Rain: EmmaxGold

The air was crisp; a stony chill against the warmth that she produced from her lips, heat met with cold. Dark clouds swirled overhead, a warning of the impending doom that threatened to evoke its power on the little town of Storybrooke. The residents knew what lay in store for them, but there was the few who decided to risk the weather to make quick trips to the local supermarket, in their haste to grab last minute items before it became unbearable to even go outside. One woman in particular decided that she had enough time to make a trip from her shared apartment with Mary Margret to the station, where she would spend the next few hours until the storm ended. That was the plan anyway.

Only wearing her white tank top, black skinny jeans, and brown leather knee high books, Emma Swan knew that if she got caught in the storm she would likely freeze to death. Stupidly, she had left her red jacket on the hanging rack just beside the front door, believing she didn't need it. Her body did say otherwise. A cold shiver ran down her spine as her walking pace increased slightly, a small energy boost when she saw sight of the station. Hope pulsed through her veins, she would make it, would be able to outrun the storm. Her nose detected the freshest sent of cool rain before it hit her like a ton of bricks.

It was like the sky had fallen in on itself, for all of a sudden the crystal clear sight that had engrossed the residents for hours vanished in a blink of an eye. In a cry of despair, Emma raised her arms and covered her head, trying to keep her hair dry while her vision was decreased at this new punishment. Every drop felt like a hammer against her skin, cold and wet, hard and constant. Her vision only allowed a few meters of area in front of her eyes to be seen, the rest was covered in a grey rainy mess. But she refused to turn back and get her classic red jacket, even if that did mean she would be freezing and drenched until she reached the station.

Within a few moments every single piece of clothing stuck to her body like a second layer of skin. Emma couldn't control her shivering as she raced blindly to the station, her arms now reaching out to feel what she couldn't see, which wasn't much. Her left foot missed the slight slop in the pavement, her right didn't. She crashed straight into the side of her car, the cold metal pressed against her hands, steadying herself from another fall. Emma pushed herself back, hands quickly rummaging through her pockets for the set of keys. Her fingers finally managed to grasp the keys, and she swiftly pulled them out, body aching for the warmth of an open fire.

It jangled slightly against her freezing hands, and she pressed her body against the car as she picked a key that felt right and shoved it in the keyhole. A split second later she realized her mistake. A cry of annoyance seeped through her lips as she squinted down at the door, the car key hanging beside four of the other keys. Her annoyance turned to anger when she tried to pull the key out, and it refused to budge. Water splashed against her face, the wind changing the direction of the rain. She could feel every bone in her body cry out for escape from the blasted rain. Emma pulled at the keys again, using her whole body to try and remove the house key from the car door. She hissed at it, kicked at it and then tried to even snap the key in half. Still it didn't budge one bit.

"Miss Swan?"

Emma pulled back suddenly, her focus shifting from the car situation to the very familiar voice, a voice she would be able to depict even in the rain. Mr Gold.

"Do you need some assistance, dearie?"

He continued a small smile on his face. Emma scowled briefly, and then turned to face him, hands on hips. She knew her makeup had run, she could feel the eyeliner drip against her face, a mix of foundation and blush in the mix. Her body was completely drenched; her shirt would be see-through if not stuck to her bra which thankfully was the same colour as her shirt. She looked like a mess, and he asked if she needed assistance. For a moment she was ready to tell him where to shove it but she quickly noticed that fact that unlike herself he was completely dry. Emma spotted the umbrella he held in his free hand, which had somehow stopped any sort of rain from touching his tailored black suit, dark purple shirt and blue tie.

"The door won't open." She snapped irritably, indicating the car door behind her.

Mr Gold took a careful step forward, making sure there was no risk of getting wet, and then lent in briefly, assessing the damage. Emma shivered again, envying the umbrella he had in his hand, but not enough to ask to stand under it, she wasn't that desperate yet. A tsk, and then a slight chuckle.

"You used you're house key instead of the car key?"

Emma wasn't sure if it was a question or a statement, but she refused to respond to it. She knew he was amused at her stupidity, he may not show it in his expression or voice, but he couldn't really hide the amusement in the way he looked down at her. He chuckled again, something she didn't think she would hear once, let alone twice in the space of a minuet. This drew her attention back to him, slightly curious at this different side to him. Mr Gold made a tsk sound again, somehow loud enough to be heard over the rain. Emma rubbed her arms, trying to keep warm as he pondered on the best cause of action, which only lasted a minuet.

"If you'll allow me—"

"Knock yourself out."

The umbrella was shoved into her hand, catching her completely off balance. Emma recovered quickly, gasping the umbrella tightly in her cold fingers. The sudden resistance at the rain a welcomed relief to her aching bones. Mr Gold cursed under his breath, but Emma heard enough to know it was directed at her, and the umbrella. She smiled slightly and then stood next to him, sharing the umbrella as he got to work on the car keys. It was like having a friend who could be her worst enemy at the same time; it would really depend on the situation. She wasn't entirely sure what to call it, call them, but all she knew was that as long as she kept in his good books, Regina would be their target, and not one another.


In a cocky sort of way, Mr Gold dangled her keys in front of her face, a smug smile plastered on his lips. Emma scowled again, but it dissolved into a smirk when she noticed that half of his body now drenched from the sharing of his umbrella. Her amusement was short lived for when she reached out for the keys he pulled back, teasing her with them. Of course he wouldn't have done it just to be nice.

"What do you want now?" she asked, finally losing her cool.

He chuckled again, obviously amused at this newfound anger. She was tempted to take the umbrella and run, grab her keys on the way past. But a gnawing feeling that not only would that be extremely stupid, but she would be missing something important stopped that idea from taking place. Emma placed her free hand on her hip, eyeing him with a look that said that any stupid request would result in a very different outcome.

"I'm not so sure. What about another favor?"

Emma hissed in frustration, she had no idea what sort of favor he wanted this time, she didn't even know what he wanted with the other one either. Was it worth getting her keys for? She puzzled over that for a moment, but as she gazed at him, smug in all forms, an idea popped into her head. A part of her flinched away, horrified at the suggestion, but the logical part pressed on, reminding what was at stake. She took a careful step forward, close enough for the umbrella to cover them both. Maybe she expected him to flinch away; because a part of her was surprised when he didn't move but just stared at her, still a face of smugness.


"No? I don't believe—"

She lent forward, her free hand catching his own, while her face came inches from his own, a real smirk on her own lips. Emma saw the briefest flash of emotion, calculating and something she hadn't seen before, before he pulled back his mask, a neutral smile, with a touch of amusement. His touch was brief, enough to cause a ripple of emotion to flood through her own body, before he dropped his hand away, allowing her to take the keys. Puzzled, she paused briefly, the plan she had in mind blown up in her face. Mr Gold chuckled again, leaning once again on his cane, his head tilted slightly, as if questioning her motive.

Emma shrugged her shoulders and handed him back the umbrella, careful not to touch his hand again, a part of her afraid of the emotion she had felt. He took it, but didn't move, just watching the rain start it's decent on her form once again. She smiled at him, jingled her keys in thanks and turned on her heal, walking steadily up the small stairs to the station. The rain had lessened greatly, enough where vision was back to one hundred percent.

The door was quickly unlocked; when the right key was used anything would open with ease. Emma took a half glance back, slightly amused to find him still standing there, gave him a grin and entered the station. Unlike usual she left the door open, an invitation to let him in or to get air into the station? Emma would let him decide. Once she was out of sight, Mr Gold paused briefly, weighing up his options.

With a smirk, he decided there was only one choice.