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An owl swept over the unkempt hedge of the once mighty Malfoy Manor. The owl tapped on the only lit window in the manor. A pale hand opened the window and let the owl in. The hand belonged to Scorpius Malfoy, a tall boy with gold-blonde hair. He recognised the owl and gave it a small treat. "Is she not feeding you, Flossie?" the boy asked the owl as it hastily gobbled the treat, its eyes wide and begging him for more food. Scorpius opened the letter and read it, imagining the voice that went with the words.

Dear Scor,

Have you been having a good summer? I'm just back from France, remind me never to argue with veela, they're vicious littleā€¦ anyway, we've got a week left (I'm sure I don't need to remind you) so would you like to stay at my grandparent's house? Daddy wants to meet you, well, sort of.

Please come to the Burrow tomorrow night at eight,


Rose Weasley xxx

Scorpius read and re-read the letter, feeling a different emotion each time, until he found courage. He ran into his father's dark study, where his father had taken to sleeping. "Father, Father, wake up!" Scorpius shook his slumbering father. "What is it Scorpius?" His father groaned. Scorpius opened his mouth to speak before a wave of fear crashed over him. "I w-w-was um, I-I wanted to ask-"

"Spit it out Scorpy" His father urged him; Scorpius cringed at his childhood name. "I have been invited to Rose Weasley's grandparents for the last week. Can I go? Please? I'll be out of your hair." Scorpius dreaded his father's answer but crossed his fingers, an old muggle suspicion Rose had taught him would bring him luck. Draco, Scorpius' father, sighed. "Yes, yes okay. But be careful with Ron. I don't know what's going on between you and Rose, but Ron won't like it." Draco smiled a little as he finished speaking. Scorpius grinned at his father, but a feeling of fear rose in his chest. Ron Weasley was notoriously protective of Rose, as were her brother and cousins. Even Scorpius' best-friend Al had stopped leaving them alone together, he was Rose's cousin. It was unsurprising; every social group in the school had a Weasley or Potter in. Scorpius was lucky enough to have both. "Thanks, Dad. I'm leaving tomorrow. And for your information there is nothing going on between me and Rose Weasley." With that Scorpius left his father's study. Draco smiled and shook his head at his son's retreating figure. It had been so long since Scorpius had called him 'Dad'. He also found his son's denial of what was blatant to anyone who had seen Scorpius speak about, or with, Rose Weasley, amusing. It was obvious that he cared about her deeply. Whether it was love Draco didn't know; his childhood had lacked love; but it was certainly devotion, a look Draco had seen so many times in his mother's eyes as she had gazed at his cold, twisted father. Sighing he rested his head on the desk and drifted off to sleep.

Scorpius raised his hand to knock on the brightly coloured front door. His father had just taken him to The Burrow by side along apparition. The nausea that usually came from side along apparition was doubled by the sense of impending doom he felt as he stood on the doorstep of his best-friends' grandparents home. Why did his family choose to hate this family? His parents tolerated them, but his older family members definitely nursed hatred towards the Potter/Weasley clan. Scorpius took a deep breath, was he or was he not a Gryffindor? He knocked and moments later the door opened, revealing a small, plump witch whom he guessed was in her late sixties to early seventies. "Hello dear! You must be Scorpius. Do come in poppet." The witch welcomed him into a cluttered hallway. "ROSIE! AL! COME DOWNSTAIRS! YOUR FRIEND HAS ARRIVED!" She called. Scorpius heard the distant clatter of feet on the rickety staircase; he gazed up the stairs that wound high up to the roof. This wasn't quite as impressive as Malfoy Manor, but it was tall and higgledy-piggledy, possessing a comfort his childhood home didn't have, no matter how hard his mother had tried to make it homely. "I'm their grandma, Molly Weasley. Everyone calls me Grandma Weasley." The witch informed him as she led him into the warm kitchen. Scorpius noticed a huge table with over twenty places set. "We'll send your bags up to your room. You'll share with Al, James and Freddie. We'd let you share with Teddy, I believe you're related, only he's a werewolf and we wanted to let him have some time to recover after the other night." The witch said matter of factly. Scorpius had been told about Teddy, his father's cousin's son. "You must be feeling a little overwhelmed. Not to worry dear, Rosie and Al will be down in a tick." As she finished her sentence, Rose charged in, Albus behind her. "SCORPIUS!" She yelled hugging him. Scorpius hugged her back. "I missed you so much you're making me go all girly." Scorpius complained, more to Rose than Albus. Albus was his friend, his best friend, but he didn't have to fight the urge to kiss Albus. "I missed you too." Rose told him earnestly. Grandma Weasley cleared her throat. "You don't want Ron finding you being so... friendly." She cautioned them. It was too late, Rose's father burst through the doorway, knocking over Albus in the process. "ROSE NYMPHADORA WEASLEY!" He hollered at them. Rose pulled out of Scorpius' hug. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHO'S THIS?"

"Hello Daddy. This is, as you know full well, Scorpius. My best friend." Rose retorted coldly. Ron went an odd purplish colour and spluttered angrily at his daughter and Scorpius. "He looked too happy about it. He was enjoying it too much." Ron replied lamely. A woman whose face Scorpius remembered from countless newspaper articles and chocolate frog cards, Hermione Granger, Rose's mother. "Ron? Are you upsetting Rosie?"She scolded. Ron and Hermione began to argue and Rose took that opportunity to leave. She grabbed Scorpius and Albus and stomped off into the hallway and up the stairs.

"I cannot believe my father! He actually thinks you fancy me!" Rose fumed. Albus caught Scorpius' eye and raised his eyebrow. In the spring Scorpius had stayed at the Potter's and had played a game of Truths with Albus and James, unlike muggle Truths, wizard Truths involved Veritaserum, a truth telling potion, Scorpius would never escape his answer of 'Rose Weasley'. He glared at him Albus and mouthed the words, 'If you dare..." at him. Rose stopped babbling about her father and stared at them. "Do you two want to tell me what you're saying?" Her tone was icy. Scorpius went magenta and mumbled incoherently. Rose gave an exasperated sigh and led them onwards to their room.