After finally getting over the shock of what had just happened, Chris called everyone back. They all returned immediately. "Is it done?" Phoebe asked.

Chris grinned from ear to ear. "Yeah. It's over. It's finally over."

"Wait, where's future Wyatt?" Piper asked slightly worried.

"It's okay, Piper. When Chris stopped Gideon, he stopped Wyatt from becoming the young man we saw. That Wyatt ceased to exist," Leo explained.

"Wait, but then wouldn't Chris, Henry and Andy cease to exist too?" Phoebe asked.

"No, because they were a fundamental part of saving Wyatt. They can't disappear because if they did they wouldn't have saved Wyatt in the first place," Leo explained as if it made complete sense.

All four sisters stared at him blankly.

"No, they wouldn't cease to exist," Leo said simply.

They all nodded.

"Okay, I have to go talk to the other Elders now. They're going to want an explanation about Gideon. It would be best if Chris, Andy, and Henry are gone when I get back. There's a good chance that the other Elders are going to want to recycle Chris' soul," Leo said.

"What about Baby Chris? Could they come after him?" Paige asked.

"I don't think you need to worry about that. If something were going to happen as a result of my actions tonight, I think I would've vanished or at least gone transparent by now," Chris said.

"Oh, there's that time travel stuff again," Phoebe said.

"In fact, my memories are already starting to change. Dad?" Chris asked.

Future Andy nodded, indicating that his were as well.

"Oh, are we alive this time? Are we rich?" Paige asked.

"Don't answer that. Are you crazy? The last thing we need right now is to ruin the future we just created," Prue lectured Paige.

"So he learns that crap from you? Thanks a lot, Prue. Do you know how many times I've heard the phrase 'future consequences' in the last year?" Piper asked.

Prue smiled sweetly.

"Well, I better get going," Leo said before turning to Chris. "Look, I know I haven't made things easy for you since you've been here and for that I'm sorry, but I want to thank you for everything you did. Thank you for saving my son."

Chris nodded.

Leo looked at Piper and Wyatt for a minute and then orbed out.

"Alright, we better get you guys out of here quickly," Phoebe said, referring to all the future people.

Prue handed Baby Chris over to her husband and then approached Future Chris. She immediately enveloped him into a hug. "I'm so proud of you. I can't wait to get to know you more in the future."

"Thanks, Mom. I love you," Chris said as he held her close.

"I love you too," Prue said before pulling away. She then pointed her finger at him sternly. "You stay away from Phoenixes."

"But, Mom-"

"No, don't 'but, Mom' me. I'll be damned if my son's going to be involved the enemy," Prue said sternly.

Future Andy laughed. "I told you if we changed things Bianca and you probably wouldn't be happening. Not with her alive."

Prue glared at the future version of her husband. "And you. I can't believe you allowed that."

"Hey, he's just as stubborn as you. Nothing was gonna stop him. Well, except maybe you," Future Andy said.

"Oh, and I will be. It's so not happening," Prue said firmly.

Chris went to open his mouth, but soon felt his father's hand on his shoulder. "Son, sometimes it's best to know when to quit. You can fight with her future self about it."

Past Andy came over soon and gave his son a hug goodbye. Phoebe, Paige, and Piper did as well. "Thank you for everything you've done. I am proud to have you as a nephew," Piper told him.

Chris smiled and nodded.

Paige went over to Henry. "Was I a good Mom?"

If Henry was surprised that Paige knew she was his mother, he didn't show it. "You were awesome."

Paige hugged him for a minute and then stepped away.

"Okay, People, let's get this over with before it's too late," Piper said.

All four sisters stood together and started chanting the spell Phoebe and Henry had come up with. Within seconds, Chris, Andy, and Henry were swept away in white lights.

Prue looked at the spot they'd disappeared from longingly. It had only been a minute, but she already missed Chris.

Phoebe put an arm around her older sister. "You raised a great kid, sis."

The others nodded in agreement. "Alright, come on, let's go down stairs," Piper said before leading the way. The others followed closely.


A couple hours later, the sisters plus Andy were sitting around the living room. Prue looked emotionally spent.

"You okay, Prue? Piper asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I guess it's just been a pretty rough couple of days," Prue said.

Piper snorted. "You're telling me."

"I can't believe I'm actually back here. For a while, I wasn't sure that would ever happen again," Prue said. She'd been running on pure adrenaline before, so it had really just sunk in that she was home with her family.

"Yeah, be grateful that we're too tired to bitch at you about that. You should've come home long before now," Phoebe said.

"I was scared. It's not easy for me to admit, but I was. For years I thought that no demon could ever beat me. Then I met the one demon that could and he nearly destroyed me. I didn't how to deal with that. I was so afraid of ending up back there or having one you end up there. I couldn't let that happen," Prue explained.

"Prue, we're family. We would've worked it out together," Piper said.

"I'm sorry. I just didn't know how. Protecting you guys from seemed like the better option. But don't worry; I don't plan on letting anything like that ever happen again. If I've learned anything in these last couple of days it's that I can't run from who and what I am," Prue said. She would never make that mistake again. She was going to fight to get over what happened to her and become stronger for it.

"Yeah, Lord knows I've tried enough times," Piper commented.

Just then Leo orbed in.

"Hey, how'd it go?" Piper asked.

"Well, the Elders weren't exactly happy about Gideon and they did want to recycle Chris' soul, but I guess Chris was already gone by then because they couldn't find him," Leo explained.

Piper smirked in satisfaction. She did love one upping the Elders.

"What about Little Chris? Are they going to come after him?" Prue asked concerned.

"No, but they did say they'll be keeping a close eye on him. Wyatt too. Actually, in that regard I have some good news. The Elders are worried about them possibly being corrupted because of the other future and have decided they need more guidance," Leo said.

"How is that good news? I don't want another whitelighter around. No offense to the whitelighters currently in the room," Piper said.

"You're not getting another whitelighter. More like an Elder," Leo said smiling.

"Huh?" they all asked at once.

"The other Elders have decided that under the circumstances, it's best that I remain here. Permanently."

"Wait, you're staying? For good?" Piper asked hopefully.

Leo nodded. "I'll probably have to leave more often than when I was a whitelighter, but... Umph!" he said as Piper launched herself at him.

"So everything's back to normal now?" Phoebe asked.

"Well, as normal as they can get in this family," Piper said as she let go of Leo.

"Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm wiped. I think I'm going to go check on Chris and hit the hay.

Everyone else nodded in agreement and headed for the stairs. They all knew that they were sure to have some rough times in the future, especially with two very powerful magical children in the house, but they were together and they were a family. That was all that mattered.