AN: All right, peeps, here's a new one I whipped up after seeing this movie in my English class the other day that I got inspired by. This is based off of the movie Toy Soldiers. Great stuff. Hope this is to your liking!

Oh yeah, some of this is going to be rated M for language, violence, and chiz like that. Just wanted to add that in.

Chapter 1

Somewhere in Havana, Cuba, troops, crowds, and reporters alike were rushing to the scene of a town courthouse, where a hostage standoff was currently going down. Spectators were running for their lives, news cameras filmed every second of the chaos, ready to catch what would happen next, while guards and troops aimed their rifles towards the windows of the courthouse. The men inside of the courthouse were standing by the windows and fired back outside towards the spectators, shattering car windows and such, and everyone sped as far as they could, screaming all the way. One of the news cameras zoomed in on one of the men holding a young Cuban woman hostage with one arm around her, and firing his gun with the other.

Inside of the courthouse, the ringleader of all this, a man named Hugo Chavez comfortably sat at the judge's desk, watching the craziness go down on a small TV monitor in front of him, as his lackey/sidekick, known by the name of 'Dodge' watched along, stroking his shotgun with his hand. Hugo held a handgun of his own and banged it against the desk as if it were a gavel.

The courtroom was dead silent.

Hugo slowly turned around to look at the judge sitting a few feet away from him. "Where is my father?" Hugo demanded. "Where have they taken him?"

"T-There's nothing that I can do. Your father has already been taken to America." the judge replied quietly.

"We have been sitting here watching the airport, and I have not seen him depart from Cuba." replied Hugo.

"That's a different plane!" replied the judge. "Your father has been taken from a military base earlier today."

Hugo snarled, approached him, and pointed an accusing finger at him. "You are lying."

The judge glared back at him. Not hearing an answer, Hugo then looked towards one of his guards standing by the window with the woman he held hostage, and sent him a small, yet approving nod. "Now."

The guard nodded back and then forcefully used the gun to jab at the woman's back, causing her to fall out of the 15 story window.

Outside, the spectators screamed in shock, but it was too late as they saw that the innocent woman had been killed on impact, blood all over the front stairs.

The judge was baffled, but then Dodge called, "Boss, check this out." He turned the TV monitor to him, revealing a news report about Hugo's father.

"We interrupt this program to bring you this developing news update."

Hugo turned to the screen, totally focused.

The reporter continued, "Live via satellite from the United States, Guliano Chavez, known most infamously when he was tried and arrested for trafficking a series of narcotics, has just arrived at Homestead Military base near San Diego, California..."

The footage had shown Hugo's father being taken and escorted in a limo.

"...even as the gunmen here at the Cuba Courthouse of Justice are now continuing to demand his release." the reporter finished.

The judge was still dead silent, but Hugo nodded at the news and then once again approached the judge, eying him down. "That's it. You, come with me." he announced. Before he had a chance to reply, Hugo grabbed him by the arm and led him towards the back door of the courthouse. He turned back to the other gunmen and cried out a phrase in Cuban, and the men led all of the hostages towards the back door as well.

Soon after that, they all ended up on the roof of the building, where there was a waiting helicopter for Hugo and his gang. He forcefully led the judge to the helicopter and shoved him inside, while the other gunmen forced the other hostages to stand on the edge of the roof, facing away from the helicopter. Then, the remaining gunmen leapt into the helicopter as it started up. Dodge was the last to enter, and the copter slowly maneuvered off of the roof and into the sky. The spectators and troops outside could only watch. Once the copter was high enough, Hugo led the judge, who had a part in convicting his father, towards the edge of the open copter. "You are garbage to me!" Hugo spat in his heavy Cuban accent, right before he whacked the judge in the head with his gun and shoved him out of the copter, sending the judge flying down to who knows where, meeting his eventual end.


It was a beautiful day in Encino, California, as students from the Rockmore University for Boys were headed back to class when the midday bell rung. See, this was no ordinary University, because the boys here were all sons of very wealthy, influential, or powerful parents. They were sent to this school not only to get a decent education, but it was also almost like a boarding school. Most of the boys here were former juvies and were kicked out for doing something totally stupid at their former schools, so here they ended up.

A few of the boys were now running track for their gym class, and five of the boys in that group consisted of best friends AJ Styles, Frankie Kazarian, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, and Jeff Hardy. They had all come from different parts of the country and had not known one another before they all met here two years ago. (Alex and Chris did, though, since they've grown up nearly all their lives together in Detroit.)

As the boys ran, a guard was watching over them, when Kazarian quickly snatched the guard's baton and ran off, laughing, "Whoops, too slow!"

"HEY!" cried the guard, chasing after the large group.

Kaz and the boys dodged the guard and then ran to a sign that read, 'Rockmore University for Wayward Boys, Founded 1881'. There, laid a bag which consisted of some soccer balls and a can of red spray paint. "Always knew this stuff would come in handy." Jeff smiled, handing AJ the paint.

"Yeah, this brings back memories of the fun times I had vandalizing that police car at 3 am while those porkers were stuffing their faces down at the donut shop." Styles smirked, taking the spray paint and crossing out the word Rockmore. Alex looked ahead to see the guard still distracted with the other boys. "Coast is clear, dude." he announced.

"Nice." Styles chuckled, spray painting the word REJECTS, replacing the word Rockmore.

Meanwhile, the boys, led by the fast tongued Austin Aries were now playing Monkey in the Middle with the guard's baton, with the poor guard trying to grab it back. "Don't make me take out the pepper spray!" he cried.

Alex and Chris continued looking back and forth to make sure the guard was still distracted.

"Hurry up, man, those guys aren't gonna keep him away much longer." announced Sabin.

"Hold on, almost done." Styles muttered. Then, he smiled at his handiwork. "Yay, me."

"Congratulations, you want a Golden Ticket for that? Now let's get the hell outta here!" Kazarian exclaimed before the five sped off. The guard was finally able to snatch his nightstick back when Austin smirked and said, "Why don't you ease up on the donuts, you fatass, and maybe you won't spend the next 15 minutes running around in circles like an idiot."

"Ha ha, very funny, punk." the guard snarled.

The five boys finally joined the group. "Hey, just finished that 5 mile run and BOY, are we famished! Later, we're gonna catch something to eat-" Styles began, but was interrupted when the guard said, "Up bup bup! The Dean wants you five in his office immediately."

Austin was about to head off when he finished, "YOU too, Aries!"

The boys looked at one another, and AJ and Austin eyed each other down. They really weren't the best of friends. In fact, they pretty much hated each other, because they often fought to be the King Rebel of the school.

"...Crap." muttered Jeff. "Nice knowing you guys."

"Is this about that termite incident? Damn it, Alex, I TOLD you that was a bad idea!" snapped Chris.

"Well, how was I supposed to know they liked to feed on the fake wood on the Dean's desk?" Shelley demanded back.

"I can't believe you guys are even arguing about this right now." announced Kaz.

"Guys, guys, keep it cool, will ya?" AJ asked. "We've gotten away with shit before, we'll get away with whatever shit we did now."

"Well, I don't know why the hell I'M being brought into this." Aries grumbled. "I don't have anything to do with whatever crap you all got yourselves into, and even if I did, I'd come up with something WAY better than...termites."

Alex and Chris shot him a look. "...So?" they both demanded.

"Hey, leave em alone and shut your face, Aries. Let's just see what the Dean wants with us now." Styles announced.

A few minutes later, they knocked on the Dean's office door.

"Come in!" called a voice.

The boys entered the room. "Hey man, what's the haps?" AJ asked the Dean of the school, who was none other than the Icon, Sting himself. (Minus the face paint and all.) He turned around in his swivel chair, and all the boys wanted to know, was who the hell the two men standing on either side of him were.

"Who's the suits?" asked Alex.

"Well, these two gentlemen are two United States Marshalls who wish to have a word with you, Mr. Aries." Sting announced. He looked at the other five guys. "ALONE."

"Hey, all right! Dibs on the last Fat Cake!" Jeff cried, speeding out of the room along with the guys rather quickly, happy to leave Aries alone.

AJ backtracked, smiled, and said, "Call us when your momma picks you up from here and-"

Austin cut him off by slamming the door in his face. "Sorry about them. You were saying?" he asked.


"Guys, wait, wait." AJ stopped them.

"But we're trying to keep Jeff from getting the last Fat Cake." Chris whined.

"Later! Don't you guys want to see if Aries is gonna get fried or not?" he asked.

"Sure, I could use a good laugh." agreed Kazarian.

"Awesome. Now lift me up."

The boys obliged and allowed Styles to crawl over their backs, allowing him to see the scene from the door's window.


"Now listen, it's just a safety measure that we're taking involving everyone in the Guiano Chavez case." one of the men told Aries. "Especially since your father is heavily involved."

"My dad was an assistant judge since I was five." Austin replied.


"What's going on, dude?" asked Jeff.

"Hmm...they mentioned something about Austin's dad." replied AJ.

"Oh the assistant judge, right?" asked Chris.

Styles nodded.


"Ok, now Hugo Chavez, his son, is dedicated to his father." the other man continued. "He even went so far as to take over the courthouse over in Cuba to get his father back safely. The judge there and two innocent people over there were killed."

Sting looked towards Austin, but then his eyes caught Styles peeking in over the door. Outside...

"Now what's going on?" asked Alex.

"They're talking about some dude from Cuba." Styles replied.

"Hmm. They have some pretty good salsa over there." Jeff whispered.

"Yum, yum, yum." agreed Shelley.

"Guys, will you shut up so I can hear what's going on?" Styles whispered sharply.

Sting turned back to Austin. "So that's why we have to take these measures. You and your folks will be in a safe and secluded place, so there's no worries, all right?" he asked.


A random kid headed down the hall and slapped Kaz's ass. He yelped. "Hey, leave my ass alone, dumbass!" he snapped, almost causing AJ to lose his balance. "Knock it off down there!"

Back inside...

"All right, so where the hell am I going, then?" asked Austin.

"We're not sure at the moment, but it will be a safe and secure military operation." the second man said. Meanwhile, Sting said nothing and opened the door, allowing the boys to lose their balance and all fall inside of the room, piling on top of each other.

He and Austin looked down at them.

They paused and then smiled. "...HELLO!" they all cried unanimously.

"Well, ya might as well come in. Sure you heard most of it. Why don't you spend this free time that you have now to let your little friend and roommate pack his things?" asked Sting.

"He's not our friend." Styles said, eying him down.

"I don't want any of you having your grubby little hands all over my things anyway!" he snapped back.

A couple of hours later, Austin, Sting, and the boys were all outside, ready to give Aries his big send off...

"Good luck in your future endeavors, son. Hope you come back as soon as possible." Sting said, shaking his hand.

"We don't." Styles muttered, eliciting chuckles from his friends.

"Oh please, I am the KING of rebels this place has ever seen, and if you think that YOU have the balls to replace me, Styles, you're damn wrong." he stepped into the back seat of the car. "Too bad I won't be here anymore to watch you fail."

The self proclaimed 'Phenomenal One' just glared at him and reeled on the inside.

Soon after that, he slammed the car door and the vehicle headed off.

Kaz stuck out his tongue towards the leaving car, while Alex held up a 'peace' sign with his fingers, as Chris and Jeff laughed along.

"Uh, Allen, can I have a word with you, son?" Sting asked, pulling him aside as they headed back towards the school.

"It's AJ." he corrected. "And I'm not your son."

He chuckled and continued, "Anyway, ALLEN, I've just been pretty curious lately. Were you off of campus yesterday afternoon between the hours of 3:30 and 4:45?"

AJ gave him a fake look of surprise and gasped. "ME? Sir, why would I defy your rules and head off of campus, knowing that I'm still on probation?" he asked.

"Oh, I dunno...maybe cause the security guard's car was vandalized yesterday with the word 'Rejects' spray painted on both sides. And for some reason, the word 'Oink' was painted on there, too."

AJ looked back towards Alex and smirked. His friend could be totally random sometimes and it cracked him up. "Sir, are you accusing me of vandalizing property that doesn't belong to me?" he asked.

Sting looked down at him and placed a firm hand on his shoulder, smiling. "You're off the hook this time, Styles. But remember, wherever you turn...I'm watching you."

"Should I be concerned about this?" Styles asked as the group headed off.