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I'm pretty excited about this, I mean, I haven't done one of these things in a while… wow, pressure. It'll be fun though. I find Gleeks to be extremely amazing for coming up with this couple: "Niff" You have to be really dedicated to catch the crack hidden in the episodes. Truly, it baffles me (in all the right ways)

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P.S, Smut is in the next chapter… enjoy it regardless


Chapter One: A Comprehensible Moment

Some world changing events can be less obvious than others. Sometimes the orchestra gets lazy and doesn't build up the moment. At moments, time doesn't have the chance to slow down and the room can't seem to disappear.

Still, it happens.

It had already happened.

During Warbler practice one afternoon, Wesley turned around to the group. He knew something needed to change. It just wasn't looking how he wanted. He turned to Blaine and he knew.

"Jeff," Blaine announced, "Go stand by Nick."

And he did.

No movie moment or grand gesture, just a few hesitant steps to the right.


"Call my baby lollipop
Tell you why
Her kiss is sweeter than an apple pie
And when she does her shaky rockin' dance
Man, I haven't got a chance…"

Jeff smiles as he adds the tune to the number, singing, "bum." It's fun and he never minds just doing the background. It's about everyone as a unit and creating a song, not just one guy singing in silence.

"I call her
Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop…"

Next to him, Nick harmonized with the lyrics a bit too loudly, just on the edge of breaking out and stealing a solo. He's been itching for another one since "Uptown Girl," but now that Sebastian joined it's like having another Blaine around.

It's all for fun though, a song that's merely a warm up. Everyone has piled in a school bus, a unit of men through and through, even without wearing their uniforms. The intense summer heat has been cooking the bus into intensely hot temperatures. Jeff's legs burn as his revealed thigh hits the leather.

They're heading to choir camp.

"Lollipop," all the Warblers did sing before popping their mouths with their fingers. Sebastian chuckles to himself, seeing everyone with fingers in their mouths. He thought of other things than lollipops wrapped around in someone's mouth.

"Great job guys," Wesley grins, "Keep it up during camp. Remember, you're representing Dalton and more importantly, the Warblers."

The boys cheered, but Nick, who whispers in Jeff's ear, "Does that mean I have to hum while I chew my food?"

Blissfully, Jeff whispers back in a sigh, "Man I hope someone breaks out into the Burger King song."

Cutting into Wesley's speech, the two snort and giggle after trying to stop it. The hard glare he gave weighted the boys down, making them slump in their seats.

Arms pushed together, Nick smiled at Jeff, who smiled back. This is what happiness is to Jeff.


Messing with his Ipod, Nick searches around for a song he wasn't sick of listening to. Suddenly, Jeff's head plopped on to his shoulder, which made his heart skip and that's not actually a great feeling. Honestly, it wrenches your chest with a great amount of anxiety while, at the same time, your face becomes very flushed and hot.

For a moment, he wonders what Jeff is asking for. Hesitant, Nick slowly began to rest his head on the soft blonde hair, feeling its smooth texture to be soft to his cheek.

"Hey Jeff," he whispers, but doesn't wait for him to respond "I think your time is now, this summer. You're great… and I don't care if I'm the only one, but I'm your biggest fan." He chuckles to stop himself from being so embarrassed.

"Jeff?" This time he did ask for him to answer.


His cheeks burn even redder as his head snaps up and off the blonde's hair. Did he say too much? Did he make Jeff feel awkward? God, why is he such an idiot-?!

"Aw," Trent cooed, turning his head to the boy's private cubby. "Where can I get one?" He motions to Jeff.


"He's like a little puppy. I had one that always fell asleep on me too."

"What are you…?" Nick wonders aloud, glancing down to Jeff who's closed eyes are almost hidden by the tuffs of blonde bangs.

He's asleep.

He couldn't be mad. He's just so cute. Nick chuckles, turning back to Trent. "Well, you can't have this one. He's mine…"

With a shrug, Trent turns back around as Jeff nuzzles up Nick's arm. He found a comfortable place, which made Jeff's hand bump against Nick's. It surprises him, the warm pale hand against his. Curious, he caressed his own hand over the sleeping boy's, feeling the softness of his knuckles and fingers…

One eye sneaking a peak, Sebastian smirks, "Well, well, well…"


"Sorry," Jeff mumbles uncomfortably, staying close to Nick as everyone exits the bus. "Long car rides always make me drowsy…"

"I said it was fine," Nick chuckles, but not admitting how fine it really was.

The camp STARZ was actually pretty nice. Most of the buildings were made out of red brick, which were surrounded by green grass with trees and flowers that fill the tedious amount of green color.

Other buses roll up: The New Directions, Aural Intensity, the Hipsters, and the Troubletones all stepped out. Separately in a sleek black charter bus, the choir Vocal Adrenaline walks on the scene, already shoving their smug noses in the air. They walk by the New Directions and say something foul. The Hispanic girl snaps something back, but they just continue to walk by.

Everyone grabs their things and then are led like cattle to a stage with a grassy hill before it that acts as the seats.

Automatically, the different choirs stay with their own kind. Jeff waits for Nick to sit before he did, placing himself next to him.

"Lotion? Would anyone like any lotion?" A mousy red head little woman asks the students. Jeff peers closer to her, spotting a name tag "My Name is: Emma Pillsbury." The written name was so perfect it almost looked typed.

Her hands are covered in plastic gloves and even her shoes have that weird green plastic cover. She shuffles over to the Warblers, all smiles, "Hello boys? Lotion?"

Cocky, Sebastian snickers at her, "Anything flavored?"

Not falling for his remark, Emma calmly makes a small smile and shakes her head. Still flustered, she does stammer a little, "N-no, just SPF thirty." Her big doe stare stays away from Sebastian, explaining to the other boys, "You know, sun burns can lead to redness, swelling of the skin, blisters, fever, chills, weakness and dry, itching, and peeling skin days after the burn?"

"Uh," David smiles, kindly, "I didn't. I'd love some lotion. Thank you."

She squirts his entire palm full of the white sun tan lotion. To be polite, the rest did as well, spreading it around their bodies. Jeff dabs some on his face and then tries to even it out all over his legs and arms.

Nick finishes and catches something. He doesn't know what's wrong with him lately, but saying this made him feel incredibly uncomfortable, "Um, Jeff…" Jeff looks up, forgetting how close they are. He blushes, almost missing what Nick says, "You have white stuff you face."

There was a mess of the white lotion crowding the side of Jeff's lips. Instantly, Jeff wipes his face, wondering why his blush isn't causing the lotion to evaporate.

"I got it," Nick said without thinking and touched his friend's jaw. He brushes his thumb, for a second, over Jeff's lips before thinning out the white.

No one noticed, not a single other choir or camp member noticed. Jeff does. He notices the deep brown color of Nick's eyes and the crooked smile he pulls out… he really likes that. Jeff finds he really likes Nick.

Again, the life changing moment came.

However, this time at least one person became aware that it happened. Jeff smiles, shyly, "Thanks Nick."

"You are welcome," Nick unknowing only grins back and turns his attention to the stage. Jeff's smile lingered towards him before he could break away in a small chuckle. He shakes his head in wonder of himself and the very idea awakening in his head that may have always been there.

They watch a small stumpy man shuffle onto the round wooden stage. He's followed by the New Directions coach Mr. Shuester. The man is comically round like a ball that has defied science, growing thick limbs. A similarly round head is squashed down on what seems to be a flabby neck.

He stands before the mike, twice his size. Annoyed the man makes a gruff cough, motioning Mr. Shuester. Mr. Shuester rolls his eyes and hurries over to fix the mike. The man just stands there waiting and watching the choir students in the crowd. For a tiny man, he sure has big judgmental eyes.

When the mike is fastened to his liking, the man decides to then, speak, "Good morning campers. My name is Colonel Crawford and I will be treated with respect. You are all guest here at my camp."

Chuckling quietly, Nick leans towards Jeff, whispering carefully so he won't be noticed by the weird little round man, "Oh, we better get to see him sing and dance by the end of the summer."

Jeff sucks in his lips to hold the laughter in. Nick smirks, egging him on, "He must sing like a dove. I wonder if he'll sing his own version of the Wheels on the bus…" He scoots closer to Jeff's ear, the song's lyrics caress Jeff's neck, making him shiver, "The fat on my body makes me round and round, round and round-"

"Ahaha-" Uncontrollably, Jeff breaks out laughing and covers his mouth a little too late. He lies back on the grass, trembling in his amusement, to avoid seeing people stare at him. Nick sees them and waves happily.

"Guys," Wesley snaps angrily at their behavior like Nick's and Jeff's mother would.

Colonel Crawford grimaces and peers at the Warblers. His eyes catch Nick's who still holds a smile that did not make Crawford happy. He looks up to the rest of the crowd, "I notice all of you are in groups. I bet you all have already imagined yourself with your fellow club mates, well, you're wrong." A wave of whispers floods the grassy hills. Guiltily, Shuester stare stays on Crawford, avoiding looks from his own kids

"This is not school. You are at camp. You're not here as a glee club member, but campers. You'll be put in activities and lodgings as individuals, nothing more." He paused, letting the groaning and moaning commence. He enjoyed it, even basked in it. Something about the miserable moans from children wakes him up in the morning. It just smells fresh of teen angst and hopelessness, everything he loved in high school.

Suddenly, Jeff watches Rachael Berry pop up from the ground. Her strong lungs and big mouth allow her voice to carry out for everyone to hear, "Everyone please, if I may," She looks to the Colonel, however not so much as to be granted permission but just out of politeness. "Look at it as a chance to better ourselves to finally have the time to take care of ourselves, who are so often over looked."

"Sit down!" The Colonel snapped. It didn't faze Rachael. She just smiled, bowed and slowly sat back down like a lady.

"It doesn't matter if there's a reason or not, just do as you're told." He spoke over them, firmly, "You can find your lodgings from a counselor. They have the name tags and are the only adults here, so you can't possibly have that much trouble."

Oh, it's troubling.

Jeff eyed Nick worriedly.

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And that's all for that chapter… yeah, sorry it was kind of short and how it got cheesy a lot, but it just kept happening and I couldn't help myself. I live for the cheese. I wanna, you know, get some chips and make extremely cheesy nachos when it comes to writing for romance.

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