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The early morning sun was just beginning to warm the earth when the boulder that guarded the Akatsuki base shifted to allow several shadowy figures out. The birds continued to chirp and flutter, completely unconcerned with the concerns that brewed in those figures. Droplets of rain ran slowly down the thick greenery and the ground was muddy where springy, and now damp, moss had not taken root.

Hisoka yawned, flashing sharp canines, as his right fist came up to rub the sleep from his eyes. Hearing of the slight worries, Pein had allowed the group of children an extra hour to sleep and, while they all had put it to good use, it was still hard to shake the sleepiness that tugged at their minds. Tobi had even arrived to the breakfast table with Akako on his back, half asleep.

Zetsu sighed as he adjusted his son's attire for the third time.

"Now remember, keep quiet and in the background. Learn everything you can about those around you and keep attacks quick and devastating." Hisoka nodded once. Kisame smiled from his place behind the two, lounging against Samahada.

"Unless of course someone shoots their mouth off to you. They're fair game then." Hisoka smiled widely while Zetsu scowled.

"Don't give him stupid ideas, you insufferable twat." Zetsu's flytrap rustled menacingly though Kisame appeared unaffected; only pressing a hand to his chest in mock hurt before letting out a deep, rich laugh.

Kakuzu and Hidan stood in front of Jin, shifting every once in a while out of awkwardness. Neither was very emotional and, while they were very worried about any harm that might befall their son and would miss him terribly, they couldn't seem to bring themselves to indulge in a little out of character sentiments. Jin shifted his weight from one foot to the other and gave a sort of half smile to the two.

"Well I guess this is goodbye for a while." He shifted his pack up higher on his shoulders and turned to start walking. He gasped quietly when the fabric covering his shoulder was seized and he was forcefully turned around. For a few seconds he could only stare in wonder as he was enveloped in a certain Jashinist's embrace.

"You show those sorry fuckers just what your fucking made of. If any of them try to give you shit you kick their worthless asses back to their goddamn mommy and daddy." Jin nodded and secretly nuzzled his cheek into the silky silver hair. Hidan pulled back and slipped a silver necklace over Jin's head. "Sacrifices are great for getting anger out." Hidan didn't wait for a reply, already having retreated back to his original position before Jin could thank him. He was then pulled into an awkward one armed hug from Kakuzu, who quickly thrust a scroll into his arms.

"Summoning scroll, in case you need me or Hidan." His voice was gruff and he avoided eye contact. Jin smiled and nodded his thanks, knowing that any verbal acknowledgement would only irritate Kakuzu. "Make me proud boy."

"Of course papa."

Amami blinked as a small yet heavy bag was dropped into her hands. Sasori scowled at Deidara and marched forward, intending to take the bag of clay.

"Deidara, she'll have no need of such fickle things." Just as his hand was about to make contact with the bag, it was seized by Deidara's own, the mouth on its palm latching onto the space between Sasori's thumb and forefinger. Deidara's voice came out unnaturally cold and Sasori briefly had to remind himself that he couldn't feel bodily pain.

"In a life or death situation I would prefer that she has something fickle" the word was practically hissed at Sasori, "then nothing at all." Deidara released his hold on the puppet master. "Besides, she needs to properly show everyone what real art is." Sasori's eye twitched.

"That is not art brat." Amami sighed and hugged the two in between the yelling and made down the path, smiling to herself. They were so different yet so similar she mused; thinking back to the summoning scroll Sasori had handed her that morning.

Akako and Asuka merely hugged their parents' goodbye, except in Tobi's case seeing as he clung to Akako through the entire 'make the family proud' speech bawling loudly. They came from proud families and, as they fully entered the ninja world, emotions were considered a weakness. This didn't stop Konan and Tobi from slipping summoning scrolls into their packs. Nor did it stop Asuka humming her lullaby to herself as she walked down the path or Akako from pulling out her little stuffed weasel every night to cuddle with.