John checked the clock. It was 14:30. It had been 12:30 when the consulting detective had left to get milk. John had been making tea, they ran out of milk, had an argument on who should get it, and Sherlock had been sent out when John won the argument, claiming that Sherlock had used the last bit to soak a shrunken head.

An 'experiment', he had called it. In the end, all he got was a shrunken head covered in milk skin from the head on the floor, and milk on every surface. Mrs. Hudson wasn't too happy with the mess it made, Sherlock wasn't too happy that he had ruined a head, and John wasn't too happy that he had used up so much milk.

It shouldn't have taken Sherlock this long to pick up another jug of milk, though. He was just going to the shop on the corner. If he had needed his wallet, he would've just come home. Maybe Sherlock had been stopped by Lestrade and was told about a new case, and he just took off before telling John. Maybe he had gone off to sulk. Whatever it was, John wanted to know.

*Sent by John Watson at 14:33* You okay?

*Sent by John Watson at 14:45* Sherlock?

*Sent by John Watson at 14:51* Just tell me where you are. It won't take long to text me.

*Sent by John Watson at 15:00* Come home, idiot. Are you really that mad?

*Sent by Sherlock Holmes at 15:03* You must like these games. A dog looking for his owner. A game of hide and seek.

*Sent by John Watson at 15:05* ?

*Sent by Sherlock Holmes at 15:07* It's almost bedtime, love. Come inside for a story. The playing's over. Daddy's had enough now!

John's heartbeat sped up and his breath grew uneven, realizing who he was texting.

*Sent by John Watson at 15:10* Where the fuck is he?

*Sent by John Watson at 15:22* Moriarty, tell me where Sherlock is.

*Sent by Sherlock Holmes at 15:29* How cute! The pet misses his owner! So sick it makes me ill.

*Sent by Sherlock Holmes at 15:30* The girl with the golden hair is the worst of all. Hair dropped from a tower, facing a fall.

*Sent by John Watson at 15:42* What?

*Sent by Sherlock Holmes at 15:43* You have three hours.

Awkward short first chapter whoops. It will get longer and better, though. So. Hello!

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