Chapter 6

Three years, Danzo Shimura had been Hokage after the first choice had vanished, the means to retrieving her had vanished, and every other option had vanished. Kakashi Hatake, Minato Namikaze last surviving student gone, vanished like many others over the last three years. Most of the Shinobi council had vanished, the only one still present Hiashi Hyuga and Sarutobi's two advisors, which he removed consolidating his power into one entity himself. Along with the missing council members several genin, Jonin, and ANBU had gone missing most had been supporters of the nine-tails, to whom he would have put into the Root program as soon as possible at any rate, same with the missing Anko. The best and the brightest had disappeared without a trace much like the Nine-tails and his pink haired whore. Team Kurenai and Team Asuma gone, Team Gai gone, leaving him very irritated mostly because of one vital clue the only trail of the nine-tails leaving the village was the one that led to the now prosperous Land of Waves which had been the only C-ranked mission before the Chunin exams, the demon's team had taken. Sarutobi's reports on the demon's whereabouts for the six years it had vanished before had been vague mentioning a sanctuary that only an Uzumaki can get to.

Danzo spent hours scouring over every report the previous two Nine-tails had filed to see if there was mention of such a sanctuary, and was mention briefly by a Morrigan Uzumaki back in the time of the Six Sage. When he couldn't come up with more he gave up on it until the council members began to disappear. First the Nara and his family, followed closely by the Akimichi, then Inuzuka, until only Hiashi remained however his daughters and nephew had vanished. Then rumors started floating about a new army amassing in the Land of Spring, a massive army with weapons far more advance than any in the Elemental nations. No sooner had these rumors appeared the Hidden Leaf got its first major earthquake. The earthquake lasted nearly ten full minutes, shaking many buildings to the foundation, before it stopped. Those first quakes happened a year ago, and would happen like clockwork once a week. The quakes first started after Teuchi Ichiraku and his daughter had gone missing, what made things even more eerie the noodle shop had been stripped bare of everything leaving an empty husk of a building. The situation was bad; many of the ranking shinobi were questioning his ability to lead when many of his best were disappearing under his nose with no trace. So he went back to looking for answers in the books Sarutobi had accumulated trying to decipher where the nine-tails had disappear to and probably taken everyone that had disappeared. Whatever the nine-tails has must be massive to keep all those people hidden and fed apparently, as our stocks in food, drink, clothing, and amenities have not dropped at all, but if he has somehow managed get the Land of Spring and the Hidden Mist under his control how is he getting his supplies in and out of village without anyone noticing. The only way is if he's watching my patrols which would mean he's still in the village and has eyes all around, but how!?

These questions constantly plagued the fifth Hokage, as he poured over the histories that Sarutobi had gathered.


Naruto Uzumaki smirked watching the frustration of the one eyed man that had taken Sarutobi's place. He had mini droids the size of the kikai bugs Shino was famous for all over the Hidden Leaf gathering intel on targets he was designating for the first bombardment when his ship was finished repairing itself, he had already tested the engines several times which resulted in the quakes the Leaf no doubt felt. Sakura was currently sleeping on his lap which she had taken to doing when he was meditating, which in part was her way of meditating, feeling the dark side energies of her lover as it cascaded over them both. Three long years gathering followers in secret, but with each follower there was a catch, these followers wanted their families and so on. First had been Team Kurenai, which had been surprisingly easy to get. Kiba believed in the alpha male scenario, Naruto had already demonstrated his strength in the second round of the Chunin Exams, Shino and his family were already considered outcasts because of the their jutsu involving bugs, Naruto gave them a welcoming hand of friendship and they jumped ship, Hinata never really explained her reasons only that she would look at Sakura jealously, he sensed through the force the girl was infatuated with him and had been since they were five. Her only wish was that her baby sister be removed from their father's influence. Kurenai herself simply wanted to be with her team and ask her lover be allowed to join. Asuma had been difficult more so when Naruto revealed Asuma's father's true fate.

XXX Flashback XXX

Asuma looked up at Naruto from, "you killed my father but I thought he died with Orochimaru?"

"Oh he did, just not in the way your ANBU described. I planted that thought into their minds that your father died honorably in battle against his lost student. In reality he died screaming in agony at my hands, for his one transgression against me." Darth Maelstrom explained.

"What one thing could possibly warrant you killing a man who considered you his surrogate grandson?" Asuma asked in a rage.

"Surrogate grandson am I, then why was it I was left to my own devices after he let slip that I had the nine-tails in my gut. That fool in a moment of grief over the death of his wife, your mother I might add, told everyone I had the fox sealed inside me, then through me to the wolves. What grandfather would do such a thing!" the dark lord screamed at the bearded man from his throne. Asuma looked down his anger vanishing rapidly. "If it hadn't been for that fox I'd be dead right now, as for your father he sealed his fate when he had the unmitigated gall to lie to my face several times about my parents. Your father has paid the price for his lack of vision, and will be explaining himself to his wife if Kami lets him into heaven. You and your team were brought here for two reasons, your team would be a great asset to my growing empire and Kurenai asked me to bring you. Plus I do not hold you accountable for your father's sins."

Asuma seemed to think about all that was said for a few moments wincing slightly at each memory he recalled about his father and the actions or lack of actions the man took on Naruto's behalf finding the young man's words to be disturbingly true. "What about Shikamaru's, Ino's, and Choji's families?"

"This ship has more than enough room and supplies for them all, I've already brought the Inuzuka and Aburame clans in here," Maelstrom states.

Asuma dropped to one knee, "Then on behalf of the Sarutobi family as its head I offer both my family and myself as a willing soldier as both an apology and repentance to you for the crimes against done by my father."

"Good, good see that you don't bring about my displeasure I hate to see your unborn child go without a father," the dark lord explained smiling slightly under his mask as Asuma stood up looking shocked before turning to Kurenai who smiled and nodded.

XXX End Flashback XXX

Naruto caressed Sakura's back feeling her snuggle closer to him, looking down he could see a faint smile on her face. He followed her smile and went lower; her body had filled out nicely over the last few years more so when she underwent training from Tsunade. The rosette haired girl was dressed only in a sheer tank top that revealed her young assets to her lover in a nice red see through film, showing him how her breasts had grown from an A to a C cup, how her increased training had made her body looked so defined and athletic. Many young men outside the ship wanted her, when Naruto took her with him to negotiate with clients. Yet few could understand her life, her body, and her loyalty were only for him.


With little to do while the ship repaired itself all any of those that Naruto gathered did was train and stay out of the repair droids way. Training was mostly under four disciplines at first, Trooper, Smuggler, Agent, or Bounty Hunter. His cousins Tayuya and Karin he trained in the Sith arts, Tayuya was highly adept in the warrior tree and had her learning from a Sith holocron that Morrigan had brought with her from a Sith Warrior who had once been Darth Baras's apprentice a strong practical man that went on become the Emperor's Wrath, married a Twi'lek named Vette was a bit light side for Naruto's taste but was great at instruction, taught Tayuya everything he knew including what advance style to go with either Marauder or Juggernaut she chose the Marauder. Karin had become his apprentice her skills in the force match his own at least they did until she came to her advanced skills she went down the healing tree. As for the others they had several advanced skills to choose from, for the ones that picked Trooper, Kiba, Lee, Jirobo, and Gai they got to choose between Vanguard or Commando, Bounty Hunter was similar and only few could determine their calling Zabuza, Kakashi, Choji and Asuma chose this and they had a choice between Powertech or Mercenary. Shikamaru, Ino, Haku, and Anko went with the Agent tree alongside Sakura, with that would choose either being an Operative or a Sniper. Shino, Tenten, Neji, Hinata, and Hanabi surprisingly chose Smuggler and had either Gunslinger or Scoundrel to choose from. Most of the others voted not to go into these fields instead remained true to their abilities, but Naruto had been surprisingly pleased at the turn out for these skills and more surprised at where they ended up.

By the time each of them finished their training they were ready to be given assignments outside the ship. Naruto quietly dispatched Zabuza, Yugito, Kimmimaro, and Sakon to the Land of Snow to help liberate the country from Datou's oppressive rule. He sent Team Kurenai and Team Gai to the Hidden Mist village to help the rebels out with coup de tat there, while silently helping the Land of Waves prosper. He did all this right under Danzo's nose with miles worth of tunnels stretching as far as the Land of Waves. Because of he had several shinobi and Imperial trained forces at his command he was able to under bid every hidden village in the elemental nations for work. He suspected Danzo was keeping this tidbit under wraps to keep himself in power. As every village was suffering economic struggles mainly because he was undercutting the villages directly by going to clients and purposing to do the same work at half the cost. Naturally A and B ranked missions normally going to Hidden Villages began drying up.


After the missions to the Land of Snow, now deemed the Land of Spring and the Hidden Mist village were successful Naruto entered into partnerships with both countries. Their leaders would become Grand Moffs in the coming empire if they swore fealty to Darth Maelstrom this ensured them rights to govern however they saw fit their countries and would have full backing under the Whirlpool Empire. Needless to say both countries quickly agreed, the Land of Mists and the Land of Spring along with the Land of Waves had just become something infinitely greater. Naruto looked up at the map of the Elemental Nations. Three large sections of the map showed a hexagon style insignia with the Uzumaki clan swirl at its center. This symbolized the Whirlpool Empire, "very soon this entire planet will be a part of my empire," Naruto whispered gently caressing Sakura's breasts under her tank top hearing her moan in her sleep, kneading the tips of each breasts, he could smell her aroma as she slowly awakened.

"Naruto-kun your insatiable," she whispered her legs twitching.

Naruto smirked kissing her deeply, "Sith lords are passionate people, my love. True most of the time those passions are often set upon ruling and domination of a world," Naruto kissed her deeply. "If I rule I will rule not as a tyrant but justly. I'll focus my passions on something else."

"And what would that be, my lord," Sakura whispered licking his lips asking for entry.

"To make you my beloved as happy as you can be. This I promise you," Naruto whispered taking her into his arms and standing up walking to their bed.

"I would be happy to be your wife, to bear your children, to spend long nights making love to you," Sakura whispered back knowing they wouldn't be disturbed unless it was an extreme emergency but she loved it how they would whisper like this before making love again.

"Then expect to be in bliss, once this is all over," Naruto laid down looking up at her as she tossed her tank top aside. "The ship will be finished tomorrow, I want to spend as much time with you as possible because after tomorrow our lives will begin with the rise of the Ravager and the rise of the Whirlpool empire, my future Empress."

Sakura gently impaled herself on his member moaning deeply at both the feeling and the rush of his words, "Empress, oh Naruto-kun how much I love you, simple words cannot begin to describe."

"I'm a man of action my beloved simply show you how much through your body," he gently putt his hands on her hips.

"Then prepare my lover to be sore and tired for tonight I will not stop until we've lost our minds to our pleasures," with that Sakura worked herself and Naruto to their first orgasm of the night.

Author's note: I found making shorter chapters helps me a bit in getting things out a bit faster this fic is kind of a bane to my existence right now. As for The Tenchagan I'm sad to say I've lost complete interest in it and open it up for adoption.