Remember Me

Summary: What if Edward and Bella were married back in 1918. But Edward didn't fall ill from the influenza but something else separated Edward and Bella from each other. If they were to meet again would they remember the past and each other? If so, what has kept them apart all this time.

Prologue -


Life couldn't have been better. I was sitting in the lounge staring at the fire with my wonderful husband Edward Mason. We were both only seventeen but this was normal. Our marriage was a little more rushed. Edward was an only child, just like me. When his parents died from the influenza Edward inherited everything from his father. He had to be married in order to get it all. We were dating and much in love that when Edward asked my father to marry me it was done. A few weeks later we were married and everything was perfect.

"I think I will have Molly heat up the room." I said to Edward while watching the fire.

"Are you tired love?"

"A little, yes."

"Molly." One thing about having money is the servants that come with it. My family was never as rich as Edward's and when we got married it took some time to get use to all the servants. I still didn't care if we had them or not but it was something that came with the power of being a Mason.

"Yes sir?" Molly asked entering the room.

"Bella and I are going to be heading upstairs shortly. Would you please warm the room?"

"Of course sir." And with that she was gone.

After Molly warmed the room all the servant's were dismissed for the evening.