[Emmett's POV]

Alice announced the Voultri was coming in 4 hours. Emma and Emily were sleeping and are going to wake up about 30 minutes. Edward and Rosalie went into the forest to hunt. It would be their final hunt. Alice and Jasper were a little busy in their bed. Bella was knocked out sleep on my chest. I finally made her a Cullen. I accomplished everything except making her forever. I promised that and I won't break that promise.

I listened to the even breathing of the twins and Bella. Angela was sleeping in the next room with her new mate. Jacob loved the fact that Angela was more human than the rest. After Bella explained the whole situation to them about the Voultri and we showed the twins they agreed to help. They would get the remains and any vampire we miss. Bella was ready. I was ready.

I will protect my family. I won't let them destroy my hard work.

I felt Bella stir on my chest and she yawned.

"Good morning Mr. Cullen." She said opening her eyes.

Light blue. Those eyes will be the real death of me.

"Morning Mrs. Cullen." I said happily. She gave me a peck on the lips and got up.

"Want to shower with me?" She asked. I looked at her naked body. It looked so devourable. She had a little juicy ass, curvy hips, nice smooth back, long hair, perfect size breasts, and nice pale legs.

"Yes." I said almost pleading.

She turned it on to steaming hot. We stepped in and washed each other. She took the soap and washed my chest and shoulders. She stood on her tip-toes to do that. To wash my hair, I had to pick her up and bend my head down. She smiled at the fact my hair was so soft and kissed my nose. She washed everything else and I mean everything. It took everything in me not to bend her over and fuck her. I heard Jasper hiss and Alice chuckle.

It was my turn to rinse and wash her. We switched positions in this wide shower. I did her hair first. I went down her chest slowly and played with her nipples. I wanted to make sure everything was clean. I went down her tummy slowly and made sure she was nice and soapy. I went down her legs and back up just as slowly making sure not to miss one spot. Even her toes were soapy. I went up between her legs and cleaned there slowly. She held on to my hair and pushed my hand up father.

"You're dirty Bella." I said lustful. I knew that I wanted to fuck her then.

"You're a tease Emmett." She said breathless.

"Turn around and place your hands on the wall." I commanded.

She did as I commanded and spread her legs knowing my next move.

I stood up and placed my aching cock near her entrance.

"Bella tell me what do you want." I commanded.

"I want you Emmett. My husband. My master. Fuck me senseless please. Make me your slave, Make me weak. Fill me with your cum Emmett. Make me drown in it." She pleaded.

I smiled at her. My wife knew me very well. I entered her slowly and went to pounding into her. It was at inhuman speed. She enjoyed this.

"Emmett. Harder." She begged. She could barely get that out. I heard faint screams.

I got as hard as I could go. Bella's hands made a print in the tile. She began to move to make the contact much harder.

"You're mine!" I growled knowing that I was about to lose control.

"Fuck yeah I am!" She growled back.

I exited, picked her up where her legs were in the air and began to fuck her again.

"Who's your fucking master?" I whispered in her ear.

"Fuck! You! Emmett. You're my master." She said.

I flipped her toward me and wrapped her legs around my waist and began fucking her as hard as I could. I was close to Cumming inside her.

I felt teeth penetrate the skin. She marked me!

"Now it's official." She whispered.

I bit her too leaving my mark.

"Emmett, I'm going to cum." She whispered.

"Cum with me Bella." I said making the final thrust. That caused her to lose her senses and scream. I never came this much. It felt like erupting volcanoes shooting up tons of lava. Well I guess that's how they feel.

It was so much that Bella was shaking in my arms. She got down and we cleaned up.

We walked out to see two all black outfits for us and two black outfits for the twins.

Bella's was V-neck, long sleeve shirt, black skinny jeans and her old pair of black converse.

I had the same thing except black steel toe boots.

Emma's was the same as Bella's but Emma's shirt had blue flowers on it.

Emily had black boots and a shirt with pink flowers on it.

We got dressed and got the twins dressed quickly even though they were sleep. Bella was skilled at the washing and dressing thing. Emma woke up ready for a blood bottle. I was good at that.

"Human or animal?" I asked her.

"Animal." I said.

I rushed downstairs to see everyone dressed in black.

I went into the kitchen and made two bottles. One with blood and another with a fruit smoothie.

I went back upstairs and gave Emma her blood and Emily her smoothie. I picked up my sweet pea (Emma).

"Daddy, big scene today." She said.

"Yes Emma." I said.

"Is Kate back?" Bella asked.

"Yes." I said.

Kate was Bella's safety nest. She would be behind Bella and Emily.

Zafrina would be behind Ben and Emma.

She smiled and picked up Emily and put her on her back.

"Let's go." Bella said.

We walked downstairs to see everyone waiting.

"Want to practice?" Edward asked.

"No, it won't be necessary." Carlisle said saving us the trouble.

I smiled at everyone. Well real for most, fake for some.

"Let's go hunting." Bella said.

"Hurry back, we only have one hour left." Alice said getting the twins.

"Alright." Bella said.

[Bella's POV]

We ran out about 3 miles and found a herd of deer. We drank about three each.

We ran back to see Emma and Emily playing with Jasper.

"Mommy, daddy are you full?" Emma asked.

"Not really." Emmett said.

Tia and Irina walked out.

"Let's get into formation." Irina said. We all ran to the field near our home. It was like big battlefield type area. It was perfect for this type of battle. We stood in an arch.

Then three more vampires ran into the clearing.

"Bella meet Mary, Liam and Siobhan." Carlisle said.

"They're my family." Maggie said.

Liam and Siobhan kind of look alike. Siobhan has pretty brown hair with red highlights; she's tall and had a curvy figure. She was about 6'2 or 6'3. Siobhan had a friendly smile.

Liam was quieter. He looked a little happy when he saw Maggie. He was a handsome man just as all vampires are to me. He was almost taller than Emmett being 6'5 and all. I he had reddish brown hair. He wore a hate, a black shirt, jeans and boots. Siobhan wore all black like him except her hair was in a ponytail. Mary was short with wild and crazy hair. She was curvy. She had on a black t-shirt, black jeans and polo boots.

One thing that they have in common is that they have red eyes. I shuddered and felt a small hit in my tummy.

"Nice to meet you." I said.

"The pleasure is mine. Alice we did as we asked. We found a key element." Liam said pointing to the forest.

"Carlisle thinks she has the power of outcome manipulation." Emmett whispered.

"She does. I felt her power." I said.

I saw two vampires run out. Both had olive tone skin, not pale like us, pretty black hair. The female had a tan dress, no shoes and a long braid in her hair. The male had a burgundy shirt, black jeans and black boots.

"Meet Huilen and Nahuel." Siobhan said.

I smiled at realized that the boy wasn't fully vampire.

"You're a hybrid too?" Emma asked.

He looked at the children and smiled.

"Yes." He said calmly.

Emma and Emily smiled at the fact they weren't alone.

"I have sisters too. They're also hybrids." He said.

I smiled at the fact Emily won't feel like they're all alone being hybrids.

"Who are your parents?" Nahuel asked.

"The blue eyed vampire and the tallest one over here. Isabella and Emmett Cullen." Emily said.

"Your mother survived the birth." He said surprised.

"Yes she's the strongest mommy in the world." Emma said smiling.

I smiled at my baby girl's words.

"I'm the oldest. I'm Emily Rose Cullen." Emily introduced herself.

"I'm the baby. Emma Reneesme Cullen." Emma said.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Nahuel and this is my aunt Huilen." He said.

"I'm blood related too." She said smiling. She had pretty bright red eyes. Nahuel had brown eyes.

"Join our arch. We're going to need the help we can get." Alice said. They walked over and stood by Tia and Benjamin.

"Emily, time to go with Benjamin." Emmett said.

"Ok daddy. I love you guys." Emily said. She got down, hugged our legs and ran over to Benjamin.

She hopped on his back. Tia grabbed her hand.

"Tia, can I speak to you?" I asked.

"Yes." She said simply.

We ran off into the forest.

"Tia, I know why you and Ben left. I wanna say I saw a vision of Amun and Kebi siding with the Voultri. It's going to be hard for Ben but we need to be ready." I said.

"I knew this would happen but thank you so much." Tia said.

I smiled. We embraced and ran back.

"Get ready." Alice said.

I felt these hits to my body. I kept feeling all of these powers. Some I had. Some I didn't.

I saw those black cloaks and got ready to protect my family. I spread my mental shield over everyone except Rose and Edward. I saw that vampire clutching on to the vampire in front. I guessed it was Aro and his body guard. I felt her power and looked at Ben.

"Let Ben and Bella get in the middle." Alice said.

Edward looked confused.

"I just changed the order of everyone." Alice said.

Maggie fought back a hiss.

She smiled when she accomplished that.

I touched Ben and transferred the shield to him. He made the shield cover him and Emily. I covered me and Emma.

They all walked in unison and came to a sudden stop. They removed their hoods on the cloaks.

"Carlisle Cullen." Aro said.

"Aro, it's nice to see you." Carlisle said.

"We've come to battle. I see you've brought reinforcements." Aro said.

"Yes, we have. From different covens." Carlisle said.

"Oh well this is the time for you to speak." Aro said.

"I gave you life, you are wasting it." A male voice.

Amun and Kebi removed the hoods on their cloaks.

Benjamin answers coldly, "It's a pity you couldn't replace my will with your own in the process; perhaps then you would have been satisfied with me."

Amun has black hair, 5'8" tall and has a slight olive pallor to his pale skin. His eyes were a dull reddish color.

Kebi has long, curly black hair and has an olive tone to her pale skin, and being 5'3" tall. She looked very beautiful.

I looked at all of them and saw a resemblance.

I smiled and looked at Alice. She nodded and smiled.

"We have something to say." Edward said.

Go on Eddie, fall into the trap.

"Rose and I are siding with Voultri." Edward said. They ran over and looked at us.

I smiled and said," Plan was a success."

"Why aren't you surprised?" Rose asked.

"You forgot that I don't keep my promises. You said don't look into my future. You didn't say Rose's future." Alice said.

I smirked.

"Anymore words?" Aro asked.

"No." I said.

"Then let the battle begin." Aro said.

[Normal POV]

Bella smirked and looked at Emmett.

"I love you Emmett." She said.

Emmett smiled and said," I love you."

Jane growled snapping Bella's attention back to her.

Everyone was waiting for something to start the fight. All you heard was the heavy breathing of the wolves, the hybrids and the wind whistling through the trees.

Bella looked at the leaders of the Voultri.

Aro she's seen before. She looked at his very pale and chalky looking skin. His long brown hair. He skin looking like it would become frail and break at any minute.

Caius had pretty blonde hair that reached his shoulder, pale and chalky skin also.

Marcus, looking bored as usual, had pale skin, not as chalky, long brown hair that reached his back.

Bella looked at the enemy. She was the one target she was looking for. Chelsea.

Jacob growled loudly. Nobody moved. Bella crouched down knowing something would happen. Alice pulled her long hair into a ponytail.

Angela patted Jacob's head and he leaned into her cold touch.

Emma and Emily grabbed on tightly.

Edward looked at his family. They knew his plan.

He'll find a way to get Bella and Rose could get the twins.

Bella looked at her ex-fiancé. She used Marcus's power and saw the emotional bond between them. Edward only wanted Bella. Rose wanted Edward and the twins.

"So Edward how do you plan to keep the fact you're about to get me away from Rose?" Bella asked knowing what's coming.

"He's only getting me you dumb bitch." Rose said.

"Edward do you love Rose?" Bella asked.

"Yes." He said.

No hiss from Maggie yet.

"Do you love me?" Bella asked.

He nodded.

No hiss.

"Do you want to keep Rose and the twins and watch me get destroyed? Do you want to live with your mate knowing your plan failed because, you didn't kidnap me and destroy Rose and the twins?" Bella asked her final question.

Ben and Tia crouched down. Angela bowed her head to cover her face so people wouldn't see her laughing. Emmett smiled and patted Jasper's back.

Jasper gave him thumbs up and they crouched. Everyone else was ready to fight. Zafrina and Maggie were holding hands. Bree and Senna kissed quickly and got down. The others crouched down also.

"No. I want you and those foul creations destroyed." Edward said truthfully.

"He's telling the truth." Maggie said.

Rose growled and began losing it.

She ran towards them. That caused the others except the leaders and their wives to charge towards us.

The Cullen's also charged. Growls erupted from Emma's mouth. I growled with her as I hit my first target. Chelsea.

"Bella, why don't you attack someone else?" Chelsea asked avoiding Bella's kicks and punches.

Emma pushed back some people.

"Because, you're my main target. I felt that little fluttering power on my shield. I didn't like it. You can't break our bonds. I love my family too much." Bella said using Jane's power to send her down and Bella ripped her head from her body and saw some member stop fighting and lose focus causing us to move closer.

"Jane you're nothing but a puppet." Kate said avoiding Jane's power. Jane was getting quite annoyed with Kate.

"How can't you feel my burning?" Jane asked.

"It's a little thing I would like to tell you but I can't." Kate said grabbing Jane. Kate kissed Jane and grabbed her arm and shocked her. Jane fell onto her knees.

"I'm keeping you. I already have a mate." Kate said kissing Garrett on his cheek as he killed Santiago.

"I'll help you." Jane said.

Jane got up and stopped two vampires so Alice and Jasper could kill them.

Tia and Ben fought against their coven, Amun and Kebi.

"How could you side with them? All I wanted to do is keep you safe." Amun lied.

Maggie hissed.

"No you didn't. You wanted a weapon. I'm not dumb. I loved you as a father. Someone that I could look up too." Ben said before using a boulder he hid to knock Amun and Kebi back.

"Kebi, why don't you use that mouth of yours?" Tia asked.

Kebi didn't answer but looked to her mate for the signal to talk.

Amun didn't pay her any attention.

"It's not fair. He's always paying attention to him. I'm his mate. He should be more concerned about me instead of him." Kebi said. Her sweet sounding voice.

"It's not your fault. I should've left with Tia a long time ago." Ben said. Emily froze Amun in place.

"He's not your mate." Tia said bringing out a lighter and striking it.

Ben took the fire, expanding it and making it circle around Amun.

"I'm sorry." Ben said before letting the fire consume Amun. Kebi smiled as his ashes burned.

"Let's get them." Kebi said. They smiled and began to attack others.

Emmett and Felix fought also.

"You're not as strong as me." Felix said.

"I can be." Emmett said getting up from Felix's last hit. Emmett wasn't done yet. The one thing that the Voultri failed to realize is that Bella can consume all abilities, physical and mental.

Bella ran by Emmett and touched him before running after Alec.

Emmett's strength and Felix's strength combined was extremely powerful. Emmett and Felix began to battle. Emmett and him began to wrestle. Tanya was touched by Bella to help Emmett. Even though he didn't need it Bella did this for a good clause. Tanya and Felix touched and felt that electric shock.

Emmett saw the bond and pushed them away.

"I'm Felix." He said bending down to kiss Tanya.

"I'm Tanya." She said before kissing him.

Heidi growled and ran towards them. Tanya heard her and jumped up and kicking her backward. Ben came out of nowhere and burned her too.

"Pity she had to go." Tanya said. Felix laughed and hugged her.

"You're on my side right?" Tanya asked.

He nodded and they ran off to fight some more.

Werewolves fought too. Jacob and the others killed a few and were making sure more people were safe.

Nahuel and Huilen were fighting too.

Alec saw Angela and began to use his power.

"Aren't you tired of being a puppet?" Angela asked not feeling his power.

"Puppet?" He asked.

"All you're doing is doing Aro's dirty work, he only wants your power." Angela asked.

Alec stood there.

"He's my only family." Alec said.

"Well I can be your other family." Angela asked and walked towards him with her hand opened and out for him to grab.

"Jacob and I will love to add you to our little family. We'll be happy." Angela said. Jacob huffed in annoyance but smiled at the fact Angela wanted to save him from being nothing but a weapon.

Alec looked at Jane fighting against the only family they've had and kissing Kate. She looked happy for once. He looked at the others who have seemed to side with the Cullen. He looked and Angela who was only a few feet away. He looked at her outstretched hand and he placed his in hers.

Before long it was just Edward, Rose, and Demetri still fighting for the Voultri. Aro's personal bodyguard was protecting her masters.

"Edward, let's go ahead and finish this." Emmett said.

Rose looked at the couples. Jane was sided with Kate and Garrett. Tanya found her mate.

"Edward, we're over." Rose said.

"Why?" He asked.

"Bella, it's always Bella. What about your mate?!" Rose said angrily.

"You want what you can't have." Bella said hugging Emmett. Emma got down and stood in front of Emmett and Emily stayed beside Benjamin.

"I just wanted two kids and a nice life with my so-called husband." Rose said.

"Everyone back away." Bella warned her side. Everyone on her side backed away.

"Wait!" Kebi yelled.

Everyone looked shocked.

"Demetri, you can leave before it's too late." She said walking up to him.

"Come back to your old coven. We're your family. I'm the only one left." Kebi said.

"No, we're still in the coven with you." Ben said.

Tia nodded and Demetri smiled.

"I'll take you up your offer." He said. They walked back to where it would be safe.

"Well it seems like it's the end." Rose said.

"No it's not." Caius said.

Aro nodded. Marcus just stared off into space.

"Poor Marcus." Bella said.

"He's been like this his mate was killed by an unknown vampire." Demetri said.

"I know who it is." Bella said.

Aro's eyes widen.

"Aro, would you like to tell why you killed your own sister?" Bella asked.

Aro frowned.

Marcus looked interested.

"Marcus and her planned to leave and I couldn't lose him so I killed her." Aro said.

Marcus growled.

Caius shook his head.

"Greedy for power, I'm leaving." Marcus said.

We nodded and went off into the forest.

Emily froze Aro and Caius.

"Ben are you ready?" Bella asked.

He nodded and Tia struck the lighter again. Alice set a branch on fire and Bella started bending fire. Ben picked up several twigs, branches and leaves and surrounded the victims.

Esme couldn't stand to see this and hid behind Emmett.

"Carlisle would you like to do the honors?" Bella asked.

Carlisle walked over to Aro.

"I'm sorry we have to end it this way." He said to Caius and Aro.

He ripped their heads off.

Rose just bowed her head.

Ben helped Bella. They set the wood on fire and lifted it up. It swirled up and hit them all except Rose.

"Run Rose." Bella said. Rose ran quickly and avoiding being burned. She moved just in time. When the fire dissipated nothing but ashes were left.

The Voultri is over.

Everyone stood in silence and then all started celebrating. They hugged and kissed each other.

"Well, I'll be on my way." Rose said.

"Rose, go after Marcus." Bella said.

"Why?" Rose asked.

"Why? Well I saved your life because I wanted you to have a life and Marcus is going to need help gathering vampires. You'll create a coven of pretty decent vampires. The Voultri will be no more. You'll be English Coven." Bella said.

The wives walked over to Rose, still in cloaks hiding their faces, and nodded.

"We'll do just that." Rose said. The wives took off and ran after Marcus. Rose bowed, waved goodbye and ran off too.

"So we actually won?" Kate said hugging her two lovers.

"Yes. The Voultri has been defeated." Bella said.

Bella smiled and jumped up into Emmett's arms and kissed him with passion.

"I've gained a mate, children and amazing family." Bella said.

"One thing is missing from that." Emmett stated.

"What?" Bella asked.

"You've gained forever." Emmett said.