"Total Drama American Gladiators"

Rated T

Disclaimer: I don't own the Total Drama series or the show "American Gladiators".

What's up, Gladiator bitches? I welcome every contender to my new story entitled "Total Drama American Gladiators". It is a mix of the Total Drama series with the game show "American Gladiators" Your characters will compete in 7 events which include The Wall, Assault, Human Cannonball, Joust, Powerball, Atlasphere, and the final event itself, The Eliminator. I will be accepting 16 applications though, which will be 8 Men and 8 Women. So here is the app shown down there. If you haven't heard of the rules of the show, it's when two contestants compete in seven grueling events in which the player with the most points win. I will accept originality in stereotypes, some I won't ignore. It is important! So under personality, I need to remind you not to put things like nice, caring, or any of that crap. Please put in sentences! Good luck to you all!


Age (18-36):

Gender (Male or Female):


Hair color/style:

Eye Color:

Body Shape:



Why do you want to win the million dollars:

And some of the contestants from Total Drama (Island/Action/World Tour/ROTI) will be playing as the American Gladiators themselves. And we mean, the early-90's Gladiators! They are:

Justin - Nitro

Lightning - Gemini

Trent - Laser

Geoff - Thunder

Brick - Turbo

Bridgette - Gold

Lindsay - Ice

Heather - Lace

Anne Maria - Blaze

Jo - Diamond

Sorry, no Alejandro in the show, I hate him. Anyway, accept your OCs and review! I'll be waiting...