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Safe and Sound:

J.D. opened his eyes to a blinding florescence above his head. What the hell? Confused and disoriented, he could only manage to open his eyes into tiny slits. Why does it feel like a brick wall was sitting on his chest? He smelt the sterile chemicals that are normally associated with hospitals, and then it hit him.

HOSPITAL? Then out of nowhere, a sharp, gut-wrenching pain came upon him as he descended into the blessed darkness of unconsciousness.


Tami and Coach Taylor were sitting down at dinner when the call came. "Yes, this is she. OH MY GOD!" Tami's hand flew to cover her mouth in shock. "Is he ok, just… I can't believe it." Coach Taylor looked over at his wife. Normally the calm, funny, sweet-loving woman that stole his heart, Tami was now acting quite the opposite. She looked frazzled, upset, and in shock.

As Tami walked into the other room, Eric decided he should follow. "Julie, Gracie baby, I'm going to be right back. You stay here now." And with that, he followed his wife's footsteps into the living room.

Back at the dinner table, Julie continued to eat her food, and try to get Grace's food in her mouth. She had some suspicion about the phone call, but really thought nothing of it. If it was really all that important, her parents would come back and tell them about it. "Alright Gracie Belle Taylor, let's get that food into your mouth, shall we?"

As the two girls were finishing up their meal, Tami was just ending her phone call in the other room. "Ok. I will be sure to head over there right away. Thanks for the call. Ok, bye now." Tami hung up the phone and rested her head on the wall for a few seconds. When she turned to face her husband, tears were streaming down her face and she looked almost haunted by the news just presented to her. "Honey, are you.. ok?" Coach Taylor walked over to Tami and wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace. "I don't know Eric, I just don't know," she responded through sniffles.

When she felt she finally had the strength to do so, Tami Taylor picked her head up and took a step back to prepare herself for breaking the news to her husband.

"Eric, something has happened to J.D. McCoy. Something terrible.."

At the mention of his young quarterback's name, Coach Taylor immediately focused on his wife.

"There was an accident. J.D. is at the hospital now.. and has been there since about 11:20 this morning."

"Where are his parents?"

"Dead, Eric. His parents are dead."


Coach Taylor stood there frozen. He couldn't believe the words that had come out of Tami's mouth.

He had grown a bit of a soft spot for J.D. "young gun" McCoy. The pressure put on that kid by his parents, namely his father, almost got the best of the boy at times. Yet, he still worked his hardest to impress them. So much like Eric's relationship with his own father, when he was that age. Eric knew how J.D. felt, so he tried to help the kid out a little. Not anything noticeable to anyone else. Just between the two of them.

Like the one game he let J.D. choose the plays himself, instead of looking at him on the sidelines, or to his daddy in the stands. Trying to figure out what the hell to do with their opposing plays of choice (as he had been doing the whole game before this point), Eric had told J.D. not to look at either of them and to go with what he thought, and that he had all the confidence in the world in him. They won that game, and Coach Taylor gave the young McCoy a manly hug after, to let him know he did a good job and that he was proud of him.

Now, he just couldn't even begin to think about what's going to happen once J.D. wakes up, because it sure as hell wasn't going to be pretty.


After snapping out of his trance, Eric realized his wife was standing there crying in front of him. "Come here baby." The couple embraced once again and Coach Taylor rubbed his wife's back as she cried her eyes out. "The-the poor b-b-boy! Wh-he-where is he-he going t-t-to stay now-w?"

"Shhh Tami how about we go see J.D. first? Before we start to think about what's going to happen after he is released from the hospital."

"Ok (sniffle)."

Eric helped Tami sit down on the couch to compose herself, and then he went out to talk to the kids.

"Julie? Gracie?"

He heard two sets of footsteps heading down the hallway from where the girls' bedrooms were.

"Yes Dad? What's going on," Julie asked.

"Well, sweethearts, your mommy and daddy are going to head out for a while. We don't know when we will be back, so get ready for bed and go to sleep."

Addressing his oldest daughter, he said, "Julie, I'm trusting you to get Gracie Belle in bed right away, and make sure you get some sleep as well. Your mother and I have to go to the hospital, and we will give you more details later but we have to go now."

"Ok dad, love you."

"Lob u dada."

Eric kissed his girls goodbye & goodnight, and went to go get Tami.

Tami was just getting up when her husband walked in.

"You ready to go," he asked.

"Yes, but let me grab a few things from our room real quick."

Tami headed over to her and Eric's room. She got out a large purse from her closet, and started pulling a few items of clothing from her drawers. Eric may be going back home later that night, but she sure wasn't going to let that boy be alone again. After shoving everything she needed into her bag, Tami kissed the girls goodnight. She then stopped in the kitchen and grabbed a bar of chocolate (from her stash behind the bags of flour and sugar), before heading out the door to where her husband was waiting for her in the car.

"Are you ready now?"

"As ready as I'll ever be."