Info: AU = High School, Rin's POV

Don't be mean, this is one of my first times typing about Blue Exorcist in an AU. Please be nice.

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Reality Covers Fantasy


"Something has changed over the break, Rin." My eyes gazed to Sheimi as she had a look of worry. I followed her eye sight over to a certain male.

"What the fuck did he do to his hair?" I asked out with hands shoved into my pockets.

The male we were exhibiting was no one other than Suguro Ryuji. We also called him Bon for short, but that's because we are friends. Well, maybe I should say we were friends. When we left for our Christmas break, he was acting all fine until he got back. I didn't get to talk to him over the break because I was at my brother's house; which we also had his friend, Shura, join us. Though it was a little odd to spend Christmas and our seventeenth birthdays with her, it was also entertaining. I never knew someone could piss him off so bad.

I'm getting off subject; back to what I was discussing.

Bon is suddenly hanging out with another crowd and even changed his image. He died a blonde streak through his hair, making it look like a rooster… Then, not to mention, he's got piercings all in his ears. He dresses a bit more… how do you say it? Almost like he just roughed someone up and didn't bother to fix his clothes. His appearance seems more aggressive and unapproachable. It didn't matter to me, though; he can do whatever he pleases.

"I got the four-one-one on Suguro." Izumo approached with Paku as her pale hand flicked her dark hair behind her shoulder. "Seems like, he has been getting a little more acquainted with that group over there." Her finger pointed towards the group of three that Bon was now associating with.

"Let him do whatever."

"Rin?" Sheimi's voice came out in a worried tone. "Are you sure? You and Suguro are really close-!"

"It is fine, Sheimi." I cut her off with a smile added. "I still got you three, so it doesn't matter. Maybe he is going through a phrase… let him deal with it." I mentioned to make it more positive. Her face beamed lightly and she nodded in understanding.

"You're right! He could just be trying something out!" She hummed with eyes closed at her optimistic thinking.

"We should get going…" Paku mentioned quietly to us with a light smile. I never understood how she was like that and how Izumo is so brash. I guess opposites attract in some cases.

"Yeah, the bell is going to ring in a few minutes." Izumo turned towards Paku and waved a hand back. "See you guys at lunch!" She mentioned and began walking away with our other little friend.

"Let's go, Rin!" Sheimi stated and I glanced over to Bon one last time and he happened to look my way. It seemed like the other two; which they are Shima and Konekomaru, were conversing with one another and didn't notice. I watched as his face scrunched in some type of disgusted manner.

It's funny how this is reality of the world. People change and move on or stay the same pace. I guess Bon wanted to move into another reality. Reality is boring and is meant for you to open up a book to read and get away and swim in fantasy. Makes sense if you like to grab a manga and engross your-self in it, like I do. Well, I will just live with this boring reality because, who knows what fantasy could bring along with it?

"Yeah, let's go." I told Sheimi and heard her shift her feet. I raised my hand and let my middle finger fly with a glare at Bon. His face twitched and I grinned as I turned away to follow behind my blonde friend. I loved to piss him off early in the morning, especially since he has found a new crowd.