Title: Life As I Don't Know It
Summary: Fresh at college, Elena attempts to acclimatize to life away from small town Mystic Falls. New York is supposed to be the Big Apple, so why does she keep running into Sebastian?
Chapter Title: Introduction
Pairing: Elena Gilbert & Sebastian Smythe (Elenastian/Seblena)
Word Count: 792

And so despite everything, Elena's worst fears never come to fruition. The problems that keep her up at night never come and everything slides into normalcy. Somehow, she gets into NYU's prestigious writing program and no one objects to her leaving for the big city. She made her case clear when she applied that she wanted to try being independent.

Not that they should object.

Ric is proud because he is a teacher and her only real family left in Mystic Falls. Elena charges him with looking after the house and keeping track of everything.

Klaus knows where to find her and she doesn't doubt that he can track her down, but she lets him know over a drink at the grill anyways. He says Kol is in New York and she understands the underlying hint. Someone will always be watching.

Caroline and Bonnie are happy for her. Forever 17, Caroline opts to not go to college and spend some time travelling with Abby as the two become accustomed to forever. Stefan's made plans to go with them and Elena agrees with it. She won't say it aloud, but she's rooting for Stefan and Caroline.

When summer is at its end, there are only three people left to see her off. Abby, Caroline and Stefan left the week before for Europe and Bonnie left the previous day for Denver to see Jeremy and then USC.

Klaus shows up in her windowsill and nearly gives her a heart attack. "I understand you've made plans for living on campus, but here are the keys to my place, love."

Damon wishes her well and lets her know that he's going to check in on her a lot in the future whether she likes it or not. However he trusts her by herself because if she can take on a vampire, no human boy is going to take advantage of her. He waited 150 years for Katherine, he points out, 4 years for her to finish school is nothing.

Ric drives her and they have an awkward family bonding moment. She promises to write, call, and to do well at school and he promises to look after the house.

When her plane touches down at JFK Elena's bags are picked up by Elijah. She's not sure how he knows but with modern technology and knowing Klaus it's not difficult to figure it out. He's mannerly and she feels comfortable as he drives her to Klaus' townhouse.

Always and forever protecting her, Elijah insists he could not let her come to the big city without offering his assistance in some way. It turns out he prepared the house for her arrival, going so far as to vampire-proof it.

Elena isn't sure what she expected seeing their house in Mystic Falls, but the damned townhouse he owns is right across from Central Park.

"It'll be good for your fitness," Elijah remarks.

Elijah shows her around and points out that she's living in the guest room, which is now Elena's room. Klaus has his own room on the top floor in the master bedroom. The kitchen is brand new and never been used because none of them cook and there are 3 bathrooms excluding Klaus' ensuite.

There's also a weapons closet filled with vervain grenades, stakes, and some other odds and ends.

Elijah wishes her well and she's not sure where he disappears to when she wakes up the next morning alone in this huge house. Taking his words to heart, she does take up running through the park. The sheer number of people and the hustle and bustle is a 180 from her previous life, but the running focuses and calms her.

A tall, blond boy challenges her for a little while and Elena feels the thrill of a challenge as she over takes him. Running has never been this fun before. In Mystic Falls it was serious business either proving Damon she could handle herself or running away from the baddies.

She cools down and has a drink of water at the end of her run across the street from Klaus' house. Two minutes pass before he finally catches up.

"I've never had someone beat me yet," he grins at her between breaths.

Elena smiles at him, "you challenged the wrong girl this time."

"I don't make mistakes," he retorts. "My name is Sebastian."

"Elena," she extends her hand to him.

She goes back to the house with a spring in her step and after a shower she heads immediately for her diary. So far everything was going well. No one was dying and nothing supernatural had happened. Tomorrow was her first day at NYU with her orientation taking up her day – perhaps life was looking up?

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