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Chapter 14

Outside, Sting and the wounded sniper were attempting to get inside, but the sniper couldn't hold up any longer. Sting gently sat him down for a rest.

Inside, Hugo, AJ, and the two gunmen entered another room. The gunmen hid themselves behind a desk trying to fight off the oncoming troops, allowing Hugo to drag Styles back into Sting's office. He slammed the door.

Outside, Sting paused for a moment and heard some pretty nearby sounding shots, leaning closer to a wall.

"Here." the sniper said, handing him his gun.

Inside of the office, Hugo still held his gun out while tightly holding AJ in a headlock, but this time the lead terrorist appeared flustered, almost...scared.

Outside, Sting climbed up the wall and headed towards the source of the sound of the shots being fired.

In the office, Hugo shakily muttered something while a terrified Styles cried, "Oh, God..."

Sting climbed up the wall, while inside, as a desperate measure, Hugo pushed the button on his device. Only, instead of the place blowing up, the engine on the plane started instead! Both of them turned their heads to the whirring sound, and Hugo was baffled at this. AJ, on the other hand, was overjoyed on the inside, smiling a little. Pissed off, Hugo let out an angry yell and whipped Styles around, piercing his eyes into the teenager's and holding his gun under his chin.

"Sir, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry..." AJ pleaded in a rush.

More gunshots sounded from outside and Hugo yelled again, holding AJ back in the headlock and pointing out his gun. In the meantime, Sting had climbed up onto another surface, to the window of his own office, and happened to see Hugo holding AJ hostage. He knew he had to do something, and fast. Inside, he then saw the two struggling, followed by Hugo reaching for the orange wires that were also rigged to make the place explode! The Dean looked down to the sniper and asked, "What's going to happen if the wires are cut?"

"The place will blow up! Shoot him!" he cried.

Before Hugo could touch the wires, the troops kicked down the door and the terrorist grabbed onto AJ and tried to fend off the men with his gun once more. He shot towards them, right when Sting dived through the glass and joined everyone else for the action.

Hugo whipped around and shot towards Sting. One of the troops took the chance and managed to shoot Hugo square in the head. With blood dripping down his forehead, the sorry fucker slumped to the ground, finally dead.

Meanwhile, Sting found that he was shot in the upper chest, and winced once he covered his wound. The rest of the troops stormed in the room to make sure that Hugo was dead, and indeed, he was. Sting saw AJ and rolled Hugo's body off of him, pulling the teenager next to him.

For a moment, they both looked towards Hugo and were at a loss for words, when AJ spoke up and asked, "Are you all right?"

He turned to him. "Now I am."

Moments later, the bomb squad successfully managed to diffuse the wires and unhooked them from off of the building, while AJ helped a wounded Sting out of the room and sat him down on a bench in the hallway. Styles turned to him. "Gosh. Sir, I'm-I'm sorry I was such an ass to you." he apologized. "Since you saved my life and all."

"Ah, it's all right. Besides, I'm damn proud of you, son. You kept your word and pulled through. Things could've ended up a lot worse around here." Sting replied. "Plus, there's a good chance that you just might graduate in this lifetime!"

"That's very true, sir. So since I pretty much saved the world, does that take me off kitchen duty?" he asked.

"Hell no. Just because you saved the world doesn't mean you get off THAT easy." the older man replied.

Soon after, they looked at each other and then bursted out laughing, with Sting playfully tassling AJ's hair. In a way, despite his hardheadedness and constant smart-ass demeanor, AJ respected Sting and felt that he was like a father to him. Similarly, although he had to be tough on him at times, Sting felt that AJ was like the son he never had, too. And after today, Styles was considering never being late to class again...Yeah, right. That was one habit of his that would never change.


A little while later, the gates on the side of the school opened, and troops liberated the students as they gratefully ran outside into the fresh air. Never had it been so good to be outside! Kaz, Jeff, Alex, and Chris all headed out, and their main concern was where AJ was.

"Hey, anyone seen AJ?" Kaz asked a few other boys.

"Where the hell is he?" Jeff muttered, looking around.

"Have you seen AJ?" Chris asked another group of kids.

Then, Alex noticed that an ambulance was driving down the road. "Hey, hey, maybe he's in the ambulance!" he called. The friends sped to the vehicle and tried to look inside.

"You see him?" asked Jeff.

Kaz's expression fell. "No. Damn it, where is he?"

From the same direction that the ambulance came, AJ ran down the road and caught his friends. "GUYS!"

They whipped around and lit up upon seeing him again, and they all joined together, embracing him in a group hug.

"YOU DID IT!" Alex yelled happily. Rob and Eric Young ran in to join in the hug.

"WHOO!" cheered Chris. "VICTORY!"

"No, no, I couldn't have done it without you guys!" AJ announced. "Great work, Rejects."

"Well, now that the bad guys are all gone, we gotta celebrate! Anyone have anything in mind?" asked Kaz.

"I got it! Free shots of Cognac inspired Robitussin on ME!" Jeff announced.

"Ha, that Robitussin thing was MY idea, don't steal my thunder!" AJ laughed, play fighting him while Jeff laughed and fought back.

"Stop fighting and make nice, damn it!" Kaz cried, joining in on the 'fight', along with Alex and Chris.

Meanwhile, Rob and Eric shared a congratulatory handshake and casually walked off, still not used to the unorthodox nature of the boys' actions. But as for AJ, Kaz, Jeff, Chris, and Alex, they never would've dreamed that their friendship, along with their intellect and recklessness, would ever be able to get them to save an entire school from terrorists.

The lesson of this story - NEVER underestimate the rebels, because if you mess with them, they WILL fight back.