In a world ruled by men Rosemarie Hathaway is given away as a gift to the Prince of Russia to please the higher power. She's becoming his personal servant in her own words a slave. Her duty is to please and obey the prince and follow his command. No man hand has ever tamed Rose maybe these hands will...

This is a story I've been wanting to write for quite sometime and Finally I've gotten the time to do it!

Before you start I just want you to know that this is NO certain time area nor certain world that has ever excited. It is pure imaginary land and time in my mind. It has an old fairytale kind of ring to it but the language will go back and forth between modern and a bit older.

I really hope you like it because I do and I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS - just wanted that said in the beginning. But the plot is mine.



Men have ruled the world throughout the decades and centuries before the time that is now. Men that have shown cleverness, strength and willpower.

A full blooded man needs to be at his best, be able to fight for his country and find a beautiful woman who can give him many sons who can reign after their father.

Men are Big. Men are Great. Men are Kings.

I shall soon take the thrown since my father Anton Belikov the Second, has found me ready to reign our country. I am three months away from getting my throne and I will do anything to be a good king to my country. Its health and beauty has bloomed through many centuries and it will not stop here.

I am Dimitri Belikov the Third, future king of Russia.


A woman shall be calm, she shall be quiet and she shall listen to her husband. The ideal woman is thin, beautiful and adores the ground her husband walks on. She should also give birth to as many sons as possible and yet stay fresh and beautiful to satisfy her husband.

Women are weak. Women are toys. Women are nothing against Mankind.

I have always been told that I don't fit in. That I don't look ideal, that I don't act ideally and that I definitely won't find anyone stupid enough to marry someone like me willingly.

But my answer to that always shocks people.

I don't want to be a doormat to a man who will stomp all over me, use me and then throw me out just for the fun of it.

I've been dragged halfway around the world at the hands of a 'salesman' who's known for his dirty business and filthy money. And yet he gets new clients every day, only I am his black sheep.

Abe 'Zmey' Mazur

Abe is a very talented businessman; he goes through female marketing like butter in the sun and always gives the client what he demands.

If a man asks for a blonde slender girl who's a very good cook and as a potential wife, Abe finds her and gives him one. If the client wants a brunette with an exotic eye and a passion for her husband, he shall get one.

No man asks for a curvy woman with a mouth who actually speaks up and speaks her mind.

Because she's not the ideal wife, I am not the ideal wife.

In this world, men have ruled the ground I walk on for centuries and women have stayed in the shadows for just as long. I have been offered to so many different clients I've lost count and hoping each time it didn't work out that Abe would give up and set me free.

But the deal Abe made with my village back home wherever/where I lived, was to set me in a home where I would stay and make something out of my life.

What a joke.

We've been traveling for days on end towards one of the biggest monarchs in the world. Abe has some business with people in the big city of Moscow and he thinks he might have found something for me. I laugh every time he says he might have found something for me. I've seen it all before. Men who looks at me like I'm their pet and wants me to please them in every possible way but when I refuse and tell them what they really are, I get returned. Like some bad fruit to the fruit market.

I was born like this and I am not going to change just for the sake of a man who wants me to be different. I refuse to do that.

Abe has left me in a bedroom with no windows when he went to make some business around the city. He told me to take a bath and clean up because I am having a special meeting tonight. I wanted to know with whom but he promised he would tell me later.

Women like myself don't always get what they want. All I thought I wanted was to marry a man and have a family. That's what everybody else wants. But here's the twist. I am no ideal for a wife to be. I am the temptress or the 'entertainment' for the evening.

All the men that have earlier laid eyes on me wanted me for the long dark hair; the unusual curves and the unnecessarily big chest god gave me for some absurd reason.

I would be the girl who's bound in the bedroom and does the dirty work his own wife won't do to him in bed. I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

Worst are those big meaty men- Muscles bungling all around, with their perfect hair and bossy attitude.

I try to clear my mind as I step into the tub that's been running while my mind has gone through years of thinking and conclusions in just a few minutes. My head hurts...

Bubbles whirl around me and I feel extra girly and beautiful surrounded by bubbles in baths. I lean my head back letting the water do it's work on my worn out body wanting to relax before Abe gets back. I hear the key in the keyhole and the door opening. I tense up again.


I sigh, "In the bathroom" I usually don't answer to my full name since it's ridiculous but it's not even worth the fight.

"Good you're cleaning up. I need to dressed and ready at six on the spot. I'm giving you away tomorrow"

"Tomorrow? I thought you said tonight-" then I stop. Given away? Did he just say given away?

"Given away?" I say loudly shooting him a glare. He smirks, "You are one powerful woman Rosemarie but even I have limits"

"So I'm just some left overs given away to the best bidder?"

"Rosemarie please-"

"Stop calling me that!" I snap. I take a deep breath, closing my eyes massaging my temples. "You where saying?"

"It's not just anyplace you know how many times I've gotten you back don't you? I'm not risking that again" he chuckles at his own joke. Was it even a joke?

"The future king of Russia needs a new courtesan addressed to him and I thought that who would be better than you?" He has that smug looking grin on his face and I bet he got a great deal out of it. Or he's just swooned about getting me away from him.

I snort looking away from him, "Prostitute is a better word"

"Nonsense" he says, "You're meeting the present king tomorrow with me and he'll decide if you're honorable to be and then you'll move into your new home"

"Honorable?" I laugh out loud, "That's sick. And I thought you already had it all set?"

"I have, you just need to impress with your amazing looks and not open your mouth too wide"

"Why don't you just throw me out and get me out of your way?" I ask looking him straight in the eye. "We both know I'm not wife material, why the effort?"

"I made a dead with your village to set you straight. Now I've found the spot and you're going to like it"

I sigh knowing that I can't get out of this. In a good way it'll be nice to stay in one spot more than forty-eight hours before another three weeks trip to the other part of the world. So I give up the fit and leans back in the tub.

"So what exactly do I do?"

Abe has moved out in the living room area but he can still hear me. "You'll be the a bedroom servant helping him with all sorts of things. You'll follow him to important meetings and balls where he needs an escort and you'll be the diamond in his crown"

"I'm a Servant," I mumble to myself. "A humble servant to a greedy man with no limits who wants me for my body. Courtesan. Servant. Slave"

When I finish the bath, packed my stuff – which aren't much since I'm a regular traveler we head down stairs to the carriage starting the night trip towards my future home.

I stare out in the dark trying to remember my last night as a "free" woman. From this day on I'm a courtesan, a personal whatever he wants me to do and there's nothing I can do about.

Abe has already gone through the basics and still are. I've even stopped listening...

"...Are you listening to me?"

"What?" I ask feeling lost in mind.

"Here I am giving you good advise and you deicide to disappear into imaginary land?" He gives me a look. "I need to focused Rose. This is royal service we're talking about and you're going to stay and you're going to be good. I am not having your ass handed back to me after twenty four ours just because you refuse to satisfy one of my clients"

"He chained me to his bed and wanted me naked calling me names like Brita and Selma just because he couldn't remember my name. Then he wanted me to cook for him and I said he could do it himself because I wasn't hungry. The man has hands of his own"

"He's the man Rose not you" Abe was getting frustrated with me. "I have been nothing but kind towards you taking you back and trying to find you a new spot and here you are whining about once again. There's a reason men has ruled the world from the beginning till now and you know why that is?"

I didn't meet his eyes knowing the humiliation has started. He leaned forward speaking with a loud and clear voice, "Because women are weak Rose. They need us – Men to help them through life because they can't do it on their own. When we arrive to that castle tonight and meet the king I want you to suck it up and remember your place in life"

The anger was radiating off of him and I clenched my teeth trying to put up a shield from every word that just came out of his mouth. Unfortunately this wasn't the end of it.

"You know why you're not ideal Rose, you know that. I'm trying hard to get you out there and what do I get in return?"


"You will take this new position with gratitude and you will worship the ground the prince walks on. He will be your new guide through life and you better behave"

After that there wasn't a lot of talking. I just felt worse and worse.

I know I say things like I won't get stomped all over. But sometimes it's hard to be tough on the outside and on the inside.

And for once I agree with Abe. Women are weak. At least I am.


I have always loved women and women have always loved me. I'm only twenty-five years old but I've had more women than we have staff. Girlfriends has come and gone but no one has ever fitted for the role of a future monarchs wife or had the looks for the role. My father has hunted for the perfect wife for years and has introduced many beautiful women to me through the years. All of them tall, slender and beautiful but none of them has had that extra to make them worthy the title.

Even if it would have only been a one-night stand or more I've always found my way to work around all kind of situations. Lately I had a woman named Tasha as my closest in line but she couldn't keep up if you know what I mean. The woman didn't know anything and my father wanted her gone. He's a very wise man and I'll follow him through fire and ice and dedicate myself to this country. That's who I am.

During the past week my father has ordered out a request on a new position in our staff. A courtesan, my personal courtesan

He told me not to worry about it and that he would find someone fitting for the role. He was known for being quite the ladies man back in the day. Before he met my mother.

I close my eyes for a quick second and her face flashes before my eyes. My mother – Olena – is the only woman whom I have personally been emotionally attached to. She loved me and cared for me through and through and she was the best mother possible. But after a tragic accident she died and I've never looked back. I let her in and she was taken away, a good reason not to let women close to you. She has been the only woman and will be the only woman who has a shot at my heart. I can't be weak in front of my people. I refuse to. A good king in a strong king a bad king is weak.

I slowly become conscious after a long night of heavy sleeping and one too many vodkas last night. The room is dark and I have my bed to myself. There's nothing more annoying when you wake up in the morning and don't remember the name of the girl next to you nor how far you went. But I'm use to waking them up in a sweet way with breakfast and them kick them out in a nice way. It's easier to make it quick so they won't grow too attached. I've had enough stalkers through the years.

All though I'm not really the commitment kind of guy, I'm getting really excited about my new courtesan that I've heard is getting hired. My father has gathered a meeting for her tonight and my friends are welcome to see her and judge if she adds up to my standard. After all, it can't just be any type of girl. She has to be something extra, beautiful and oh so sexy. I can't walk around with a snotty know it all girl who wants to save the world with her bare hands. I need a woman who wants me and me only. Though I don't mind some competition though all girls out there are all the same. But I won't complain when they can't resist me. It does work out very well with my ego and I'll admit I might come out a bit strong but that's the right way to do it.

After the maids has cleaned up the mess in my room and handed me my breakfast I get dressed in simple leather pants and a white loose fit shirt. My favorite sort of clothing.

I meet up with my friends Ivan and Christian outdoors and we got for a ride with the horses.

"What do you think your new courtesan will be like?" Christian asked as we rode in a slow pace through the forest.

I smiled, "I hope she's not like all the others. I'm getting tired of them"

Ivan chuckled, "You mean you're getting tired of them falling at your feet begging for you to be the father of their children?"

I chuckled, "I need a challenge and yet I need someone who can take care of the female work in my life"

"Don't you mean bed work?" Christian winked grinning towards me.

"That to!" we laughed, "But my father tells me I need a permanent girl who can follow me to all the meetings and show the people that I'm stable. It's important to my father to show the world the new king can handle his country as well as a woman"

"I think it's a good" Ivan agreed, "Loosing the thrown because of something like that wouldn't be an option"

"Definitely not" I said seriously as we rode out of the forest seeing the wide land spread out before our feet. I looked over at both my friends "You better do a good job tonight"

Both of them got this smirk on their lips, "Don't worry we'll get you what you need"


I was ready and I was looking as plain as it could ever get. He told me to let my hair down from my up do and not to open my mouth until I was spoken to. This was a big deal for him.

He told me that King Anton Belikov was one of his most important clients yet and if I screwed this up it wouldn't be pretty.

Suddenly the big door ahead of us opened revealing a large ballroom with big thrones by the far end of the room. There were people lined up all along the sides forming a walkway down the room leading us to the thrones.

The staff was dressed in black and white with straight and proper styled hair and stern looks on their faces. They all looked my way and I felt like running away. What is this?

Abe grabbed my wrist pulling me forward leading me past the big crowd and down towards the person that would decide my fate. I looked over my shoulders seeing the staff's eyes move along with me. The eyed my every move and I could see the look of disgust. They all had it in their eyes. I looked away looking down on the floor. It was so clean I could see a faint reflection of my self in it. Suddenly Abe came to a halt and I walked into his shoulder. He shot me a deadly glare.

"Abe Mazur" a voice boomed in front of us. My head snapped up seeing a large man wearing a jacket in a rich dark fabric with gold details. He looked old. Was that him?

"I've heard about you from close and far but I never thought I would meet you in person" He took a step forward standing a big higher than us since there were three steps up to his throne. "It's an honor"

Abe put on his signature smirk, "It's my honor your majesty. I'm only a business man with good deals and I'm happy to come to you with my services"

"I'm glad you could come" The man said looking at Abe. I studied his face when I suddenly noticed a big scar on the side of his face. I gasped going ridged in surprise and fear. His eyes where on me in a matter of seconds and a cruel smirk formed on his lips.

"Is this her?" He raised a brow questioning Abe but eyes still on me. I felt uncomfortable under his hard gaze. Abe put a hand on the small of my back pushing me one step closer to the man on the stairs.

"This is Rosemarie Hathaway, the exotic beauty all the way from Turkey"

I heard Abe taking steps back behind me, moving away and I was left alone in the middle of it all, like a lamb going for slaughter.

The king's gaze was fixed on me and I feared that if I moved one inch he might hurt me in the quickest way possible.

Abe had put me in the simplest cotton dress possible with no beads, buttons or color. Yet it hugged my curves showing them off for the people around. The dress was reaching mid thigh which gave him a good look at my legs with always was important for Abe. Showing off the whole thing so the clients can see all that he gets.

The king took slow steps forward walking towards me. I breathed slow even breaths looking straight forward begging and hoping within me that this would soon come to an end.

He didn't stop in front of me instead he kept walking slowly all around looking out for any flaw he could find. I was waiting for harsh comments about my hips, that my chest will attract the wrong attention or that I look like a slut and he can't have his son dating anything like me.

It felt like I'd stood there for hours when he finally went back to his starting point still eyes on me.

"Well?" Abe's voice broke the silence. I could see him open his mouth and I sucked my breath in ready for my doom.

"She looks very... different" he said thinking through his words before putting them on his tongue.

"Different is good your majesty. Everybody wants ordinary and with this girl" he was suddenly standing next to me holding his hands on my shoulders. "With this girl your son will have the prettiest girl in the room on his arm and no one can compete with that"

The king Anton smiled looking over at Abe, "You sure are a smooth talker"

Abe grinned again, "That's what leaves the mark on the client. That's why I'm one of the biggest in the industry"

Anton laughed looking amused by Abe. They would work so well together...

"I've asked my son's friends to attend tonight to help me decide if she's good enough"

"Anything to make the prince happy" Abe agreed. I swallowed hard. That meant more men looking at me like an animal for sale deciding if I'm looking well enough to be placed on a bed where this prince could do what ever he wanted. I shuddered slightly this was going to be a long night.

I saw Anton raise his hand giving a quick wave toward him and then I heard steps behind me. I think there were two set of feet and I wanted to disappear through the floor. I use to be so confident and stop all this but right now even I was quiet and afraid. Men have ruled this world for a very long time. The only reason why is that they know how to create fear and how to use it against you. And there's nothing more humiliating as men checking you out while circling around you.

The footsteps had stopped. "Christian, Ivan have the honor and help me decide in which we should keep her or not"

"We'd be delighted to" a voice said from behind me. I took a ridged breath through my slightly parted lips as I heard them taking steps around me to my front. The first one I saw had brown hair in a short styled way. Bigger and more muscular while the other one was way more pale and smaller with piercing blue eyes that where taking me in head to toe. I saw a smirk form on the blue eye's lips as he stroked his chin while watching me. He looked over at the tall one and they shared a quick look before turning back towards me.

"Well?" The king's voice asked now standing right behind them. "Christian you first"

"She definitely is different and I think that thick brown hair is definitely an asset that your son would like" he looked over at me again. "And those corves..."

"Are deadly" the tall one filled in.

I snorted looking away from them. This time I couldn't keep it in and did it out of reflex. They don't know how many times I've heard that.

"Oo, feisty aren't we?" The taller one who I suppose to be Ivan stepped forward grabbing me chin forcing me to look at him. He narrowed his eyes as he studied my features.

"Ivan?" the king asked from behind him.

"She's very beautiful... though looks can play a trick on you. I think she has an attitude"

I pulled my chin away from his strong hand hating the way he looked at me. He chuckled, "Definitely an attitude" he turned around towards the king again, "And she will definitely be a challenge to your son and a perfect lover with such fire in her eyes"

I stared down at the floor.

The king laughed at the boy and I could hear the evil smile in his voice, "We'll take her"

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