Disclaimer: Armageddon and the characters in this story (Harry Stamper, A.J. Frost and Grace Stamper) do not belong to me, although I wish I had A.J :D

After watching the film last year, I have rediscovered my love for it, rating it at number one on my 'favourite films' list. I especially love Harry and A.J 's relationship, and as everyone who's watched the film will know - Harry loves A.J as a son, even after finding out his daughter is dating him ;)
I have decided to write a few of their scenes here, with A.J or Harry's thoughts and feelings. Enjoy!

(A.J's POV):

A.J could hear Harry shouting a mile away, but hoped that it had nothing to do with him. That was extremely unlikely.

Sudden banging outside his room made him sit up in bed and quickly cover Grace with the blankets, trying to make sure she was hidden. He swung his legs out of bed, as Harry stormed in.

"A.J! A.J you in here? Oh so that's perfect, you're in bed! Get up!"

A.J shot up and walked in front of the bed. Just in case. "Err hey, you wanna see me?"

"Yeah I'm looking for you."

"You're pissed, okay I can see that." Harry's face right now was well known to A.J. Over the years, and especially after his father died, A.J had increasingly been in Harry's 'bad books'.

Everything he did seem to annoy his mentor, who had promised his best friend (A.J's father) he would take care of his son after he died, which was nearly 6 years ago.

A.J kid himself that it was only because he was so smart in this business and Harry was getting worried that he would take over.

In contrast, Harry never shied from the opportunity to remind him that everyone here was older than him, which made him inferior in ideas and talents. Basically, he was rubbish compared to the others.

"No, you know what A.J? I'm not pissed. You've seen me pissed, this is way way beyond pissed. You know I shut down number 2 last night, right?"

"Yeah man, I had a hunch on that..."

Oh right... He'd been hoping that Harry would just be pleased that he'd taken initiative and see how number 2 went. A.J just knew that they could get more oil out of it. Which was why he had secretly run it again...

"So let me tell you something: Some day, many years from now, when you're all grown up and you got your own oil company, and 8 million dollars of your own money on the contract, you can do whatever comes into that little A.J idiot mind of yours, you want! But as long as it says 'Harry Stamper Oil' on the rig, you do not disobey my rules, you got that?"

Play it cool A.J, play it cool...

"Yeah I do got that."

"Right now I need to hear five words form you."

"Uhh..." He was pretty sure Harry had said these words before. He just had a problem remembering a lot of the stuff he'd been told by him.

"I'll never do that again..." Harry counted the words off with his fingers, while A.J remembered half way through and chanted it with him.

"I'll never do that again. I'm a fool! That was idiotic, I-I-I mean that was stupid, I'm an idiot. I know what name's on the sign, I-I-I-" He kept telling himself to shut up, but it wasn't working!

"What's going on?"

Quick! Think of something! "What's going on? Well, you know I-I screwed up, a little edgy -" You can say that again...

Now Harry looked really suspicious... "How long have you worked for me?"

"Five wonderful years..." Will the compliment work - added with the enthusiasm?

"In five years you have never apologised to me this quickly. Something's going on here, and I'm going to find out what it is." Crap.

Harry started moving towards the bed. Crapcrapcrapcrap.

C'mon A.J! STOP him! "Nonono. I'm turning over a new leaf! I'm trying to learn from the man! What would Harry do...?"

Harry signalled to him a shutting up motion with his hand. He thought it best to shut up.

That is, until Harry picked up a bra.

"...I'm at a loss for words...Okay I can explain this."

"You can explain this?" Could he get even more menacing? A.J hoped he'd never find out.

"I can!"

Harry raised his golf stick and pushed it against A.J's throat. They both stepped slowly backwards, in synchronisation.

"I would really like an explanation for this. You just stay right here."

A.J could see Harry's hand reaching towards the covers. No...please! It took all his pride to not run away.

Harry semi pulled the covers off the bed.

A.J faked surprise on his face. Oh, hi Grace, didn't know you were there!

Harry's face was subtly shocked. After working and living alongside Harry for many years previously with his father, A.J could tell when he was shocked, angry...angry...and angry. "Grace..."

"Hi Harry." A.J had to give Grace credit - Her dad finding out about them in this way didn't look like it bothered her at all!

"I have asked you repeatedly to call me dad."

"Sorry Harry." A.J wished he had her courage to stand up to her father. Maybe it was because she never really stayed with him, after being at the office a lot. He wasn't exactly the best father in the world...

"Get up and get your clothes on."

Grace glanced at A.J. Harry also looked at A.J - just not with the same expression. A.J could do nothing other than stare at the floor.

Harry whispered to him "You just stay right there, I'll be right back..."

One look at Harry's face had him running for his life.

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