Naruto and the Inquisitor

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering, it is also this fear that leads to confusion. The fear of a four year old boy stems from the fear, anger, and hatred he sees surrounding him which also focuses on him; this in turn leads to his confusion. It also leads to the one question that encompasses it all, "Why?" He has asked this question to all his tormentors just before they stab, punch, kick, curse, and beat him. The only answer he ever received were cold looks of outrage or outright fury as if he knew their reasons for beating him to a bloody pulp. The only ones to ever greet the boy with any semblance of warmth or friendship was Teuchi Ramen restaurant owner, his daughter Ayame, the Hokage himself, one of the ANBU a silver haired man with a dog mask, and a pink haired girl his own age he played with under her mother's supervision a month ago. That was before a mob seeing him smile enraged them, and even at the protests of the mother; people swarmed over and beat the boy until he was unconscious. He vaguely heard the woman cry out for the ANBU and the girl crying begging for them to stop.

After a short hospital stay under the Hokage's personal medic who was the only one to be trusted, Naruto left only to be hunted down again. This was his current predicament as he raced through village desperately fearing another intense beating this time he felt they wouldn't stop until he laid dead. He ran to the base of the Hokage Monument wishing the Hokage faces themselves would come alive and deal punishment to their citizens for the pain they inflict upon him. He backed up pressing against the craggy stone wall just below the First Hokage's face hearing the ever increasing roar of the angry mob approaching him. Little did he know that a strange futuristic ID scanner keyed to Naruto's family DNA on his mother's side would read his DNA signature as Uzumaki and begin a series of motors that dropped the floor out from underneath him. A brief shout of surprise was all anyone heard before Naruto Uzumaki would vanish from the Hidden Leaf officially for six years.


Naruto came rolling to the stop in the middle of a room filled with flickering blue, green, yellow, red, and purple lights. He groaned sitting up rubbing his shoulder messaging away the pain, looking around at the dimly lit room before a gentle blue glow seem to come alive and the image of a woman dressed in a set of very revealing robes, from the waist up. She had long flowing hair however it was difficult to determine the pigment, however it was her eyes that drew him to look up they were light in pigment and had a strange ripple effect to them that made her look fearsome. She looked down at the whisker marked blonde and spoke. "It has been sometime since this room was penetrated from the outside, and only those of my bloodline could enter, so child what is your name?"

"Um, Naruto Uzumaki ma'am, um who are you?" Naruto asked tentatively.

The woman smiled her as those strange eyes softened, "I go by many names, Darth Imperious, Dark Council Conscience, Keeper of the Sith Empire's Darkest Secrets, finder of many artifacts, but to you my birth name was Morrigan Uzumaki. I was born into slavery found at a young to have the gift of the force and trained in its use,"

"Does that mean you're my great-great grandmother or something?" Naruto asked eyes filled with some hope. "And do I have your gift?"

The dark haired woman closed her eyes in concentration, "Yes to both counts young Naruto. I can also sense great fear and loneliness in you only placated by a young girl with pink hair," she seemed to stretch her thoughts out until the very air around the image soaked up images. One such image Naruto recognize as that of the 4th Hokage, the other was that of someone very warm comforting with red hair and gentle green he wanted so badly to call out to her. "I see that is the reason," she opened her eyes looking down at the whisker marked. "You boy are what they call Jinnchuriki, or Power of the Human Sacrifice dwelling within a seal placed upon your stomach by your father is the Nine-Tailed Fox. It was done ensure the murderer of your parents would perish at your hands."

"My daddy was the 4th hokage?" Naruto eyes were wide in awe and little fear, "I thought he killed the fox?"

"A lie told to the younger generation in hopes that you would receive a normal childhood sadly the current Hokage greatly underestimated his influence," Morrigan watched the boy's reaction gauging the dark turbulent thoughts that teetered between anguish at the discovery his parents had died for him and outrage at the villages stupidity.

"T-T-The old man lied to me?" Naruto stated feeling a strong sense of anguish and betrayal.

"Yes," Morrigan stated. "The villagers fear and hate you, as much as I sense you fear and hate them. I propose that we nurture this hatred and fear to turn it into a power that will truly make you great." She clenches her hand into a fist, "You wish to be Hokage such a small goal, not worthy of one from my blood. No child you must strive to greater heights."

"W-What do you mean?" Naruto asked nervously.

"I can turn you into a force that will unite all the Hidden Villages under one banner, ours the Uzumaki clan," she smiled coldly, "Imagine you and your pink haired girl ruling this world. Be kind to your allies and showing no mercy to your enemies. It was how I and the Dark Council ruled the Sith Empire for over century before the Empire self-destructed."

"How do I gain this power you're asking?" the whisker marked blonde asked.

Morrigan smile turned warm again, "Oh that is simple flesh of my flesh," she giggled at the irony. "Pledge to become my Apprentice and I will teach you the ways of the dark side of the Force. In doing so you will become the first Sith Emperor in three thousand years."

Naruto thought about it, "Tell me is there any other family I have before I decide?"

Morrigan closed her eyes and stretched out with her senses, "I sense several, you have godfather who has been sending money to help you while he is out a spymaster for this village. It is all he is allowed to do however by order of the civilian council nor is he allowed to interact with you until after you become a Genin. You also have an older third cousin who has not been made aware of your connection to her otherwise I doubt stone walls and stupid idiots would prevent her from being at your side," Morrigan stated. "You have two cousins both located with your godfather's former teammate one trained to be his personal body guard the other used as a spy in the Hidden Grass village. That is not all you have an uncle brainwashed by very one that killed your parents into hunting down you and others like you to extract your demon."

Naruto's dark thoughts exploded looking up at his ancestor. She felt his anger, sense of betrayal, pure rage racing through his tiny body. More so than she, her family were being used as tools. "I pledge myself to your teachings, my master."

"Good we have much work to do, like you I do not like those of my blood to be used as tools for any reason. When the time is right you will hunt them down and show them no mercy," Morrigan stated.


Author's Note: This is both a challenge and the start of new series I'm going to write that combines Naruto with Star Wars: The Old Republic. Pairing will stay consistent with my favorite which is Naruto/Sakura those who don't like that pairing don't read this. I've been playing SWTOR off and on for a while though not as much as I like because my laptop just can't handle it but I out of the class stories I like the Imperial Agent the best something about 007 like atmosphere minus the gadgets is awesome. But the Sith Inquisitor story isn't too bad and if you picked up on what I said about irony in this better edited version a gold star for you. Anyway the Sith Inquisitor story is primarily about the Dark rituals and artifacts that coincide these rituals in the end your inquisitor is granted the rank of Darth Imperious by the Dark Council after you kill or the Dark Council kills Darth Thanaton depending on your choices I'm sorry to those if I spoiled the ending.