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NOW, here's the author's note. My last author's note. This was really, really, really hard to write, not because I was emotional about it ending, but because I hit all the blocks and walls possible. At one point, I'm pretty sure—just when I was rid of it—Writer's block hit me over the head with a bat… the police are still investigating.

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With the chapter before hand I did a little throw back sort of thing. I re-wrote the first paragraph from the first chapter and completely flipped it because the boys did have an actual movie moment. The second thing I did was Jeff (in the beginning, the second chapter maybe) had this huge inner dialogue about how all his thoughts are consumed by Nick and then, with chapter eight, it was Nick's turn to be completely consumed by Jeff. I just love doing stuff like that :D

It Only Takes A Moment was my inspiration for the fanfiction. I mean, I already had the whole camp and Sebastian scenario panned, but after listening to the song I wanted to base this story on important moments that we so often miss.

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Sebastion is a lot of things to me and realistic is one of them. He's not a hopeless romantic so I think it would be easier for him to understand the reality in love, but it still sucks. It sucks like having to suck a lemon kind of suck. It just sucks. And Jeff is too ridiculous to actually help him.

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There are six: Blaine, Puck, Nick, Jeff, Basil and Hayden from the hipsters. Basil and Hayden from the Hipsters aren't really mentioned much though.

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Chapter Nine: Our Moment

It had to have happened eventually… They couldn't hide forever. Nick and Jeff, the morning after, strolled into the Colonel's office willingly. There was no point in waiting anymore (their lips were too numb to keep kissing anyways).

After chewing them out through Breakfast, he sent them separately (he's not an idiot) to clean: Nick in the kitchen and Jeff outside, picking up trash.

However, a smile never wavered from their lips. It was all totally worth it. Every little piece of grime Nick had to scrub off the floor, he just thinks back to that wonderful yesterday… The cooks were starting to become extremely aggravated after the third happy little sigh. Nick seemed to have forgotten they had knives.

Dinner came around and all the Warblers are back to sitting together. No one is eating though. Everyone is far too consumed by the little show going on in front of them. Without acknowledging their club's existence, Nick and Jeff sat by each other.

No, that description isn't good enough. They're not by each other. They are practically on top of each other, no; they have become one single bodied organism walking around with no hopes of separation.

With their seats scooted beside each other, Nick takes up a piece of Jeff's seat to lean closer to him. He has to put his arm around the chair, but even that's just not enough. Jeff bends over the table, turning into Nick. If you were to look under, their legs are twisted together too.

They're even sharing one tray.

They have officially hit all time gross couple levels.

"It's so nasty," David shakes his head, not having eaten a single bite yet.

Trent peers closer, next to David, watching Nick explain something with big hand motions. Jeff is, of course, giggling rather cutely. Trent rubs his chin, quizzically, "Do they even notice us? Are we even visible to them?"

"Nah," Thad snorts, finding this to be ridiculous, but don't get him wrong. He really wanted them to get together. It's just, he didn't know they would be creating the creature from the lovey dovey lagoon. He goes on, trying to be lighthearted when joking, "They're in their own little universe on the corner of vomit and upchuck."

"Hey," Trent suddenly calls out to them.


"Hey," He tries again, "hey guys."

"Nick," Thad speaks up, "Jeff? Dudes!"

"Hey!" David shouts.

"Hey! Guys!" Trent starts to yell too.

This new game intrigues the other Warblers. Trying to get the boys' attention, everyone starts squawking out their names and giving obnoxiously loud greetings. Sebastian just sits next to Thad, resting his cheek on his hand. His cheek is squishing over in a pitiful pouting way that would normally alarm someone, but everyone is so frickin' concerned about Jeff and Nick. Even Jeff and Nick are only concerned with Jeff and Nick.

It's annoying.

"GUYS!" David practically screams, at the least receiving the attention of the entire lunchroom. By this time, Wesley has given up all hope. He eats his macaroni quietly with no more shits to give.

Neither Jeff nor Nick even flinch.

Minding their own business in that little universe of theirs, Nick is trying to stab his fork into the chocolate cake Jeff picked out. Jeff uses his fork to battle him back. "Do you want some?" Jeff asks him, incredulously.

"No," Nick smirks, still attempting to nab a piece of the cake.

With a smile, Jeff rolls his eyes and takes a piece of the cake in his fork.

"Don't do it," David warns, feeling queasy already.

The Warblers watch in horror as Jeff actually feeds Nick.

Instantly, the table bursts with groans, whines and moans, childishly looking away. It's like they're ten again, watching their parents kiss. They slide their trays forward, not having it. "Lost my appetite," Trent grumbles.

Thad frowns, fondly remembering how much he wanted to eat earlier, "I'm-just… I have no words."

"Well," Jeff says, unlatching from Nick's side (for a split second all the boys were terrified they were going to wither and die without the other). Completely capable, Jeff stands behind his chair, explaining, "I have to finish my punishment. The Colonel wants me to catalogue his personal library."

"Lame," Nick says with no sympathy.

Jeff smiles darkly, not finding that amusing, but he's so cute he can't be mad. "I'll see you tomorrow I guess," Jeff frowns, really wishing he could be back at the crap shack.

Encouragingly, Nick holds Jeff's hands, swinging them a little. He has to smile, no person could not smile saying this, "Remember it's our first date, so clear your day."

"What else would I be doing?"

Nick shrugs and motions the blonde over. Jeff rolls his eyes just before he leans down and they kiss.

The table gripes again, but this time, with all forms of distractions going away (aka Jeff is walking away), Nick notices. He looks around, kind of surprised. He doesn't know what's going on, but it amuses him. He chuckles and points to the few near him, "You guys need to calm down."

"Don't even," David shakes his head, "Don't. Even."

Sebastian's grimace deepens as he sits up from his hand. He twirls his empty fork around his food, speaking to no one. He just wants a certain person to hear it. "I need to get laid," Sebastian says loud enough to be heard, but offhandedly enough to appear like it's no big deal.

Gravely, Wesley drops, "No you don't,"

Dismissing that, Sebastian looks around the table, lingering his eyes on Nick, "Yeah, I haven't gotten any in a little while. I'm really starting to miss how fun it was. Though when I find someone else, the guy I was with will be pretty hard to be compared to." Now, Sebastian glares right into Nick's eyes with no shame, whatsoever. "He rocked my world, pardon my crudeness."

Every word spoken was like a jab in the stomach and Nick can't take another hit. He doesn't want to think about anyone touching Jeff, especially slime like Sebastian… but, every time a dark thought almost enters his mind, it's blocked by a few little words in his memory:

"I love you too Nick."

With a confident smile, Nick stands from his feet, defying Sebastian and his ego. He looks Sebastian in the eyes, unafraid of the intense green fighting him back. His eyes can be strong too. Self-assured, Nick tells Sebastian, "I hope you find someone else Sebastian. You'll need to…"


Being he still gets to live there, Nick adjourns to cabin 2B. He's dismissing Sebastian and his stupid attempt to upset him. He can be as nasty as he wants. Jeff is with him, not Sebastian. When Jeff had the choice, he chose Nick. End of story.

Nick walks into the bedroom where Jeff has been replaced with a dirty clothes pile. It just doesn't have the same appeal.

Tired, Nick makes an exhausted sigh and sits down on a bottom bunk. He kicks off his shoes and his toes can breathe again. He lies back on the bed wondering if he should go to bed or search for wifi and watch Youtube videos.

"Hey," Puck announces himself, poking out from the threshold, "Is Jeff back at his dorm?"

"Uh," Nick gargles and tilts his head back, "No. He's still getting punished."

Processing something in his mind, Nick waits for Puck to go on. He looks around a moment, but finally speaks, "Will it take him long?"

"Probably not, why? What are you up to?"

"I need to get something and I need a wing man."

"Please don't break my boyfriend. I just got him and I didn't get the warranty."

Puck doesn't even answer, just rolls his eyes and leaves. Blaine takes his place by the door, watching Puck leave. He leans on the threshold, grinning.

"My boyfriend," Blaine emphasizes, teasing Nick in a sweet voice. He glows, joining the room, "My boyfriend. Is it that official?"

"Well," Nick shrugs, trying to be casual and to not get too excited. He doesn't want to spaz out. Blaine will freak out with him about how unbelievable it's going to be, which it will, but all that big talk is going to make Nick nervous. He just says, very cool-like, "Our first date is tomorrow, but c'mon, we'd be kidding ourselves if we weren't boyfriends."

"What are you going to do?" Blaine asks, taking a seat on the bed across from him, "Smell deodorant sticks at the canteen? Count how many twigs are on the sidewalk?"

"That's cute, did you think of that just now or is that your date with Kurt?"

Leniently, because he understands, Blaine raises his hands and gets up. He was the exact way when he first started dating Kurt. Nick thinks he's hot stuff and he's got it all together. Let him feel it, Blaine tells himself, don't rain on his parade.

"Just be yourself," Blaine gives his ever so helpful advice, "and then everything will just fall into place."

Nick doesn't need the advice. He's got this.


"What should I wear?" Jeff asks Apparently-Dan. Now that he isn't drunk, Apparently-Dan is actually a very calm and level headed person. He even throws some witty stuff out there sometimes.

"Does it matter?" Apparently-Dan answers his question with a very unhelpful question, lying on his back and reading a book.

They're in Jeff's room. Jeff finished the Colonel's work half assed so he could come back and release all his nervous crazy before tomorrow. He really doesn't want to let all his crazy out tomorrow. It's not cute and might scare Nick off.

He finally said, unsurely, "I really don't know…"

Jeff scratches his head, moving the contents inside his bag around with his foot. He explains, "I've never dated anyone before… well, I went out with this girl in middle school, but we never went anywhere. We only held hands in school and that was dating to us. She only kissed me cause it was a playground dare."

"That's adorable," Apparently-Dan started to say, but took it back, "in a really pathetic sort of way."

"You are too kind sir."

Really trying to help, Apparently-Dan sighs in frustration and rolls over on the bed, turning right side up. He drops the book by his side. He makes a guess, "Maybe, you could just wear something you haven't yet."

Jeff frowns, "I've already worn everything I've brought."

"Okay… something blue? Isn't blue supposed to look good on blondes?"

He can only shrug again. You'd think two gay guys would be able to pick out a hot outfit. Where's a woman when they need one?

"You naked, bro?" No one but Puck could ask, knocking on Jeff's door.

"No!" He rolls his eyes while Apparently-Dan snorts. He picks up his book again and starts to read.

Suspicious, Puck cracks open the door and peaks through. After a good look around, Puck comfortably steps through the threshold. He's back in his black sweat shirt and dark pants, his espionage clothes. Jeff knows where this is going.

"Put something dark on," Puck instructs Jeff, "we're heading out."

"Puck," Jeff sighs, "I have a date tomorrow."

"You'll make it."

"My first date."

"And we'll be back, first thing in the morning," Puck makes a big smile, showing how he's joking, but Jeff still holds his disapproving frown. Dropping the act, Puck sighs and his whole body deflates. "C'mon man, it's for all of us. Camp is gonna be over soon and I wanna get everything ready to end it right, you know? With some fun."

Oh, yeah, Jeff remembers. This summer is just rushing by him and he only now got to the best part. He really doesn't want to do this, but he'll regret if he doesn't. "Okay but-"

Jeff can't even finish when Puck jumps for joy and grabs Jeff by his shoulders. He shakes the excitement out of him, "You're not gonna regret this! Let's go!"

A little too wound up; Puck bolts out of the room.

"I wonder if he's excited or not," Apparently-Dan snickers, turning a page in his book.

Kidding, Jeff hums and digs out a gray jacket and black dress pants he brought for another dance. Apparently-Dan said good luck and left the room for him to change. He did so quickly, enough time to watch Apparently-Dan creep back to his room with his nose planted inside the book. If anything, he's the one who needs to get out.

Jeff meets Puck outside. He follows him to the corner of the camp, which isn't far from the dorm. The whole camp seems to be surrounded by a tall metal gate. It wasn't an obstacle, not even for a moment. The boys just started climbing it with no problem. They hit the ground and quickly start walking again.

"How are we going to get…?" Jeff's voice strays, realizing he doesn't know where they're going. So, he just says, "To wherever we're going."

"If by wherever, you mean my buddy Jay's house, we'll be getting there in style." Puck makes his verbal wink and runs over to where an army of shrubs are stationed. Curiously, Jeff quickly follows closely behind.

His feet drag, finding the surprise:

A golf cart.

"You're kidding," Jeff drops, incredulously.

Puck sits on the driver's seat, tapping his hands against the wheel. He's practically jumping up and down in his seat, "Isn't she beautiful?"

"How do you know it's a she?" Jeff asks, getting into the questionable vehicle, even though all the advice his mother has ever given him tells him otherwise.

"Jeff," Puck frowns, starting the cart, "I know a woman when I see one."

"Well," One person extra speaks out, "I know two trouble makers when I see them." Sebastian strolls over, holding his smirk high, "I give you guys an F in the sneaky department."

"What do you want?" Puck growls, letting his hatred show. All the joy he had just vomited all over his soul and now Puck just feels ill. He's never been able to stand this guy. Jeff's friend or not, Sebastian hasn't given Puck any reason to forgive him.

"I'm bored," he shrugs.

"Go finish a puzzle or somethin'. You're not wanted here-"

Jeff sighs, "It's too late now. You're already here, might as well get in Sebastian."

Self satisfied, Sebastian hops on the back, making the cart rock. Puck stares at Jeff, grimly, waiting for him to notice. Jeff is purposely avoiding the stare, looking forward. Tired of waiting, he motions forwards, "Are we going?"

Again, Puck wonders if bringing Jeff was a good idea. He just sighs tiredly and puts the cart into drive. He maneuvers the thing through the woods, until he discovers the road. It's strange seeing the outside world after being cooped up in one place for over a month. The brisk summer air makes Jeff feel like he can breathe.

"How did you even get this?" Sebastian asks Puck, when Puck really doesn't want to acknowledge his existence.

Puck mumbles, stubbornly, "Around."

Sebastian chuckles. He catches Jeff's eyes that scold him, which makes him chuckle more. They're cold like this the entire drive, for the exception of Jeff's impromptu attempt to clear the air. He was going crazy from the awkward silence and started singing Bohemian Rhapsody. No one can resist singing that song.

It worked.

At least, until it was over.

Eventually, Puck takes them up a dirt road. The cart's wheel mixes the dirt in the air. It makes them choke and cough. Thankfully, they arrive at an old wooden run down house. It actually reminds them of the cabins back at camp, except with a crap ton of useless lawn ornaments and sculptures made out of beer cans.

Barking its head off, a big black German Shepard runs through the yard from the house's deck. He jumps wildly at Puck, crawling up his legs. "Hey Killer!" Puck cheers, scratching the dog's ears and then his stomach. That did it for the dog, rewarding Puck with a big sloppy kiss.

"Is that really his name?" Jeff asks, worriedly. It's not that he's afraid of dogs. He just knows the dog isn't afraid of him.

"No, it's really Lady Killer," Puck explains like a proud father, patting the dog's head. He turns off the cart and hops out. Jeff gulps, feeling glued to his seat.

Sebastian gets off, noticing Jeff's petrified state. He sighs, taking Jeff's shoulders, "Don't worry." He assures him, "I'll protect you from the big mean dog."

"I'm fine," Jeff says even if he hesitantly slinks off the golf cart. He walks with the guys, farthest away from the dog.

As they approach the porch, the screen door opens and out walks a giant. Jeff literally has to tilt his head up to meet this man's giant blue eyes. He has a round beer belly, but thick meaty arms that could surely kill Jeff just by bumping into him. He's also a scruffy guy with a stumpy beard and disheveled cut off plaid shirt and washed out jeans.

"Didn't I just see you?" He grins, a big toothy grin and shakes hands with Puck. He pulls him into a hug and the pat on the back he gives Puck sounds thunderous.

"You know me," Puck sheepishly shrugs, trying to look cool.

"Better than most," he winks.

His eyes glance over the remaining two and his smile doesn't waver, "Well, who are these lost souls?"

"Jay," Puck presents them, "This is Jeff and Sebastian. Jeff, this is my buddy Jay."

"Hi," Jeff nods and waves a little. Not really caring he was dismissed, Sebastian waves too.

"Aw, don't do that," Jay pouts, surprisingly childishly. He opens his arms, cocking his head, "I'm a hugger."

He steps towards Jeff as he feels his stomach caving in. Suddenly Jay has his arms around Jeff, trapping him inside his powerful bear hug. He squeezes him tight, to the point his back cracks in every place possible and his arms are constricted to his sides. Jay lifts him off the ground, swinging him back and forth. Jeff whines, totally helpless in this situation.

Heaving a good sigh, Jay lets Jeff go and Jeff can breathe again. He's thankful. For a moment, he thought his lungs had shattered.

He only shakes Sebastian's hand. He really isn't that big of a hugger, but he really is a joker and yanking that skinny blonde kid's chain did his heart good. "What can I do you for?" Jay asks, turning back into his house.

Following him in, Puck requests the usual.

Jay bellows a chuckle as Killer jumps around his legs. Inside the house looks like a taxidermist museum, every animal, raccoon, fox and bear alike, that has crossed this guy seems to be stuffed and in his house. The furniture is an old leather set that face a coffee table in the middle. There's a fire place behind the couch with newspapers and magazines stacked in front of it and where one acoustic guitar stands.

"Alright," Jay agrees and walks into another room. He yells from there and Jeff worries the animals may awaken. He's in a dead lock staring contest with a badger while Jay tells them, "But you know my rules! You gotta spend a little a time with me!"

"What does that mean?" Sebastian questions in an eager way. If he could guess, there's only one thing a grown man can do with some younger guys, especially in the South.

Killer running out first, Jay makes his entrance with a case of beer, "It means we drink."

He sets the case down and a single Coke can. Pointing a pickle sized finger, he motions around the group, "Who's driving?"

"Me," Jeff says instantly. Jay throws him the coke and he explains, "I have a date tomorrow. I don't want to have a hangover for that."

Jay whistles, handing out the beers. Sebastian takes his and plops on the couch, hoping Jeff will sit by him. Instead Puck sighs into that place. Sebastian watches Jeff sit (by the way, he's never seen someone sit down so awkwardly before) on an arm chair. Almost instantly, Lady Killer takes this chance and jumps right onto Jeff's lap. Jeff's breath is audibly knocked out of him, but he's too polite to push the dog away.

"She won't bite," Jay assures him and Jeff smiles doubtfully. His hand hesitates over the dog for moment before he touches it. He strokes up and down Killer's back, making his tail go wild.

"See? He's a sweetie."

"Uh, huh."

After the pleasantries are done, the men begin to drink. They knock back their beers and none of them have any problem doing so. Jeff is actually enjoying watching them all get significantly more and more wasted.

Eventually, Jay nods over to the fireplace, "Hand me my guitar, one of you."

Like his arms weigh a ton, Sebastian throws his arms back and grabs the guitar. He walks like a rag doll would, handing Jay the instrument. He drops back on the couch, melting into the leather. Jay lazily strums the guitar. He turns to Jeff, his eyes glazed over with a nice softness, "Here's a little secret Jeffery, I play better drunk."

Jeff chuckles, but Puck backs him up, "He's not lying. Jay, you should play."

In his drunken daze, Sebastian has been staring at Jeff. He hasn't noticed and neither has Jeff, but Jay certainly has. Coyly, he casually asks Sebastian, "Seb, why don't you sing a little for me?"

Sebastian looks up and back down at his beer. "I'm sick of singing," He chuckles cynically, touching the water on the outside bottle. He explains to Jay, the alcohol knocking down the walls that would normally be standing up tall, "I've just sang one song too many and none of them help me."

"Aw kid," Jay shakes his head, "songs can't save you. Only love can."

"I've had plenty of love," Sebastian snorts and shakes his head, "It loses the appeal after a while."

"No son. Sex doesn't count, when you're making love yes, but if you're getting close to someone merely for recreation, then you ain't helpin' nobody, except probably, maybe assisting them in getting an STD."

Jeff blushes, knowing Sebastian's problem is him.

"Maybe it's not the songs that aren't helping," Jay goes on, very knowledgeable for a drunk, but that's him drunk. Sober, he wouldn't have noticed a woman with double Ds winking at him. He tries to help poor young Sebastian, "It's your approach…" He flicks his guitar strings.

Puck recognizes it and beats on the coffee table, making it a make-shift drum, as Jay goes on, "Sometimes too much of a good thing can turn bad fast."

Jay sings, surprising Jeff with a deep voice. If he closes his eyes, he could strangely confuse Jay with a sexy rock star:

"One Rock 'n' Roll too many,
One night's sleep too few."
Too much ringing that bell
takes its toll out of you

Getting into the song, Jay sits up. Sebastian actually recognizes it as Puck sings, still beating on the coffee table:

"The sound's too loud."

Jay adds on:

"The light's too bright."

He nods to Sebastian, asking him to take the next part. Sebastian does, closing his eyes and uses his vocals the way rock n' roll calls for:

"My chains are too heavy
And my shoes are too tight!"

They all come back in together. Jeff is actually surprised how great their tired drunk voices sound with the song, it's like it's meant for them.

"One Rock 'n' Roll too many,
Takes its toll..."

The last note slides out of their throats slowly like honey running down the wall. They finally say:

"Out of you."

Jeff watches Jay's fingers in wonder, how they flick around the strings. He really is good.
Jeff's eyes wander to Sebastian, seeing how happy he looks. He really does look like he's enjoying himself, which makes Jeff happy. They sing out:

"One Rock 'n' Roll too many

One more joint put out

One more twist of the wrist!

Makes you twist, twist and shout!"

Jay bellows:

"My rug is cut"

Pucks adds his line:

"My dig is dug"

Sebastian still sings loud:

"My groove's too deep"

They all come back for:

"And my frick is fruck!"

"One Rock 'n' Roll too many,
Takes its toll... out of you."

Suddenly, all the boys stand up. They fumble around with their feet, but still, they think walking around the room is a good idea. Puck picks up a side table close by, using that as the drum now. Jeff laughs his head off, watching them circle the room and dance. They walk into the furniture and trip over their own feet. It's ridiculous:

"One Rock 'n' Roll too many,
I can't hear no more."

Jay leans back, into it, strumming his guitar and shaking his body:

"Whaddya say?"

Practically yelling, Sebastian and Puck sing back:

"I can't hear nothing!"

It's almost a conversation now, them both going back and forth, between Jay and the boys. It all excites Lady Killer. He jumps off of Jeff and follows the boys in their circle, barking as if he's singing with them.

"Whaddya say?"

"I can't hear nothing!"

"Whaddya say?"

"Oh, I can't hear nothing!"

"Whaddya say?"

Everyone sings together, stopping wherever they ended up.

"I said one Rock 'n' Roll too many"

Again, they sing slowly with a sultry tone. Dragging their feet, matching the song, they start lingering back to their seats and Lady Killer hops back onto Jeff's lap:

"Takes its toll..."

Gradually, they begin sitting down:

"And the soul..."

Once they plop down, it ends:

"Out of you!"


Designated driver doesn't just mean making sure the drunks don't sway too much and fall off the golf cart, but it also means dragging them back to their cabins. Puck (with the fireworks Jay gave them) was a much easier case, at least he picked up his feet. Sebastian has hung himself around Jeff, unable to support himself up.

He's also rambling, which makes him lose the focus he already barely had for walking. "Do you, you get wha-what my friend Jay was doin' there?"

"Yes, Sebastian," Jeff just says, trying to get him on the sidewalk.

"How, how I've done it one too many times, whoa-!" He loses his footing, causing Jeff to lose his. They both trip off the sidewalk and almost face plant into the hard earth. Thankfully, Jeff keeps them steady. Annoyed, he huffs and trudges on. Forgetting about it, Sebastian just keeps talking, "and now, I'm tired of it. It, it took its toll on me."

"That's nice Sebastian."

"I think, you know, I think I could do it."

"You already do it."

"No!" He whines, childishly, "Do the love thing." He throws a fist in the air, very dramatic-like, which almost knocks them both over again. He's yelling, "Doing it with love from now on!"

"Alright, Sebastian," Jeff grunts, picking Sebastian up again. They arrive at his cabin and Jeff takes him to the door.

"I'm good," Sebastian moans, breaking away from Jeff. He practically falls into the door, which makes Jeff nervous. He says again, "I'm good."

"Goodnight," Jeff mumbles, carefully waiting for him to go inside. He feels like, if Sebastian drops to the ground, it'll be loud enough for a roommate to wake up and then that person will drag him to bed.

Sebastian waves a limp hand, humming the song from earlier this evening. He needs to hum it. After this long, a song has finally worked out for him…


The next day, Jeff was the first in the dorm to wake up. He could barely sleep that night. He's living off the adrenaline his excitement is pouring through his veins for his date today. It's like his heart drank twenty cups of coffee, but he doesn't have to pee.

Seriously though, he wants the date to come sooner, but to never stop.

When the appropriate hour of nine-twenty one (because he couldn't wait any longer), Jeff barges into Apparently-Dan's room. It was okay to him, he heard noises and music playing, so Jeff just assumed he was up. He's not wasting anytime. "Okay, so I narrowed it down to two different- ohmygod!"

Almost the exact moment Jeff walked in, he turns away. He cowers behind the shirts he brought, hiding his cherry red face. He has felt so embarrassed since the last time he saw this pair together. The Blonde-Guy that was with Apparently-Dan the first time they met at the dance is now in bed with him… naked.

"Hey Jeff," Apparently-Dan said way too casually as Blonde-Guy chuckles, crawling under the covers.

"Oh, what's up?" Blonde-Guy adds in. He snuggles into Apparently-Dan comfortably.

"What?" Jeff asks, wanting to just die in a small hole in the far corner of the universe, "What is going on here?" He doesn't know where they are so he just motions his hand around the general area of the bed.

"We're dating," Apparently-Dan makes more things apparent.

"Then, why?" Jeff's brain really can't process this, "Why the dance and the hit on thingy from-?"

The boys in bed can sense he's not going to get this out and just embarrass himself even more, so Blonde-Guy explains further, "We like threesomes."

"Awesome." Jeff feels like his cheeks are literally steaming, his blush is so hot.

They all sit there, looking around at each other. Eventually, Apparently-Dan sighs, "What did you bring Jeff?"

Nodding more than a normal person would, Jeff drops his curtain of two shirts. Just to get it over with, he gives the boys a good look, forcing himself to become comfortable with it quickly. He doesn't.

He'll fake it though.

In his right hand, he holds up a simple blue V-neck, "Well, you told me to pick something blue, so I picked my favorite blue shirts. I like the V-neck because it makes my neck look long." He holds up a nice light blue collar shirt, "But this one looks casual but good."

"The V-neck," Blonde-Guy points out, "it'll look sexier, but don't wear tight shorts or pants. You don't want to like you're trying too hard, but still sexy… wear shorts, show off some leg."

"Thanks, great, then that's what I'll do. Awesome. I appreciate it. Thanks."

He nods again, backing out of the door, "Great. This is great." He motions towards them again. The boys are kind of enjoying it. It's funny watching him flounder around.

Smirking, Blonde-Guy nods too, "That's great."

"But not that great," Jeff makes clear—in his mind—that he doesn't want to be a threesome. He's had enough trouble trying to get in the twosome he is in now.


Cloud nine can kiss the bottom of Nick's shoes because he's on clouds up in the thousands and there's no coming down.

He is on his way to pick up Jeff.

He is on his way to pick up Jeff for their date.


Can he just bask in that word for a moment? It's such a nice word.

Nick left early to the dorms. He couldn't wait anymore. He was bouncing off the walls and really starting to annoy the guys. No one wants to be around a guy in his honeymoon period when you're getting no action (meanwhile, Blaine in a relationship longer, knew better and has been with Kurt all day).

Since he doesn't live there, Nick politely knocks on the dorm's front door. A girl opens it and frowns deeply upon spotting him, "Go away."

She slams the door back in his face. He blinks, having to remember this is Vocal Adrenaline he's dealing with. "Uh," he said, speaking up, "I'm here for Jeff."

"Don't care," The girl snickers with what sounds like a group.

"Could you just tell him I'm here?" Nick asks, trying to remain calm and patient. He's not going to give into their game.

"Sorry," the girl giggles more as Nick spots a few guys peeking through the door's windows, "My legs don't work."

With Apparently-Dan and his boyfriend Blonde-Guy, Jeff has been trying to distract himself. He would worry less that way. Off in the distance, Jeff suddenly hears laughter, which is odd because Vocal Adrenaline kids have lost their ability to laugh. Well, that's not completely the case. They still laugh, but only when they're torturing another glee club… oh.

"Crap," Jeff curses in his own way and quickly gets up and practically runs out of the room.

"Have fun!" Apparently-Dan encourages.

Blonde-Guy (Jeff should really learn his name) tells him, "Don't do anything I wouldn't!"

That certainly leaves a lot more than just wiggle room, Jeff has found. He gallops towards the front door finding a small mass of people snickering. Behind that is Nick's voice.

These idiots aren't going to get in the way of his date.

"Alright," Nick can hear Jeff's voice from inside. It's strangely demanding which is kind of a turn on. "Shows over," He tells the kids, making them disperse.

Finally, the door opens and out walks Jeff. His shirt hugs the exact right places Nick drools over, especially elongating his decadent neck. He admires the way his calves are shaped and curved, peeking out of his shorts.

"Hey," Jeff smiles, all his nerves and frustrations disappearing. Unknowingly, his bangs fall down and touch his nose and cheeks, falling over his eyes.

Nick is happy he didn't brush his hair out of his face. That's something he likes to do. He slowly reaches over, sweeping his hair to the side, "Hi." He leans in slowly, lightly kissing his lips. "Ready?" He asks, walking forward.

Quickly, Jeff grabs Nick's hand, intertwining his fingers into his. "Yeah," He tells Nick, "I've been ready."

Nick chuckles and Jeff blushes, realizing how completely stupid and cheesy that was. Unbeknownst to him, Nick's heart fluttered gleefully.

Happily, Nick leads Jeff through the camp as Jeff told him all about last night and how ridiculous everyone was, especially Sebastian. Nick liked the sound of Sebastian acting like an idiot, but only tells Jeff about Puck telling him about everything. It didn't take long for them to melt into their old world again.

Thad, minding his own business, sits on a bench. He has a few chips in his hand, ready for his late afternoon snack when he spots them. He watches Nick slowly, without Jeff noticing, try to bite his fingers.

Jeff finally realizes what's going on and freaks. He tries to pull away, shouting out third grader obscenities. He tries pulling away harder, but Nick laughs and yanks him back. Jeff squeals…

Thad can't look anymore. He sighs and tosses his chip bag into a trash can, once again, losing his appetite. Whatever, it's not like he ever wanted to be able to eat again. No big deal.

After the decision of Nick being an idiot and cannibalism is not a turn on was made, Nick easily led Jeff to an area of the camp he's never been. He can always tell what buildings are new with their newly placed brick over newly ordered grass. The building Nick takes him to is obviously not new. Actually, Jeff believes it was made run down.

Larger than any two story building at STARZ, this seems to be a storage house that eats other storage houses. It's an unattractive building, but Jeff doubts the architect for this place had its sexual presence in mind.

"C'mon," Nick urges excitedly. He runs ahead, prying open a garage door from the ground. As if it's in pain, the door whines and it stabs through Jeff's poor ears. He doesn't complain. Nick is way too happy about this. Jeff doesn't want to ruin in. When Nick gets all excited like this, he's like a little puppy on cute pills. It's really adorable.

Nick grits his teeth and pushes the door upward with all his might. His arms tremble a little, but he shoves the thing up where he wants it. He sighs, completely satisfied, turning to Jeff with that happy little smile. He nods to the inside, "In here."

"Are we allowed in there?" Jeff asks hesitantly, keeping his feet locked into the ground.

Jeff can just hear the grin in Nick's voice as he enters the questionable building, "Probably not." He disappears in the shadows.

Audibly, Jeff gulps. His breath for good measure ends up shaking and instills little confidence in him. However, he trusts Nick enough to follow him inside the building, even if the closer he gets the more it starts to feel like a great set for a really gory slasher film.

Stepping inside, Jeff has found this place is pleasantly cool. A moment later, bright lights flicker on from the ceiling. It's blinding at first, but as his eyes adjusts, Jeff sees the same wonder Nick's grin promised. He can't stop himself from gaping at it all.

Laid everywhere is old equipment from what seems to be a more outdoors kind of camp with canoes, tents, and sporting equipment. He sees tall metal beams with volley balls attached and inner tubes stacked near the ceiling. For a moment, Jeff even forgets where he is.

What is amazing is Nick and everything he's done. Jeff sees in the middle of an obviously forced space is a tall green tent put together. Around it is junk, but junk covered in little golden Christmas lights, unlit for now. The beauty would be wasted with these fluorescent lights. He also sees a ping-pong table set up and a radio on top of a pile of horse saddles. Behind that is a cooler that can only be filled with goodies.

"Well?" Nick raises, worriedly. For the first time he's the one who's anxious.

Jeff walks right up to Nick, taking the blushing boy's face in his hands. Their foreheads touch comfortably. "This," he drops seriously, looking right into the browns in Nick's eyes, "is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever done for me."

He begins to lean, but Nick didn't really understand that. He's too giddy to notice how serious Jeff is when he gives that sultry I'm-going-eat-you-whole-look.

"It gets even better!" He's blabbering, running to the radio. He turns it on and a slightly dulled radio station places the hit songs of today, for now it plays We are Young by Fun. Jeff chuckles, watching him run over to the light switches, turning more than half of them off. He then turns on the Christmas lights that glow a brilliantly warm glow.

Nick glimpses at Jeff, seeing how the glow hits him just right. He notices the look in his eyes and Nick may go mad, his brain swirling and stomach fluttering. "Nick, if you didn't notice," Jeff tries to enlighten Nick, "I wasn't leaning into you because my neck hurt…"

"Ah," Nick exhales, stepping closer. "My bad," he whispers and takes Jeff's fingers, "I'm still not used to thinking that you want me."

"I'll just have to remind you."

This time when Jeff leans, he gets his kiss. He tastes Nick's breathe on his tongue and it sends something like a dream through his body, it's so unreal. He never knew he could feel this way.

Striking a clean cut through their moment, a voice speaks up, "Uh, sorry guys." Trent tells then sincerely. See, he thinks, this is the time and place for their lovey-dovey moments: when no one can see them and become horribly ill.

"I got your food," He accidentally giggles, feeling a little embarrassed. He raises a plastic bag in his hand up, forcing his giggling down. "I-I hope you like it- pfft!"

By the look on his face, the boys laugh and do take the food. Trent escapes quickly before he says something stupid. Instead he just rambles about how he retrieved the food, which quieted down the farther he retreated.

They eat the chips and sandwiches on the ping pong table. When it came down to desert there was only one cookie. This was a joke because Trent knows how much they like sharing food, but the boys didn't realize this, being they were very blind to it in the first place. They both saw it as a challenge. "Play you for it," Nick glares, jumping off the table. He slides over to one side. He takes one paddle, tossing it back and forth in his hands. In his mind that's what ping-pong players do to intimidate the competition.

Jeff knows he's going to lose. There's not a single chance he's going to win. He never wins. That's just not something Jeffs can do. Jeffs aren't built to be winners. They're built for swaying in the background and partaking in harmless tomfoolery.

"C'mon Sterling," Nick eggs him on, tossing another paddle over to him.

Losing all hand eye coordination, Jeff fumbles to grab the paddle, but it ends up hitting his chest—Nick holds in a laugh—and it drops to the ground. In this storage room, it echoed and made his failure even more laughable. Jeff grimaced instantly.

Still, he sighs and bends over. He picks it up off the floor, retreating to his side. He looks Nick in his dark eyes and prays he'll, at the least, go easy on him. Then, that little smirk pulls at Nick's lip and Jeff knows he's doomed.

Nick pops the little yellow ball and it jumps to Jeff's side. Panicked, Jeff reaches out and completely misses the ball by a good foot. Nick couldn't stop himself from snorting there. Quickly, he covers his mouth just as Jeff frowns at him. He shakes his head, speaking behind his fingers, "sorry, but you have to admit that was funny."

Jeff just gives him a hard look before picking up the ball. He raises it up, waiting for a moment as he tries to figure out how hard he should hit the ball or where. Studying him, Nick realizes his cockiness might not be the most romantic approach to all of this.

As Get your Ass Back Home by Gym Class Heroes begins to play, Jeff spanks the ball with his paddle (Jeff can't imagine that action described any other way) and Nick lightly taps it back. Jeff keeps his eyes so closely on that ball, it seemed to be going in slow motion. He can feel the little trickle of sweat slide down his brow. He hears his heart beat pound fiercely in his eyes. His hands ache, he's gripping the handle so intensely when-

He missed it. Again.

The yellow ball plopped down on the ground, making harmless little tapping sounds as it scurried away. "C'mon on Jeff," Nick nods, jumping a little in place to keep the momentum. "You've got this baby."

Whoa. Wha? Did he? Was that? He couldn't have, right?

The deepest red that has ever been created, Jeff blushes. He's never been given a pet name before and he never thought "baby" would be one of them, let alone the first. If he starts singing Justin Bieber, Jeff doesn't think he'll survive it.

Truth be told, it did make him the tiniest bit of happy, even if that's one of the most embarrassing things in the world. It's right up there with singing "Lovesong" against his ear.

Half in a separate world, Jeff ever so slightly taps the ping-pong, soaking in the pet name (obsessing for a moment if this will stick or not). Gravity still does its work, forcing the little yellow ball down on Nick side.

Excitedly—he's very competitive—Nick hits it back and shouts, "Get it!"

That shoots adrenaline straight through Jeff. He perks up and swings at the nearest moving object. He could feel the ball hit his paddle through the wood and he waits for no one to celebrate, "I did it!" He cheers, throwing his hands victoriously in the air.

"Wait!" Nick laughs, "Don't stop!" Unconsciously, like a reflex, Nick hits the ball back and it just flies right by Jeff.

Jeff hears the ball pounce around on the ground, but his cheer over powers it, "Who cares? I actually hit the stupid thing! I never hit the stupid thing."

"Good job," Nick chuckles, adoringly. He's so cute getting excited over something so simple.

"It's just so stupid," Jeff stresses, "When I was a kid, there was a table at the YMCA and I could never win."

Putting the paddle down, feeling the game has ended, Nick walks over to Jeff, "Did the other kids tease you?"

"Kids are mean little demons."

Even though he really shouldn't, Nick snorts. He reaches for the cookie and breaks it in half, "You win concurring your traumatic YMCA experience, but I won the game, so we half it."

Jeff takes it, feeling it crumble a little against his fingers. Shaking his head a little, he chuckles, "You know, we probably would've split it anyways." He bites a piece of the cookie. It's sweet and has a really nice taste, a little dry but the taste is nice.

Nick shrugs, eating his own cookie.

Being they're polite and don't want to look unattractive in front of the other, they eat silently for a moment. They sit up on the table, listening to the change in the music:

"I put your records on to see if you would call my name

I put your records on to see if you might feel the same…"

They notice the light from outside has left, knowing all that's around them is now darkness. The Christmas lights share the greatest light now, laying its golden glow on everything near. It makes it all seem romantic and like a dream. Unconsciously, Jeff began to sway softly with the music:

"It's funny how it all works out in the end

Though it was the same from start to fin

But it's never too late to begin…"

Having made quick glimpses of him, Nick watches Jeff's eyes glaze over. He definitely looks dreamier than the light's glow. Calmly, Nick slides off the table and turns the remaining lights off. Surprised, Jeff blinks a moment, feeling his heart stop for a moment in panic. He searches around for Nick, finding him turning the music up:

"It'd be a tragedy for anyone who was your girl

Because the saddest part is that you want the love of the whole wide world…"

Jeff waits in anticipation as Nick meanders over. He has that smirk again. That smirk does something to him like a sickness does to a patient. He grows feverish and hot. He crumbles, being completely consumed by it. Good thing there's no cure.

Standing before him, Nick puts his hands on each side of Jeff, locking him in. Gladly, Jeff slides his hands past Nick's shoulders, wrapping his arms around his neck. Their bodies draw closer to each other as do their faces.

"I love you," Nick whispers, reaching even closer.

What did I think earlier? Jeff wonders to himself. He had a thought on the bus ride to camp. He had a simple passing little thought that didn't mean much at the time but... it was wrong. This is what happiness is to Jeff. Everything pales in comparison now.

Jeff presses his lips against Nick's for a small moment. His eyes closed, he murmurs, "I love you too."

A stronger thumping in his chest, Nick turns his head and kisses Jeff deeply. Being pulled closer, Jeff inhales through his nose, moving his hands around Nick's neck. He caresses his strong jaw, getting that light headed feeling again.

Smoothly, Nick hands move, one caressing Jeff's thigh. His hand slides down it, stroking his leg through the smooth fabric over it. He uses his other hand to slip under Jeff's shirt. With practically just his finger tips, he fondles his warm soft waist. Jeff feels the chill run up his shirt. It practically spreads through his whole body as he shudders a small bit. "Mmm," He hums, hiding his face on Nick's shoulder.

If Nick keeps this up, he doesn't know where this is going to go. I don't know why I'm scared, Jeff thinks, feeling embarrassed. He trusts Nick with all his heart. He's never felt so strongly about a person before, but there's always a small hesitation. So many things could happen and just as many can go wrong. But, is it really that terrible if he wants everything to go perfect?

Still, Jeff leans back up and kisses Nick because he needs to. He needs that warm comfort to sooth his soul. He prays Nick can't taste the worry on his lips. Jeff has never been at hiding his emotions.

Nick doesn't. All he can think of is how sexy Jeff is and how good it is to touch his skin. He grabs the end of Jeff's shirt, pulling it up. The V-neck he decided on is apparently really easy to take off. Blonde-Guy must have known. He must have a sixth sense about that kind of stuff Jeff doesn't want to be alone in this and takes Nick's shirt off too, which is fine by him.

He presses himself against Jeff, holding him tightly. The impact makes it hard for Jeff to breathe and the stress doesn't lessen when Nick makes little kisses down his neck. "Ah," Jeff responds in a sharp exhale. His voice echoes against the storage walls, which alarms Jeff greatly. His cheeks burn deeply and he just freezes, while Nick chuckles (half was out of nerves).

"Should we move?" Nick asks, keeping Jeff in his arms.

Not wanting a single sound out of his mouth ever again, Jeff nods swiftly. Surprising Jeff to no end, Nick actually picks him. Oh god, Jeff thinks, he's totally going to drop me. Paranoid, Jeff latches his legs around Nick's waist.

Be cool, Nick has going through his mind, don't drop him. Be cool and manly, you can do it Nick Duval. It's fine that you're a chuckling idiot, but right now be a man. Short, but manly.

Before the tent, Nick drops down to one knee, opening the tent's door. He let's them both fall through the entrance. Jeff plops down on what feels like an air mattress with a blanket over it. Jeff looks up at Nick as the beautiful glow seeps through the tent's wall as it softens Nick's face, even if his smile already does a good job by itself.

"You're so beautiful," Nick utters.

"You aren't too bad yourself," Jeff chuckles self-consciously, over his butterflies, reaching out and touching Nick's cheek. He caresses him, wondering what he's thinking. He has to be crazy to say things like that.

"Do you think we should wait?" Nick asks him, seeing the glaze of question flashing past Jeff's eyes. He knows him. He knows his worries, but Nick also has his own. When Jeff's eyes show signs of panic, Nick explains himself, "It's not that I don't want you." His eyes widen a moment, emphasizing this, "If you can't tell from what's in my pants, I really do, but I want a real, serious relationship, so I think we should wait."

"I love you," Jeff smiles, grabbing him by the shoulders and dragging him back to his level, "I love you so much." He kisses Nick.

"You know," Nick murmurs between another kiss, "There's still other stuff we can do."

Another kiss is Jeff's answer. Nick smiles against his lips as his hand travels across Jeff's chest. It slides with ease over such soft skin. His fingertips graze over his nipple. Feeling it, he cups it in his palm and squeezes it. Jeff shudders, a tingling sensation scattering under his skin. Involuntarily he gasps, "Ah!"

A tightness he recognizes twitches in his pants, which makes him flinch again. As he flinches his crotch rubs against Nick's. It feels like they both feel feverish and touching the other only sets them on fire. "God," Nick winces, having to swallow hard.

An idea flickers in Jeff's head. He grabs at Nick pants, undoing the button and the zipper. Nick understands and yanks down his pants, sliding them off his feet. Jeff stares at the wonder that is Nick with his sculpted chest and sharpened legs. He studies further with his hands, tracing every nook and cranny on Nick's chest.

Jeff watches Nick's reaction, the way he closes his eyes and soaks in the pleasure. Jeff leans up, lightly pecking his nipple. He sucks on it, nibbling on it. His eyes closed, Nick searches around, rubbing on Jeff's crotch. Up and down, he rubs his erection yearning for that wonderful friction.

Jeff gasps against Nick's chest, digging his hand into Nick's skin. "It gets better," Nick jokes, sitting up and straddling Jeff. His crotch rubs against his again and Jeff grows impatient, moaning deeply from within his chest.

With his hands behind his head, he clutches the blanket as Nick undoes Jeff's pants now. Pulling off Jeff's pants, it yanks his boxers down revealing his hip bones. Nick tosses it out of the tent and takes a moment to process the moment.

Here he is with the most beautiful person in his life trapped in the golden glow, everything he has ever wanted in a partner is looking at him now with the most adoring eyes in the world. "Come here," this beautiful lover now calls for him.

Diving back in, Nick lays one on him, holding his face in place. There's nowhere else he wants to be and there's no way Jeff is going anywhere. He can stays here forever (which is silly because soon they'll need to shower, eat, and eventually pee. With all that they won't want to be around anybody). His hands free, he pulls down his remaining clothing, forgetting to be embarrassed about being completely nude in front of Nick. He does the same for Nick, grazing his butt cheeks with hands.

Free, Nick presses himself against Jeff's body, making him gasps automatically, "Ah! Nick!"

Slowly, Nick slides against Jeff, swooping his hips down in the motions. His cock rubs over Jeff's, the hard pieces mixing the juices seeping out. It only excites them more. Nick rocks against Jeff, thrusting his hips inward over and over. He hums as the pleasure builds inside him like a fuse to a bomb.

Jeff flinches, being pushed up and down on the mattress. He craves this, grabbing Nick's cheeks in both hands as he pulls him closer, wanting it harder. Nick goes fasters their bulges rubbing alongside the other's shaft. He drops his head against Jeff's shoulders, panting and searching for air in all this, one reality in a faraway state.

A surge plunges into Nick and he bites down on Jeff's precious skin. Jeff flinches, having to hold the covers again. He has to hold onto something. He moans and writhes under Nick. His squirming only drove them both further down the fuse. Jeff begins panting too, singing his "ahs" in a completely different, high pitched way.

He notices less how his voice travels and echoes back and forth between the storage room's walls. He just likes feeling Nick against him and his breathing on his ear and neck. Nick pushes harder again, moving faster again. He'd be buried in Jeff if he could be.

"Nick," Jeff calls out, begging him.

His wish is Nick's command. Nick sucks on Jeff's neck, groping his chest. Every button that could be touched was, making him skittish in the ecstasy. "Ah," His cry becomes sharp and he can't stop, quickly spouting it out, until he can't hold it in anymore. "Ah, ah- I'm going to!"

"Go ahead," Nick whispers in his ear and that was it for Jeff.

He cries out, feeling the explosion start from his crotch and burns up everything inside him down to his fingertips. His load flies upward, splattering all over his own chest. Jeff gasps, but doesn't wait. He doesn't even stop panting when he turns Nick over on his back.

"You're turn," Jeff murmurs, staring him down.

Nick may cum just from that.

Jeff slinks down Nick's chest, letting his hand glide behind his hand. He holds onto Nick, it's stiff and dripping through the cracks in his fingers. Just his touch releases a nice sound from Nick's lips. Jeff slips his mouth around Nick, slowly taking him in and out.

"Ah," Nick croaks, curling his toes in their constriction. He feels Jeff's hot tongue drag along his erection that can barely handle it already. "Oh fuck," He utters, a strong sensation building inside his crotch.

"Here it comes," Nick warns, shutting his tight as he audibly gulps. His breathe shudders with him. Jeff backs off and switches with his hand. Skin to skin, Jeff strokes Nick rapidly, faster than he was with his mouth.

"Fuck!" Nick shouts, his back arching as everything he was is squeezed out of him and nothing is left but that tantalizing pressure compressing his body. He shoots out, spilling all over the blanket.

He pants with Jeff, synchronizing their heated breathes together, until Nick sits up. Jeff follows the action as Nick uses a clean end of the blanket to wipe off Jeff's chest. Jeff can't stop staring at him. He smiles, feeling really happy. There isn't some complicated way of describing it. He doesn't need an unnecessary big word like jubilant or euphoric. He's just happy.

Nick locks his eyes into Jeff's vast dark eyes. They're very enthralling, he finds. He can't help himself. Slowly, in no hurry, Nick leans in and takes a kiss. He leans back, finishing his cleaning job. Jeff looks down, feeling slightly embarrassed by the mess, "Sorry about the blanket."

"Oh, don't worry," Nick shrugs, being very offhanded about it, "I brought an extra."

Jeff, his lips pursed, he stares at Nick. He couldn't have been expecting this, right? I mean, it'd be a good guess, but…

Without even looking at Jeff, Nick knows he needs to explain further, "I come prepared and I was prepared to not be able to keep my hands off of you."

Jeff snorts, which makes Nick chuckle. He looks up and the second their eyes meet again, they start laughing. They can't stop laughing. They've never been able to keep from laughing…


At his desk, the Colonel makes a deep sigh. He marks off yesterday from the desk calendar. Today, he sees written in large red marker, "Last day!" Today is the last day. Tomorrow the kids will pile back into the buses just as they did before they came. They'll leave the camp, making it a quiet ghost town.

He sighs.

Exhausted, he reaches over to his phone and hits the first number on his speed dial. This has been one of the most exhausting experiences he's ever had to deal with in his life and he can't live one more day of it, at least not alone.

"Hello? It's Veronica," the loveliest voice answers, causing a curve on the Colonel's lips. His mouth muscles cry from their lack of use.

"Hey honey," he says back to his wife.

"Oh, god," He can hear how thrown she is over the phone. Concerned, she goes on, "Lloyd, you sound awful."

He answers in a heavy sigh.

Meaning no harm, she laughs, "Sorry. Sorry, I know it was hard." She pauses a moment. He waits, glancing around the office. He wonders if she'll be upset when she comes back to her office and it smells like tobacco. Air fresheners, he makes a mental note, I'll need about twenty.

"You're such a good man," Veronica assures him like she knows he needs, "you were so wonderful filling in for me."

"Don't worry about it," he tries to assure her. He likes taking care of her like he said he would in their vows. If she never needed anything, even if that means running a camp while she's taking care of her parents. "How are they?" He asks.

"Better," She smiles, "I think I'll be home soon."

"Not soon enough."

"Oh, shut up," Veronica snorts and laughs. She always does that when she's embarrassed. "Honestly though," she quickly changes the conversation back to him, "was it really that bad?"

"I don't know how to handle so many hormones. Kids nowadays have too many. I blame T.V."

She laughs again, "What do you expect? A bunch of good looking passionate kids cramped into one little space for a few months. Look at us," she laughs, goodheartedly, "We are the perfect example!"

He stops her there, "Whoa, whoa, we never took over dances or brought in booze."

"Ahaha," Veronica sighs gleefully, "Classic."

"Veronica," Colonel Lloyd scolds.

"Sorry, sorry," she still chuckles a little. "We did have a lot of fun at camp together." As she speaks, the colonel glances around the room at all the military camp pictures. The kids who get called to his office often mistake these pictures to be from the actual military, when they're actually from the time he and Veronica went to camp. Honestly, he finds it all silly. He doesn't understand why she needs all these pictures. Though, the Colonel is a nickname he received that one summer, the summer he met Veronica. "We were always sneaking out," she defends the kids she doesn't even know.

He argues back, "But that's because I didn't want to take your friends' crap. I knew they called me Colonel Meatball behind my back. I get it, I'm round. Very clever."

"I know, I know…"

Feeling melancholic all of a sudden, he looks at the one picture in this room that's his: a picture of Veronica, the first one he ever took. She was and still is so beautiful (She honestly was too good for him, some things never change). Her thick dark hair never had to be straightened a day in her life, it always fell so perfectly on her shoulders. She wore red lipstick, but it's hard to notice as she's sticking her tongue at him. He also wishes this picture truly captured her beautiful emerald green eyes.

"Will you sing to me?" Veronica begs, "Sing our song, Lloyd."

He sighs dramatically, only teasing her. Readying himself, he sits up and rests his head on his hand. He sings quietly at first, weary and nervous someone outside would hear:

"Smile an everlasting smile
A smile could bring you near to me"

He may have been a short fat round guy, but he sure knew how to sing a love song. It was, though Veronica says differently, the reason he was even noticed in the first place.

"Don't ever let me find you gone
'Cause that would bring a tear to me"

He forgets the world outside, singing the song right, how it was made to be sung. Over the phone, Veronica can't help but join in:

"This world has lost its glory
Let's start a brand new story
Now my love

You'd think that I don't even mean a single word I say

It's only words, and words are all
I have to take your heart away"

His apprehension was actually correct. Hiding behind the office door is Jeff. He finished all his work and came over to get his final lecture. This is way better than being lectured. He's crouching just under the door's window. He wishes Nick was here for this. He's the one who wanted to hear him sing in the first place.

"Talk in everlasting words
And dedicate them all to me
And I will give you all my life
I'm here if you should call to me
You think that I don't even mean
A single word I say

Calming down, the Colonel sings alone, leaning back in his chair. Every word he just misses her even more.

"It's only words, and words are all
I have to take your heart away
It's only words, and words are all
I have to take your heart away…"

Mindfully, Jeff crawls away and waits a moment to stand up. He casually strolls up to the door. Even Jeff doesn't spoil the Colonel's mood. Still holding a smile, he waves Jeff in and says one last thing to his wife, "Alright, I have to go. I love you."

"I love you," she smiles, "relax a little, won't you?"

"I will…"

Jeff sits at his chair, smiling. He doesn't know who was on the phone, but he wants to have that same smile on his face when he's the Colonel's age. It's the same one Nick gives him even now.

For the first time, the Colonel didn't yell at him once during the lecture.


Its night now and all the Warblers and the New Directions have gathered on the outskirts of the camp, even Apparently-Dan and Blonde guy, whose name is Eric. The sky is decorated with nothing but the stars in the sky with no clouds hovering tonight. The air has decided to go easy on them, giving the minimum amount of humidity they would normally receive and a light little breeze.

Jeff and Nick watch Puck as he's attempting to set up the fireworks. "Is this really a good idea?" Rachael speaks up under Finn's arm. They sit comfortably next to the fire they've set up. They all decided it would be a crime if they went to camp and never sat around a fire. It's a dim light, but a light all the same.

"Stop there," Santana snaps. She glares a glare she saves only for Rachael. "Don't say another word. There's no reason to spoil the mood just because your pole is stuck too far up your ass."

"We just need to relax," Sam Evans smiles (and Jeff finds he can't stop looking at his giant lips when he talks), "This is our last night at camp." From behind, he pulls out his guitar, "And what goes better with a campfire than-?"

"Campers!" Brittany spouts. Everyone looks at her questioningly. Her whole demeanor deflates, disappointed she appears to be wrong, "isn't a campfire when you set campers on fire?"

"Too literal, Brittany" Blaine makes clear.

"One last performance?" Sam asks everyone, nodding to Puck.

Puck nods and grabs his guitar too. Sam suggests, "Holiday Club? Something for everyone," he offers and nobody has any complaints. They all come together around the camp fire. Purposely, Nick bumps into Jeff as he sits. He looks away as if nothing happened, whistling an innocent little tune and Jeff hits him back, calling him a dork.

As they are trained, the Warblers take the place of instruments not with them as Sam and Puck take the guitar. Puck motions Jeff to start the song. Normally that would have thrown him, but not this time. He smiles at everyone, singing sweetly:

"I can't remember when
I really felt my life begin
So much has changed
I've become a stranger again

The group has begun to sway with the song. The melody and tune is too infectious to not sway with. Jeff looks at Nick, taking his hand:

"You are my life right now and
I can't remember how
I ever did it without you
I'll be thinking about you today

The New Directions sing out as some of the Warblers do. Wes smiles at his team, watching them:

"Today, today, today…"

Santana stands up, singing her part. She looks around the group, knowing these are her friends, even though she thinks she could totally do better. She's aiming for Jeff this time though, which makes him laugh:

"Suddenly you're there
Everything we share

She sits behind Jeff, ruffling up his hair.

"We play with each other's hair
This can't really be fair"

Kindly, David and Trent rest their hands on either of Wesley's shoulders. They smile adoringly, purely joking with him. Turning red, Wesley rolls his eyes. All the warblers join in:

"Knowing you're nearby
Keeping our feet dry
Sharing a pizza pie
Don't even need to try.

Puck takes this part, knowing that these lyrics were made for him, but he motions for Jeff to join. He's earned it:

"No hesitations
Need no occasion
Look how much we have done"

Finally getting his turn, Nick sings confidently. He's been waiting to sing and because he can sing to Jeff, it feels even better. He squeezes Jeff's hand tighter just so he knows it's all for him. He looks right at him as if it were a conversation:

"I'm feeling silly now
Thinking how I could ever doubt
We'd be together
I'll be here whenever you say"

Feeling the love, Blaine can't help but cuddle closer to Kurt. Kurt smiles happily, growing snug against Blaine's chest. They sing at each other, almost laughing about:

"I'll bring the DVDs
You bring those chunks of cheese
Maybe we'll dance
Just give it a chance, just give it a chance
Let's play"

Again, they sing together and dance a little. Some jokingly wave at each other. Nick gives Rachael a very large, over dramatic wink and a thumb up. Santana quickly rushed back to Brittany's side, giving her a good kiss.

"Play, play, play…"

Sebastian voices in, leaning back on his hands. He may have had a hard summer, but man, something happened here that made it so he'll never be the same again. If he didn't say he was changed then, he certainly is now.

"Laughing til we scream
Better than it seems
Better than any dream
You know how much you mean

A few of the Warblers pat him on the back, giving him the encouragement he needs. He stares at each person of the crowd that has blobbed together. His eyes land on the little Niff couple and can't look away. Jeff smiles at him and Nick gives a small nod. He really means the words, despite everything:

"Then when the day ends
And if the time lends
I only want to spend
Time with these friends"

Everyone who has sang does again and wholeheartedly:

"No reservations
Pure liberation
Look how much we have done

No more music, the guitars are put away and only voices carry the music:

"You better meet me at the Holiday Club tonight"

Quietly, Puck sets his guitar down and walks back to the fireworks behind the repeating lyrics. He lights the first match, a baby flame in comparison to the magnificent fire blazing around the group. He lights the first fuse, watching it instantly spark and crackle.

"You better meet me at the Holiday Club tonight"

Still they sing as the fuse shortens. Suddenly, silencing the performance, a small explosion booms and the firework is shot into the sky. Everyone laughs and cheers. Some even do the stereotypical "Ooh" and then with the next firework, "Aah."

"Whoo!" Jeff cheers, clapping in praise to Puck.

Smirking, Puck bows to the crowd and tips his invisible hat. Jeff snorts and Nick notices too, laughing. Nick rests his head on Jeff's shoulder, watching the bright colors spill all over the sky. Jeff rests his head too…


"We sang lollipop on the way over!" Thad complained, thinking his suggestion of Don't Trust a Hoe was a refreshing new spin on the bus ride songs. Wesley was not in agreement.

Sebastian chuckled, listening to Trent and David fight over which one that Troubletones girl waved at them before they left. He didn't really see how it mattered being neither of them even got her number or gave theirs. He just doesn't understand.

"Guys, what do you think?" Trent called to Nick and Jeff in the seats behind them. He turns around only to have his words caught in his throat. They're sleeping on each other, their hands intertwined perfectly.

Nick's eyes slightly peel open as he hushes the guys, "Sshh, long car rides make him drowsy." Feeling a tad nauseated, the guys roll their eyes and look away.

If there were a perfect way to end the story, in Nick's mind, this would be it. He turns his head, placing a sweet little kiss on Jeff's head before taking his place there, where it always has been.

The bus wheels roll against the road, causing the whole bus to vibrated and jump when it hits anything larger than a rock. The sun hangs high in this summer afternoon heat that won't last much longer. The summer has ended…


Foot Note:

Set list:

One Rock N' Roll too Many from Starlight Express

I Put Your Records On by the Pieces

Words by the Bee Gees

The Holiday Club by Jim and Povolos

Siiiiiggghhhh this was so hard and it could have been written better in my mind, but as my mom says, "You just have to leave some things alone or you'll really ruin them." Plus, I always hate everything I write. IT'S NEVER GOOD ENOUGH!

Don't be too sad everyone because after planning the epilogue, I've been spewing out ideas for not only Sebastian. I've thought about some stuff for Jeff and Nick so… they'll be a sequel, basically about coming back to school and how Sebastian, Nick, and Jeff's lives have changed. There's more but I don't want to spoil it.

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