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Chapter-11All You Need Is Love

"There is nothing better that you can give to a person that to be present with them. When you are fully present, you become love, and you share that becoming with others."—Kuan Yin


We stayed locked in the same position for several minutes—his chest flush against my back and his teeth still buried in the crook of my neck.

Eventually, he released me from his teeth's vise-like grip and pulled himself out of me. He licked my mark, sealing it shut, causing me to let out a pleasurable moan.

When he was done, we splayed out on the forest floor together. Emmett pulled my back flush against his enormously broad chest, and caged me in his thick, muscular, massive arms.

"Mmm … I love you so much, Bella-sweetheart. I keep on tryin' … to put my love for you into words, but it's like they're missin' or somethin'—the right words to describe my feelin's, I mean. I'm guessin' that there just ain't words for this because … well, there ain't nobody who's ever loved anyone so much before—sorta like, they don't exist yet … or somethin'."

"Emmett, you literally just took the words right out of my mouth." I chuckled, thinking how Emmett really did describe this love we shared correctly. He was right … there were no words for this kind of love. "I had no idea that it was possible to love someone so intensely. Before I met you, the notion of finding a love like this would have been incomprehensible. But, now, it's all encompassing. I think about you every minute of every day. Even when you're right next to me, I find myself thinking about you." I laughed at how silly I sounded. But hey, I was telling him the truth.

"I know exactly what you mean, sweetheart. I never want to be apart from you—not even for a second." While he murmured into my hair, I realized that our thoughts were in concert with one another. It was as if he was pulling the thoughts from my mind. As I considered the unfathomable notion, that he loved me just as deeply, and thoroughly, as I did him, Emmett pulled me in even tighter against his large, naked frame, and I couldn't stop the goofy smile that spread across my face.

We rested in comfortable silence for some time before I heard Emmett take a breath, so that he could speak.

"I was wonderin' somethin', sweetheart. How come when you bit Rosalie the day of the bear-attack, she was whimperin' in pain, and sayin' that your venom was stingin' and burnin' her? Yet, when I just bit you, I had plenty of venom in my mouth, and I reckon that it didn't hurt you … at all. In fact, it appeared to be just the opposite. Heck, I know it felt great when you bit me today. Why is that … were you producin' venom … earlier? I'm curious 'cause it felt ten times better today, than when you bit me while I was human. And you obviously weren't producin' venom back then."

"Yes, I was producing venom when I bit you earlier today. Also Em, from what I heard, when the venom of a true mate is introduced through a bite, it actually acts as an aphrodisiac. If it is anyone other than your mate, it burns like hell—or so I've been told. Rosalie … that was the first time I had ever bitten anyone in anger before, and I've never been bitten by anyone other than you. The only other time I've bitten you with venom in my mouth, was the day I changed you. But, no matter who changes you—mate or not—the transformation burns like nothing else. Otherwise, only a mate's venom doesn't sting."

"Makes sense," he said. I could feel him nodding his head from behind.

As much as I wanted to stay wrapped up in our own little cocoon indefinitely, there was something that needed to be addressed, and it couldn't wait any longer.

"Emmett, we need to talk about Alice and Jasper. Believe me, right now all I want to think about is you and me. But I think you and I need to have some kind of game plan before we go back to the cabin and talk to them."

"You're right, sweetheart. I'm sorry for actin' so irrationally before, growlin' at 'em, and all. But just the thought of them even thinkin' 'bout tryin' to hurt you … it drove me insane. I want to believe them. I was thinkin' that they can't be all bad, considerin' they choose not to drink from humans, too … right?"

"That's funny." I laughed softly. "I actually had the same exact thought. And then there was just something about the sincerity with which they both spoke. Alice seemed so genuine. I mean, I could literally see her eyes sparkle and hear the emotion in her voice when she talked about us being like sisters and all four of us being like family. The way she looked at you me … it was as if she loved us already."

Emmett chuckled. "Yeah, I noticed that too once I finally calmed down. Who the heck knows, maybe she's seen us in her visions so many damn times that she feels like she already has known us her whole life. Maybe she really does already loves us. Then there's Jasper. He just seemed … authentic—the way he told me I could always talk to him, and how he already considers us family. I mean, we had just met, and he was vowin' to protect the both of us with his life. Either they are genuine and really do love us, or they're doin' their damnedest to gain our trust. I just worry, 'cause I remember you tellin' me how badly the Volturi wanted you."

"Do you trust them?" I asked, knowing our decision boiled down to that singular question. We had to decide whether or not we trusted them—and then go from there. "I think that's the first thing we need to decide together, before we let them into our lives. If we both decide that we trust them, then I don't see a problem with getting to know them better."

"You know, sweetheart, I know that I have no reason to feel this way—or maybe I do … I'm not sure—but whenever she said something, I felt a warm feelin' course through my body. Yet, when we did our little experiment, and you lied on purpose to me, I had the opposite reaction—a chill ran through me. Even Jasper … when he told us to take all the time we needed, I felt that warm feelin' again. When we were alone in the woods after we met them, and you told me that you would still be proud to be my wife and mate, no matter what I chose to drink—humans or animals … I felt that same strange warmth, too. It's a invitin' feelin', almost welcomin' … it means somethin' good. The cold feelin' I got when you were lyin' to me on purpose … just the opposite. It was repellant. It was … somethin' not good. Maybe we should just roll with it and trust 'em."

"My baby is a lie-detector," I half-teased.

"Are you mockin' me, Kitten?"

"I would never do such a thing. In fact, I was thinking—based on our experiments—yes, I'm quite confident of it. Emmett, you have a gift," I mused.

"A gift?" he asked, sounding completely skeptical.

"Yeah, you know … something beyond the abilities of an average vampire. Obviously, you're aware of my shield. I'm darn near certain that you have the ability to tell whether or not someone is actually lying or telling the truth. That's a pretty handy gift to have," I said, slightly in awe of my man.

He just keeps getting better and better.

"Nice … I have a gift. Maybe I won't feel so unworthy of you anymore. I mean, I know that I'll never fully deserve you, but at least I'll feel like I have somethin' to offer now," he said dejectedly. The expression on his face, however, told me he wished he hadn't said that out loud.

"Don't you ever talk that way, Emmett Dale McCarty! In fact, don't you ever think like that again! To be honest, I feel like I am the unworthy one. I'm the lucky one in this relationship."

Emmett looked at me for a second and then smiled wide, displaying his adorable dimples. "My little lie-detector just told me that you're tellin' me the truth," he said with a chuckle. "Maybe the change caused brain damage, and I am feelin' things that aren't there. Can a vampire have brain damage?" He laughed, but something told me his question was halfway serious.

"No, I don't think so. I think you have a gift, and frankly, I'm not surprised. I've known you were special since the minute I laid eyes on you," I said with all the sincerity I could muster.

"Ha, I just got another rush of warmth again. This is so strange, but I like it. I'd be lyin', Bella, if I denied the fact that I'm truly happy to know you honestly think of me that way." He chuckled, and then looked at me with a deadly serious gaze. "I love you, Bella McCarty," Emmett breathed the words into my ear, and proceeded to place feather light kisses down the column of my neck, until he met my shoulder blade. He gave it one more kiss then buried his face in my hair, inhaling my scent.

Even though my back was facing him, and I knew he couldn't see, I smiled at his affectionate display.

"So …" I hedged."If we let them into our lives, I'm assuming they're going to want to live out here—judging by the way Alice was talking. Emmett, we just got married—we are newly mated vampires. I know we have a spare room, but I want our privacy. With our vampire hearing, we'll hear everything they do, and they will hear everythingwedo. There will be no privacy whatsoever. That's part of the reason we moved out here—for the seclusion—so it could just be you and me for a while. I don't think I want to share our cabin with two other vampires just yet—even if they are meant to be our family."

"Tell ya what," Em said with a hint of enthusiasm in his voice. "How about we offer to build them another cabin on the property if they want to stay? We have more land than we know what do to with, and with your shield, it ain't gonna be like it's goin' to take a lot of time to clear a plot for them." He laughed loudly. "I say we offer to build another cabin a mile or two down the stream. That way, we'll still have some privacy, and we can all get to know each other without havin' to live on top of one another. Whadda ya think, Kitten—you on board? To be honest, I will do whatever makes you happy. If you want them to take a hike, I'll tell them to get lost. Or, if you like my other idea, we can get started right away. Between four vampires, we can have a cabin built within a day—two, tops."

"Well, considering that we are nearly certain in regards to your ability, we can rely upon that when we talk to them. As long as they are honest, and are who they say they are, I think offering to build them another cabin two or three miles away is a great idea. Hey—" I said, laughing. "Maybe your father was right about this land after all. If any more vampires show up, this place may end up being the cabin retreat he dreamed about."

Emmett laughed as he spun my body around so that we were facing each other. He crushed his lips onto mine and before I knew it, we were lost in another round of love-making. Within seconds, all thoughts of Jasper and Alice were erased from my mind.

Emmett and I had become so lost in one another, time ceased to exist. We made love again … and again.

After our most recent frenzy, I realized how much time had actually passed while Emmett and I were going at it in our little, love-bubble.

"Emmett," I said worriedly. "Do you realize that we've been in this spot for almost two, full days?"

"No way!" he said, sounding a little too pleased with himself.

"Yes, you're a 'Sex God,' King Stud. But that wasn't my point. We completely forgot Alice and Jasper have been waiting for us the entire time back at the cabin. I hope they haven't just decided to – Oh No!"

"What's wrong, sweetheart? Tell me, babe," his voice now full of concern.

"I just realized that I haven't been shielding us. Alice must have seen everything," I said, as I buried my head into Emmett's massive chest.

His booming laughter wasnot the comforting response I was looking for.

"Well," he said, as he tried to get his laughter under control. "At least we'll know how serious she was about wanting us to be family after witnessing our marathon session."

"I am mortified."

"Don't be, sweetheart. They're mates too, right? I'm sure they understand," Emmett said, finally offering the bit of the reassurance that I was seeking.

"Ugh," I groaned. "How am I going to even look her in the face now?"

"Bella. Like I said, they're mates. I'm sure she didn't witness anythin' she hasn't either seen—or done herself—already. There's nothin' to worry about, Kitten. Let's just put on what little clothes we have left and head back to the cabin."

Emmett and I searched around for clothes, but all we found were tiny scraps of fabric here and there. It would appear that we would be running home practically naked. Luckily, Emmett's shirt was so huge; there was one piece big enough to tie around my midsection.

Emmett used his shredded pants to tie around his waist; which barely covered him up, but it would have to do for now.

We laced our fingers together and took off for the cabin. Since we hadn't fed since before our "marathon session," as Emmett referred to it, we each drained a large grizzly on the way home, sating our thirsts for the time being.

When we reached the trees edging our yard and noticed a stack of clothes. On top of it sat a note, which read:

Emmett & Bella:

I Hope you lovebirds enjoyed yourselves! Don't you dare feel bad about making us wait—youbothneededthat!

Here are some clothes. I saw that you would need them. I hope you don't mind, but I raided your closet. Which reminds me, Bella, we need to have a serious talk about your wardrobe. You have a few nice dresses, but, otherwise, you are seriously lacking.

Anyhoo, Jasper and I are inside the cabin when you two are ready. Oh, and Emmett, that was a wonderful idea you had earlier. I can't wait to pick out our own spot!



P. S. Emmett's ability to discern the truth is real—along with an abnormally immense amount physical strength for a vampire … even a newborn vampire—so Bella was right! Emmett, you're gifted! Don't even bother asking me how I know—I've already seen it.

Emmett and I looked at each other; and it was clear as day that we were both thinking exactly the same thing.

What the hell have we gotten ourselves into?


As Bella tried to soothe me, I continued to sob while staring down at the lifeless body that was still cradled in my arms. I was brought out of my grief-induced fog by an unfamiliar, female voice. I probably would have completely ignored her if it wasn't for the fact that she addressed me by my name.

I still refused to take my eyes off of the lifeless face that seemed to be staring right back up at me. I didn't look up, but I still heard the newcomer's words. Although I didn't pay much attention to what was being said at the time, I felt a strange warmth radiating throughout my entire body, giving me a feeling that the words being spoken by our new guest were completely true. But could what she had said really be the truth? Was this really not my fault? Was there no way of preventing this tragedy, like she claimed?

The worry in Bella's voice seemed to finally break me out of my fog. If my angel was scared about something, then I needed to protect her. So, I finally pulled my eyes away from the lifeless body and looked in the the area which the woman's gentle words, and soothing tone, were emanating from. I must have really been out of it, 'cause I wasn't even aware of the other male vampire's presence, until I finally glanced in their direction. I eyed the scars on the tall vampire, Jasper. He had a military air and I wondered about his scars—meaning I wondered if any of the vampires who left those scars even existed an more. I was strong, but he was undoubtedly skilled.

As I continued to measure my potential opponent, again, I was hit with this strange, soothing sensation. It was all but shouting at me, She'stellin' thetruth. However, I quickly pushed all that to the side as I noticed the menacing male vampire's gaze had zeroed in on my Bella.

At that point, all rational thought left me as a primal need to protect my mate from the threatening-looking vampire took over.

My mind screamed, Mine! Mine! Mine! ProtectMine!

I was instantly on my feet as I let out a primal, ferocious growl at the battle-scarred vampire. Clearly, the threat of danger was enough to pull me out of my own sea of self-loathing, rousing my protective instincts. I wrapped my arm around Bella and pulled her behind me, as I took a protective stance in front of her. If anyone had plans of laying a hand on my Angel, they were going to have to go through me first.

As I held my defensive posture in front of Bella, I let out another challenging growl; which was meant as a warning to anyone who planned on fucking touch my mate. l noticed that the blond vampire had mimicked my own actions, as he crouched defensively in front of the little elf-like vampire.

Just as I was about to spring forward and attack, I heard the only voice that could break through my instinct-driven train of thought. She assured me of our safety, while lightly running her fingers through my hair. Her touch instantly comforted me, and as soon as I felt the silky smooth skin of her fingers trace up and down my forearm, the electric heat instantly brought me back to reality.

I immediately stopped growling, her words of reason just finally registered with me. We were under her impenetrable shield. And as she said, no one could lay a finger on either one of us unless she allowed it. I had complete faith in Bella and regained control of my heightened emotions.

"Emmett," she whispered so softly that even I could barely hear her. "You are amazingly controlled, baby. It's your first day. And what happened before, what Alice said … it must be true. Otherwise, there is no way in the world you could have picked up that scent from that far away. I've heard about singers, Em. Do you know that no one has ever heard of a vampire resisting their singer—vampires that are hundreds … heck even thousands of years old, are unable to resist. You're doing great, Em." I let her comforting words wash over me like a tidal wave. My Bella had never lied to me before so I didn't even pay attention to the foreign warmth that was telling me without words that she was speaking the truth. I didn't need anything to tell me that; I had already decided on my own that I would believe her.

Maybe I really couldn't have prevented what happened?

"I love you, Bella, beyond all reason." I took a deep breath, inhaling her intoxicating scent, and with each breath, I could feel the tension leave my body. I gave Bella my signature dimpled-grin, letting her know I was back in control. "Now, what should we do about our visitors?" I whispered back at the same inaudible level, ensuring that our conversation remained private. She just looked up at me and adorably scrunched up her face, as she shrugged her shoulders.

Should we trust these vampires … or not?

I didn't know why I felt the same odd sensation race through my body every time the little fairy, named Alice, finished speaking Was it telling me that she was a good-natured? Or was the sensation directly related to the merit of her words? Did it mean that she was uttering the truth?

The little tangible feeling aside, the enthusiasm and spark in the sprite's eyes as she mentioned Bella being like a sister to her, and how the four of us would eventually become family, almost had me convinced. Bella and I would obviously need to talk about this in private before we made any final decisions. Plus, they both had similar golden eyes as my Bella. Although, neither of them possessed the mesmerizing, hypnotic quality, or had quite the same beautiful shade of rich, golden honey, like Bella.

Bella looked at me, and I nodded at her in encouragement as she turned to face Alice. Bella asked for some time alone with me, and reassured Alice, that we'd meet them back at the cabin

Alice went on to agree and say how she and Jasper would stay and "take care of" my mess, while Bella and I talked and hunted. I just can't get that woman's face out of my head. I know Alice was only trying to help by telling me about her friends and lack of family, but I also have to wonder what I kept her from in life. Would she have eventually found her husband and had a child? My eyes were once again trained on the pale, drained carcass—once a human being—that was lying on the ground. I began shaking as I looked her over. My eyes began to prick with what I assumed were venom tears that stung, yet wouldn't fall. They burned, causing a lingering physical pain to go along with my emotional turmoil. I was now even more than grateful that Bella thought to request some alone time. I needed to come to grips with what I had done—whether it was my fault or not.

Thankfully, I was brought out of my own self-imposed torture by the only voice that could break me out of such a grief induced-state. "You ready, baby?" Bella's melodic voice drifted up to me, pulling to the surface from the murky depths of my own psyche. She was my salvation—my only life raft, in an endless sea of self-hatred.

"Take your time, darlin'," Jasper drawled out to Bella in a thick Texas accent.

As we darted off into the forest, I had to suppress a growl when he addressed my mate as "darlin'." I knew he had a mate of his own, and he most likely was only trying to be a gentleman by using that term of endearment. Still, I didn't like the idea of any other male using any terms of endearment toward my mate … my wife—my Bella.


We were running full speed through the forest, hand in hand, when I froze like a statue. I immediately informed her of my new worry: What if that woman wasn't really my personal "singer?" What if I react that way to the scent of all humans?

Once again, Bella knew just the right things to say. It was as if she had known me my entire life. No one was able to calm me with the slightest of touches, or just the sound of their voice, the way she could. Not to mention, she always seemed as if she knew exactly what I needed to hear—even if I didn't myself.

Bella dragged me deeper into the forest, and I followed her lead, as we came up upon a massive male grizzly bear. Bella smiled at me and told me to have at it, while also encouraging me to "play with my food."

Besides the time I had spent with Bella, I had never had so much fun in all my life as I wrestled the bear into the mountain stream and then back on dry land again. I would roar with laughter, every time the huge bear would swat me across my head with its massive paw and nothing happened to me. In fact, I barely even felt it. It was a total rush. Finally, my thirst won out and I drained the bear. I instantly understood why Bella liked hunting grizzlies. Not only were they a blast, but their blood was delicious.

After I hid the bear in a ditch, Bella told me that she needed to hunt. I had to admit, I was extremely excited to watch her in action.

I watched her take down a bear in awe. When she knelt over the bear, her back was turned toward me as she fed from her knees. She gave me a little ass wiggle—no doubt teasing me. I warned her not to stick her tail out like that again, unless she wanted to get pounced on the second she was finished.. But as soon as she was almost done, she wiggled her ass again at me.

The moment that I saw her release the bear, I pounced. We ended up staying in the same spot for over two days, having round after round of tree-smashing, earth-shattering sex. She claimed me again, marking my faded scar with a brand new bite at the base of my neck. Later on, as I slammed into her from behind, something primal took over. I remembered wrapping her long hair around my hand, and pulling to the side, exposing her snow-white column of flesh. I roared, "Mine!", as I sunk my teeth into the crook of her creamy white neck. She moaned in pleasure as I licked her new mark, sealing the wound shut with my venom.

While we rested, we discussed the Alice and Jasper situation. We were newly mated vampires, and neither one of us wanted to completely give up our privacy. Certainly, sharing a house with two other vampires, who also had super human hearing, would be doing just that. So, we officially agreed that we would build them their own cabin a couple miles away, provided that they meant us no harm and showed no signs of deception during our upcoming conversation.

So after two full days of making love out in the forest, and destroying at least twenty trees in the process, we both ran home practically naked. However, just as we were about to leave the treeline, and enter the sunny clearing that surrounded our cabin, we noticed a random stack of clothing with a note on top of it.

Bella and I quickly took the clothes Alice left for us and began getting dressed. I, however, was still getting used to my strength. As I put my arms through the button down shirt, I split it in half, right down the center of the back of my new shirt.

"Oh, no!" Bella feigned exasperation. "Now you have to walk t he rest of the way shirtless. Whatever shall I do?" She giggled, batting her eyelashes at me.


I just stared at her for a few moments and marveled at how much I loved her. Only she could have brought me out of the self-loathing state, where I had been so completely and utterly lost.

I loved her more than I could ever put into words.

As we walked across the yard that led to our cabin at a near human pace, the sun finally broke through the clouds, immersing us in golden rays of sunshine. We both froze, as we looked each other over. My breath hitched as I drank in Bella's appearance. It was the first time I had seen her in the sun since I'd become a vampire—the first time I looked upon her as she shimmered in the sun with my enhanced vision. And, again, I felt like I did the first time I looked upon her after I awoke from my change. I might as well have been blind. Her flawless, snow-white skin—whiter than the moon—danced and shimmered in the sunlight, as if millions of tiny diamonds were embedded within her skin. Her dark, wavy hair was striking with its red and gold highlights, streaking half-way down her back. Those lips … those damn ruby-red lips were even more startling … more beautiful in the light of sun.

"You are breathtakin', Kitten," I murmured.

"Me?" she squeaked, sounding almost affronted. "Emmett, I know men aren't supposed to be considered beautiful. But as I look upon you now, my eyes have never seen such beauty. I wish you could see yourself in this very moment," she whispered almost reverently. The gravity of her compliment embarrassed me slightly. Yet, I couldn't help the wide smile that spread across my face, knowing that she saw me in such a light—no pun intended.

As we continued on, she whispered, "Em, I'm going to shield us until they answer a few questions."

"And what questions would those be, Kitten?" I asked, though, a bit befuddled.

"Shh, don't say 'Kitten' so loud. That's our private name." She smirked. "I want to ask them if they are who they say they are, and if they truly mean us no harm. The second you learn if they telling us the truth, give me a nod and I'll drop the shield."

"Sounds like a plan, Kitten," I enunciated her pet-name with a little more emphasis than necessary, just to elicit a reaction from her. I was not disappointed, as she slapped me playfully across my shirtless chest, and called me a jerk.

We finally reached the cabin and entered. Alice and Jasper were both standing there, in the living room, ten feet from the door, clearly awaiting our arrival. Alice looked like the cat that ate the canary, until she finally spoke, "Welcome home, Emmett—" she said, before turning to Bella,"—Kitten." She tried, it was obvious, but within seconds, Alice buckled over at the waist, in the midst of an uncontrollable laughing fit. Hell, even Jasper couldn't keep a straight face.

Meanwhile, Bella buried her face in my chest, attempting to hide her embarrassment.


I couldn't peel my eyes away from Emmett's massive shirtless body as the sun finally broke through the clouds while we made our way across our large yard towards the cabin. I was nothing short of mesmerized as I watched the light dance off of his enormous, broad chest, wide shoulders, and flawless face.

Greek God for sure.

In fact, if we hadn't spent the last forty-eight hours destroying the forest with our love-making, I surely would have dragged him right back into the woods to pick up where we'd left off. It was the first time I had viewed Emmett in the sunlight since he'd become a vampire, and to borrow his own phrase—there "were no words" to adequately describe what my eyes were now drinking in. However, I had to refocus myself as we neared the cabin. Emmett and I had already discussed that I would keep us shielded until they answered a couple of questions we had for them. Depending on their response, we would welcome them as new friends … maybe even family, eventually. Or, we would send them packing.

I was fairly confident, however, based on my own gut feelings, as well as Emmett's original assessment with his new-found gift, that Alice had meant every word she said during our first meeting.

"Welcome home Emmett—" Alice said with a mischievous smile as we entered the cabin "—Kitten," she said as she doubled over with laughter.

I was so embarrassed, I hid my head in Emmett's broad, muscular chest, and preyed for a hole in the earth to open up and swallow me whole. Either she saw Emmett calling me that very personal nickname in one of her visions, or she heard us talking as we made our way towards the cabin.

"Bella, honestly, do you distrust us so much that you still feel the need to keep your shield around you and Emmett?" she asked, almost sounding hurt.

"Actually, we're leaning toward trusting you at this point, but we just need to ask a couple of questions … before I decide to remove my shield."

"Shoot!" she said,way too enthusiastically.

"Did you mean what you said in our original meeting? Do you really see me as your best friend? Do you really see us as a family? And lastly, do you and Jasper truly mean Emmett and me no harm?"

"Bella, I've been having visions of you within hours of waking up to this life. I know you don't know me, but besides Jasper, you are already my best friend. I've seen our futures together, and the four of us are going to be our own little family unit. I already love you—both of you. Jasper and I would never hurt either of you."

I looked at Emmett.

"The little pixie is tellin' the truth, sweetheart."

"Did you just call me a little pixie?" Alice nearly screeched.

"Well … yeah." I could see the mirth swimming in Emmett's eyes as he tried to hold back his laughter. "You remind me of little pixie, runnin' around the forest, spreadin' your fairy dust everywhere."

"Emmett McCarty,I am not a pixie!"

"Okay, sorry … Pix," Emmett quipped, as his booming laughter shook the cabin.

"Sorry, Alice, but if you really plan on us being a family, then you might as well get used to Emmett's sense of humor as soon as possible. Now, we have just two final questions. Jasper, do you feel the same as Alice? Do you also mean us no harm?"

Jasper let out a breath. "First off, I would never attempt to harm you, darlin', or Emmett. Second, I have been with Alice for five years now, and in all that time, I've learned that you never bet against Alice. If she says we're gonna be family, then we're be family. Besides, I've always wanted a little sister to mess with," he said with a grin.

I looked at Emmett and he nodded, signaling that Jasper was also telling the truth, so I concentrated and pulled me shield back in. Once Emmett and I were uncovered, Jasper swayed back and forth and then almost crumpled to the ground.

"Jasper!" Alice panicked, as she clung on to him tightly, practically holding him upright.

Jasper steadied himself and took a breath, just before placing a soft kiss on the top of Alice's spiky hair.

"I'm okay, Alice-darlin'."

"What happened?" she asked, worry marring her voice.

Jasper shook his head, causing his cascading blond curls to bounce back and forth. "I've never felt such strong emotions—the love between them," he said, as he eyes darted back and forth between Emmett and me. "As soon as Bella dropped her shield, I was sent to my knees by the strength of their love. Ihave never felt such powerful, unconditional love between two people—not to mention the lust they're shootin' back and forth between each other. The raw power of those two emotions washed over me like a tidal wave. I just wasn't prepared for it. I'm okay now."

"You can feel our love and … lust?" I squeaked, mortified that Jasper had been privy to the intensity that of the lust Emmett and I share for on e another.

"Yes, darlin'," Jasper said to me. "I am, what you would call, an empath. I can feel and manipulate other people's emotions. So, as soon as you dropped your shield—which must be pretty darn powerful, especially if it was blockin' me from feelin' emotions that strong—it hit me like a freight train. I just wasn't expectin' emotions that strong, is all. I'm okay … now. And Emmett, I'm glad you're feelin' better. When we snuck up on you a couple days ago, I could feel your grief and guilt a mile away. Now all I feel is unconditional love, lust, and happiness."

Emmett snickered and gave me a quick glance, displaying his famous, devilish smirk.

Oh, no! I'd know that smirk anywhere.That look only means one thingtrouble.

"Well," he hedged as he looked down at me—his devilish smirk still in place as he flashed me one of his dimples. "Two full days of havin' tree-smashin' sex with the most beautiful woman on the planet, I suppose would make anyone feel better."

Yup, I was right to be worried.

Everyone in the room was now laughing, besides me. Maybe, that's because they were all laughing at me.

"Thanks, Em." I pouted. "Why don't we move to the living room and talk," I said, desperately trying to steer the subject away from me, and my sex life.

"Great idea," Alice announced her approval, followed by a ridiculously happy squeal.

"You sure are … happy, Alice." I didn't know how else to describe her enthusiasm about, well … everything.

"Don't worry, darlin'," Jasper drawled, as he turned his glanced back and forth between Alice and me. "You'll get used to it."

We all sat down in the living room—Emmett and I on one couch, leaving Jasper and Alice on the loveseat facing us.

"So, Jazz," Emmett started.

Oh, no! That smirk is back ... and what's the deal with him nicknaming everyone?

"I was wonderin'—since you obviously can't lie to me—tell me … is my Bella the sexiest, most beautiful creature you have ever seen or what?"

Oh, he was evilputting poor Jasper on the spot like that.

I watched Jasper look like a deer caught in the headlights, as he looked back and forth between Alice and me.

"Um," Jasper stalled, looking extremely uneasy. "Of course my darlin' Alice is the most beautiful woman in the world."

I saw Alice smile and I thought, Smart man, Jaspersmart man.

Of course, Emmett wouldn't drop the subject. "You sure about that, Jazz? I would hate to think that you are lyin' to me durin' our first real conversation. How can I ever trust you, if you're gonna to lie to me about such a straightforward question?"

"Emmett, hush," Alice commanded. "EvenI know that Bella is easily the most beautiful vampire on the planet, so please stop torturing Jasper."

"But, Al—ice," Emmett whined like a little kid, stomping each of his enormous feat for emphasis. "You're the one who said we're gonna be like family. So that makes Jazz my brother, which means I get to give him a hard time. You want us to be a family …. don't you, Alice?"

"What happened to the southern gentleman that I fell in love with, Em?" I asked, as I ran my fingers through his dark silky locks, letting him know that I was only teasing.

"He died when you bit him and turned him into a vampire," Emmett deadpanned.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes, as I changed the topic of conversation.

"So, Alice, judging by your note, you already saw our decision. What do you think about you and Jasper picking out a plot of land where we can build you two your own cabin? It's not that you're not welcome here. It's just that Emmett and I are newly married—not to mention newly mated. So, living here mightnot be the most comfortable place for the two of you to call home," I said, hoping she would catch my drift.

I didn't really want to say, Hey, Alice, you probably won't want to live here because Emmett and I will be fucking twenty-four-seven. Yeah, that probably wouldn't be the best way to put things. Although, I'm sure Emmett would've appreciated my honesty.

"As soon as you two made the decision, I told Jasper, and we both love the idea. Between the four of us, we can have a cabin built in a day."

"Would you guys like to pick out a spot now? Or talk and get to know each other better first?" I asked.

Alice waved her hand at me "Trust me. We are going to have plentyof time to learn all about each other. I say we go pick out a plot of land along the stream somewhere. What do you think, Jasper?"

"I think that's a great idea, Alice-darlin'. Like you said, we'll have plenty of time to tell each other our war stories," Jasper answered with a knowing smirk, while offering me a wink to boot.

"Great," Emmett boomed. "I'll show you guys some of the best areas to pick from. Let's go."

I hopped on Emmett's back fulfilling my promise to let him carry me sometimes, and the four of us began searching for an area to build Alice and Jasper's cabin.

Emmett showed them one beautiful location, a couple miles upstream, and Alice shrieked, "Oh! I love it. It's perfect! What do you think, Jasper?"

"If you love it, darlin', then I love it—looks like we have a lot of uprootin' and clearin' ahead of us," Jasper drawled, gesturing to the dense forest. "The trees here are packed in like sardines. This is goin' to take some time … even for us."

"That's what you think, Jazz. Everyone stand close together and watch this—Bella?" Emmett said—a bit smug. However, the pride in his voice was also unmistakable.

We all stood close to one another; Emmett was practically jumping with excitement. "Watch this, guys!" he said enthusiastically.

I figured I would clear the same amount of room that I did for our cabin's yard. So, I closed my eyes and sent my shield hurtling outward, uprooting every tree within a two-hundred foot radius, and sending them flying hundreds of feet in every direction.

"All done." I giggled, pretending to dust off my hands.

"Darlin', was that your shield? Alice said you were powerful, but thatthat was amazin', Bella," Jasper said, clearly impressed.

Alice was literally jumping up and down clapping her hands. "Oh my God! Bella! That was incredible! I never knew your shield was that powerful."

Emmett, being the builder among us, gave Alice and Jasper a list of materials that we would need to complete the cabin. Obviously, since Emmett was supposed to be dead, and I was supposed to be somewhere up in the northeastern United States, the burden of picking up materials in town fell on Alice and Jasper.

Alice didn't seem to mind at all. As long as she was shopping, she seemed happy—maybe "happy" was an understatement. If she was this happy shopping for lumber and building materials, I would hate to see what she was like when it came to shopping for clothes.

They also needed to furnish the cabin, but since Alice and Jasper were going to be the ones that were going to be living in it, Emmett and I left that task up to them.

Fortunately, Emmett had all his tools out at our cabin, so we got to work immediately. By the end of day, the cabin was complete. And by the end of day two, the cabin was fully furnished.

It really was amazing how quickly something could be accomplished, especially when four supernatural beings were all working at vampire-speed on the same project. As we stood there at the end of day two, admiring the finished product, Alice was unable to hide her excitement.

"Oh, Bella, Emmett, thank you so much! Let's go inside and get better acquainted with each other. There is still so much to learn about each other! Honestly, thank you both so much for letting us build the cabin on your land. It's absolutely per—"

Alice, in mid-sentence, completely froze—her eyes taking on a glazed, vacant look. I glanced over toward Jasper to see if this was a common occurrence with the wacky, little ball of energy.

"Vision," he whispered.

Alice's eyes grew large and panicked as she appeared to return her present surroundings. I muttered a soft curse under my breath as those large, panicked, saucers refocused, zeroing in directly on me.

"Alice ,is everything okay?" I asked, knowing already that something was terribly wrong.

"No! No, it's not," she said—her own voice laced with worry.

"What did you see?" Jasper, Emmett, and I all asked simultaneously.

Alice glanced at all three of our faces, saving me for last. Her eyes were filled with venom tears. Whatever she'd seen … it must have been horrifying.

"They're coming!" Alice shouted directly at me.

"Who's coming, Alice-darlin'?" Jasper asked. But he didn't need to ask Alice that question. He could have asked me.

Alice closed her eyes for several seconds before reopening them—her big, watery topaz-saucers were fixed ,squarely, on me.

"V—Volturi," she sputtered out, all the while, never taking her eyes of me. I felt Emmett's large, granite arms wrap themselves around me from behind, forming a protective cage. We all stared at Alice, waiting for her to disclose the entirety of her vision. She took a unneeded breath to steady herself and closed her eyes—unable to even look at me, she uttered the words, divulging the information that only served to confirm what I already knew myself.

"The Volturi are coming. They are coming here—here … for Bella."

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