coming when called.

"And what was he like the rest of the time?" Piper asked. She knew she was pushing, but she wanted to know what Leo had done to push their son away like this. Leo couldn't be that bad could he. He was great with Wyatt. What would prevent him with having that same relationship with Chris?

"I can't tell you that. Look, I gotta go," Chris said as he stood up. It was time to end this conversation. He would not be pushed into liking a man he clearly didn't, especially when that man was not even his father. He had a father, a good one. He might have to pretend Leo was his father for the sisters' benefit, but he would be damned if he had to pretend he liked him.

"No, don't go. I'm sorry; I didn't mean to push you. We can drop it," Piper said, sensing that she had pushed him too far.

"No, I have to go anyway. I came here for a reason. I need to keep looking for the demon that's after Wyatt," Chris said. He then orbed out without giving Piper the chance to respond.