Chapter Seven –


I started at the spot that Bella had been standing. What happened to her. I didn't hear anyone coming up behind me.

"Edward." I turned around to see Alice standing where I was standing when I noticed Bella. "I saw you being attacked." I looked down at my hand that looked normal.

"I'm fine Alice."

"Who was it, I couldn't see her fully. Even you got a little blurry for a minute. I thought it was something bad so I rushed over here with Jasper." I looked up at the two of them and smiled.

"I'm okay." Alice didn't look convinced but she dropped it. "Let's go home." I needed to think this over.

When we got back home everyone wanted to know what was going on. Alice and Jasper ran out of the house so fast she didn't even bother to tell anyone what was going on. I didn't want to tell them just yet. I needed to think about it all. I knew I should tell Carlisle at least. So we went up to his office, to be alone. I'm sure if the others want to hear, they will, being vampires and all.

"So what happened son?" I didn't speak for minute. I still couldn't believe what was going on. I can't believe that Bella is a vampire and instead of coming to look for me after all these years, she joined the Volturi. They turned my innocent Bella into something she is not.

"It's Bella."

"Are you thinking about her a lot lately? Bree did say she saw you trying to finish your lullaby."

"No. Well yes, I was trying to work on it. But it's not that. She's alive. Well as alive as we are."

"Edward what are you saying?"

"She was turned. The Volturi took her and turned her. She is the one that Alice can't see. She must have some power that makes her block others. But the worse part is, she is different. Really different."

"The Volturi changed her? Aro doesn't do that. He doesn't go searching for humans to change into vampires. He collects vampires."

"Well she does call herself Princess."

"Princess? This is not good Edward. When I was part of the Volturi, Aro always talked about finding his most prized vampire. He was looking for the most powerful vampire to make either his prince or princess. What is her gift Edward?"

"I'm not fully sure. I can't read her mind. Alice can't really see her or others she's around. And when I tired to touch her I didn't even get close to touching her before it felt like my hand was being crushed off. But when I backed away my hand was fine."

I just watched as he walked back and forth. Thinking. But it was hard to follow his thoughts, they where a jumble mess.

"Edward we need to find out more about her. If Aro did take her to turn her and make her his Princess, it cannot be good that she is here."

"How are we going to do that?"

"We have to inform the rest and we can all think of a plan."

We headed back downstairs to have another family meeting. When you are a vampire you never need sleep and can have meetings at any time of the night.


I ran back to the cabin. I stopped short of the door. I didn't want to deal with the rest of them. I wanted to think to myself. But I didn't want to be out in the open, what if he came looking for me?

I was a little shocked that I hurt him. But then I remembered the other vampire and hurting him didn't seem like the only punishment he deserves. I have been depressed ever since I was taken. If I knew he was alive I would have left and went looking for him decades ago. But instead I stay in the only place that I had to stay and was forced into things I did not want to do.

Buzz Buzz Buzz


"Ah Princess." Great Aro.


"How are you settling in?"

"Good. The cabin is wonderful. Thank you for my room."

"And the others?"

"I am not sure."

"Of course. Jane called." Of course she did. "She said that after you guys settled in you took off. Isabella you are there for a mission."

"I know father."

"You have a job to do. Watch the other vampires and bring back the ones with the gifts that I would like."

"I do have to ask."

"Ask what?"

"How well do you know these vampires, the Cullens?"

"Well the creator use to be one of us. He didn't like how we did things so he took off on his own. And started turning others to be in his coven. And like I told you, he has some very powerful vampires that could take use out."

"Do you know anything about the other vampires?"

"A little. I know what you are getting at Isabella. Edward is there with him."

"YOU KNEW? You knew he was still alive. You let me go on thinking that he was dead all these years."

"Princess calm down. You know I could not let you leave. You are too powerful. Too powerful to be out on your own, and we need you more."