Seme's name is always first!


Daughter of Pein and Konan

Looks almost exactly like her mother, except for one thing, her bright orange hair. She wants to be just like her father and mimics him every chance she gets and is rarely away from his side.


Daughter of Itachi and Tobi (Yes Tobi. That son of a bitch Madara deserves a far worse death than is allowed to be shown on TV)

What can I say she's an Uchiha. You know black hair and eyes, unless they're in the Sharingan. She's not as cold as Itachi but not as hyper as Tobi, though when she's really happy about something that little extra bit of Tobi comes out.


Daughter of Sasori and Deidara

She has bright red hair and sky blue eyes. She prefers puppets to explosives but she loves to fly on Deidara's birds. Only when extremely frustrated will she slip into using 'un' but when furious she is very quiet.

Don't ask me why all the girls' names start with 'A'. I didn't plan it like that, the meanings just fit so well.


Son of Kakuzu and Hidan

Choppy brown hair and emerald green though he avoided Kakuzu's stitches but still can use those threads. He has a short temper and a high profanity use, though how much is meant to be cruel depends on his temper. He does worship Jashin but keeps it away from Kakuzu because he knows that he hates it.


Son of Kisame and Zetsu

Uneven chin length green hair and yellow eyes (think the shape of white Zetsu's eye). His skin is pale with a blueish tint. He has sharp teeth like Zetsu's and prefers plant and water jutsu's. He doesn't have a split personality though he does tend to talk to himself. He's pretty easy going but can be utterly bloodthirsty when angry.

Eight furious and exhausted pairs of eyes glared at the single woman present at the table. She had done this to them. Before then ten people present, on top of the hard wood table, was five newborn babies. Konan smirked at the men around her before turning her attention to the small child that was her own and cooing gently. All through her pregnancy she had been treated as helpless and weak, so she made the uke's of the Akatsuki pregnant as well. Needless to say, everyone suddenly knew who was being screwed by whom. Itachi had gotten a few days' worth of snickering at Deidara's expense and Hidan was the laughing stock of the entire group for months. Everyone saw Tobi coming and no one dared to poke fun at Zetsu, not wanting to be the one to disappear when his cravings came around.

Zetsu sighed and pressed his dual coloured face into Kisame's shoulder. He was so tired and just wanted to sleep for the next week. The birth had been excruciating and utterly draining. The child seemed to sense his father's mood and cooed comfortingly. White Zetsu smiled faintly and picked up the child. With a grunt of discomfort, he got up and walked towards his room with Kisame in tow. The others slowly left as well, taking their children from the table though some more reluctantly than others. Pein sighed and looked at the woman he so adored.

"You've set us back by years." She looked up with a far too cheery smile.

"I don't care."