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"I've got it Scor!" She hollered, eyes shining with excitement, running up the stairs to the boys' dormitory. Scorpius stuck his head out of the doorway.

"Don't get too close, or I'll get it too." He retorted. Rose rolled her eyes at him. He had to have the cheeky response, it was his 'Malfoy nature' as he put it. Rose offered the vial she was holding to him. He sniffed it, a hazy expression crossing his face. Rose gave him a none too gentle slap, and the hazy expression vanished, replaced by a look of polite perplexity.

"This may well be none of my business, darling" He emphasised the darling.

"But why are you brewing amortentia?" Scorpius continued. She gave him a mysterious wink and beckoned for him to follow her.

They were in the dungeons, pouring over the dungeon booking folder. The dungeon booking folder worked like this: If a student wanted to work on a potion outside of class, they had to book a dungeon, by writing their name, which dungeon they wanted and the time they wanted it for, in the book.

"Jeanette has been booked into the same dungeon once a week for the last six months." Rose explained. Scorpius nodded for her to explain further.

"She's been brewing something. And what do we know that has been going on for the past six or seven months?" She urged him to cotton on.

"Albus and her! She's been brewing Amortentia for Al! That explains it!" He exclaimed. Rose rolled her eyes at how slow he'd been.

"Exactly, she had enough charm and looks to reel him in, but she kept him under her lock by giving him this, and now we have to confront her." Rose grinned triumphantly.

"Wait! What? How am I supposed to fight a girl?" Scorpius complained. Rose tutted.

"Confrontation doesn't mean a fight!" She sighed. She didn't want to say, but she doubted Jeanette would be alone. Every detail of this plan suggested an accomplice, as Jeanette wasn't particularly bright. It was too carefully orchestrated, the motive was too political for her. Someone wanted to hurt the Potter family, badly. They wanted to hurt Al, maybe even James and Lily as well. And if they wanted to reach the Potters, why not the Weasleys as well? She suspected ex death eaters, but it could easily be less renowned war heroes. The MacMillans, Changs, Finch-Fletchleys, the list was too long.

"When?" He asked, defeated. Rose consulted the thick leather book.

"Tomorrow night, she's booked in then. We have to be ready." Rose looked up at him, deadly serious. If one thing meant more to her than Scorpius, it was Albus. Albus who had been there when nobody else was. Albus who had grown up with her, put up with her, been the brother Hugo hadn't wanted to be.

"Rose, don't hurt yourself over this." Scorpius pleaded. His silver eyes laced with concern and sadness. He knew her too well, he knew the guilty feeling rising in her stomach. It was then that Rose truly fell in love with him. Not the peculiar blend of friendship and infatuation that had been there, that she had begun to doubt, but real, 'I would die for you' love that burned to think about.

"I love you, Scorpius." She stated, in awe. He looked at her, giving a confused chuckle.

"I know, you said." He replied. She shook her ginger curls.

"No. I didn't love you. Well, I wasn't in love with you, I fancied you and you were my best friend, are my best friend. Now, I've actually, properly fallen in love with you, I knew it was too fairytale!" She seemed shocked by her own words. She leant up to kiss him, her mouth on his, eyes shut not actually caring what the world was doing. They were against the walls of the dungeon, realising for the first time each others bodies, tasting each others souls.

"I love you Rose." Scorpius managed.

"Oh! Ew! I came in for a quiet potion and I got this assault on the eye balls!" Lily had waltzed in, Fred Weasley hot on her heels. Both were attempting to stifle laughter. Lily had stopped being so oddly behaved. She had realised, in an unfortunate incident involving Isaac McCluskey, that the world didn't revolve around her, and had become more like she used to be, funny and lively, as opposed to self centred and bitchy.

"Sorry sweetie, have we damaged your innocent mind?" Rose crooned to her younger cousin. Lily rolled her pretty hazel eyes and Fred snorted.

"Please, have you heard half the rumours about me, according to Bella Edding, I'm not a-"

"Lils, you're my baby cousin, the less I know about that aspect of your life, the better," Fred interrupted, hands over his ears.

"We'll be off now." Rose took Scorpius' hand, she felt the strange prickle of excitement pass between their palms.

"Hang on, Al said something about wanting you to go see him, thought I ought to let you know." Lily told them. Rose felt Scorpius freeze. She knew Albus hadn't meant what he said, but the jibes, the rumours, they had been too much. Even teachers were treating them with suspicion.

"Thanks!" Rose called, as she and Scorpius dashed out of the dank room.