Life As I Don't Know It

"Hi, I'm Elena," she stuck out her hand to both of them and watched as the overly feminine man sort of just stared at it in disgust. The other girl politely smiled.

"Oh, honey, you stay away from Sebastian, he is such a man stealer," Kurt preached with an adlib of 'mhmm' from Rachel.

"I think I can judge my own company pretty well," she responded politely, reaching for her hot chocolate cup and brushing her fingers against his. She hoped he got the silent reassurance that she wasn't judging or anything. I mean really, the Doppelganger embroiled in centuries of Hybrid issues be judgemental? Ok a tad.

He made a face at her before turning his attention to Sebastian, "so I guess you finally took the hint that Blaine didn't want you."

"I'm sorry, I have company, but it's always nice to see familiar faces in New York," Sebastian greeted with a thin smile.

"Don't give me that, it won't work," Kurt huffed, "just for the record, Blaine is off the market still."

Sebastian sighed and stirred his coffee, "what are you doing so far from your academy by the Flatiron?"

"Excuse me if I'm seeing wrong, but now you're with a girl? Just for clarification, honey, he's gay," Kurt hissed, with Rachel looking mildly uncomfortable behind him. They were starting to make a scene.

"Um, I'm not sure what you qualify as a good date, but I think Sebastian and I will be going. You're not related to the Senator, are you?" Elena asked, gathering her purse and her coffee. Not waiting for a response she reached over and tugged Sebastian out of the coffee place at a pretty face pace.

It went like that for a block before Sebastian stopped her, the momentary thrill of her accepting him faded as he wondered if she was upset with him. "Whoa, whoa, Elena stop it's fine."

She turned to face him and he squeezed her hand, "Calm down, it's ok. You're not upset with me are you?"

"NO, ok I'm not upset with you," Elena shook her head and Sebastian fought to not reach out to play with the dark strands. "It's just that he was trying so hard to upset you."

"It's fine," he reached out and stroked the side of her hair, "I'm not upset. I promise. I have a thicker skin than that. Let's just go back to my place and finish our meal and talk, ok?"

She looked at him, trying to figure out if he was really ok before relenting, "alright, if you say so. You can tell me all about what that was about anyways. Also, gay? Really?" Elena smiled teasingly at him, "I guess I could see that."

Sebastian mock glared at her, "I prefer not to use conventional labels, rather think of me as someone who admires all forms of beauty."

"I feel so special," she said dryly.

"Well, my dear, you happen to be a very, very special woman," he grinned and the two walked back to his apartment. He curled his fingers instinctively between the two of them as they brushed pinky fingers. The urge to feel her fingers in his was quite strong.

Elena finally collapsed into his big leather armchair in the living room, where they put down all their half eaten goodies and half drunken beverages.

"That kind of ranks low on the first date scale," Elena smirked as he rolled his eyes.

"Woman, that was exciting," he purred at her.

"Now, explain this whole fiasco, please," she said, moving to sit next to him on the couch and continue snacking on their cookies and stuff.

He eyed her for a moment before deciding for the truth, and the long version of it. She was tucked under his arm and leaned into his chest as he spoke just over the crown of her head.

"I was an ass in high school," Sebastian admitted, "Kurt, who is the Senator's gay son by the way, was dating Blaine Anderson, whom I was very attracted too. I pretty much did all I could to split them up and we eventually called a truce after the Karofsky incident."

His voice had gone soft and Elena squeezed his hand in support. She had done some stuff that was pretty crappy last year too, so she could relate. The past was in the past though, one had to embrace it (if it wasn't trying to kill you) and live with it.

"Karofsky?" she questioned curiously.

Sebastian looked into her big brown doe eyes and knew he couldn't refuse. No matter how much of an ass he could be to the others, something about her was endearingly vulnerable and awkward behind her warm smile.

"Yeah, Karofsky was having issues coming out and, uh, we weren't exactly the kindest to him. He was an absolute bull to Kurt I hear, but at the same time I didn't help things either, but I guess I was just being myself. One day he tried to hang himself…"

"He's okay, now?"

"Yeah, he's doing better. I'll never forget what I said to him right before that though," he sighed and buried his nose into her hair, seeking out the comforting smell of her shampoo.

"Seb, it wasn't all your fault," she said instinctively, "you might be arrogant and demeaning but even you aren't that cruel."

"And how would you know, Elena," he asked seriously, his posture had gone rigid and tense.

Elena turned around to look him in the eye and Sebastian disliked the lack of contact. "You feel bad, you regret what you said to him," she said seriously and he felt something change. She understood him. While most others would have stumbled Elena had known exactly what to say.

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