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Reality Covers Fantasy

Chapter 6: Where do I go?

"Are you okay, Rin?" A groan left my throat as a hand moved to grasp my head.

"Ryuji?" I whispered the name out and felt a warm hand grasp the one on my head to pull it away.

"Yeah, it's me." I blinked a couple times while gazing to him before realization of events hit me. I sat up straight in a panic before glancing around.

"Where's Yukio?!" As soon as everything caught up with me, I groaned out with the thought of getting whiplash.

"It's okay, lie back down or sit back. He left the room to make a phone call." My back found my couch as I sat up and noticed the bandage on Ryuji's leg.

"Are you okay?" I asked him and he raised my head to look at him.

"Don't you worry about me, okay? I heal quickly." Thumbs rubbed my cheeks lightly before he leaned towards me. "I'm so glad you're okay. You had me worried, passing out like that." Lips touched mine lightly before full on as I leaned in to take it in. A smile was on his face as my fingers found his shirt and heat found my cheeks.

"Eh hem," we pulled apart and looked over to see my younger brother have a look at us. "My boss is not happy about this situation here and neither am I." Arms crossed as he glared towards Ryuji mainly with a finger soon tapping on his arm. "Still, Rin should go back with me, he needs the large protected area."

"I have a whole pack that will help me protect him."

"It's useless talking to you or even my brother, so it may get a little ugly." Blue eyes shifted as he gazed to me with a look of seriousness.

"Don't give me that look!" I told him as I knew that look very well over the years. It was the look of betrayal that he would do to get me to side with him even if it was a bad decision.

"Niisan, you have to side with me! I know what I am talking about! I have been a hunter for the past three years! Nothing good comes out of a demon mating with a human!"

"Oh, but Yukio remember I am a demon as well." My finger pointed to him and I knew I made a vein pulsate.

"No, you are different, Niisan. Somehow you have kept your human form, so you are human who just has a locked away demon inside that no one wants to let out." He explained out with a hand waving out before it returned to grab the other. "We can't come to a compromise if the situation stays like this."

"We came to a compromise," Ryuji stated out with a hold on me as he acted like I was going to disappear. "I will stay with him, no matter where he goes."

"That does not seem like legitimate protection. If there is a vampire running around out there still after attacking Niisan, then he definitely needs to be somewhere safer." A growl left my boyfriend as he tensed up and arms went around my waist.

"Rin has not been injured and that is what is important!" I watched the exchange of glares and I sighed out in a stressed manner.

"Will you two stop already?" I threw my arms out with a big groan coming from me. "I don't need anyone getting hurt again, so stop!" A glare reached both males and they obeyed my demand with one pinching the bridge of his nose and the other rubbing his head into my neck.

"I don't like when you yell at me, Rin." My boyfriend whined lightly and I frowned lightly as I felt bad for doing such thing.

"It's the only way to get either of you to listen to me. I'm also part of this, so stop excluding me! I will decide where I stay and who I will be with!" A sigh left me as I crossed my arms with eyes closing to show I was mulling it over in my mind. "It seems if I were to just stay near the pack, then I will be safe."


"It is a pack against one vampire… I think they can handle it." I set a hand out towards my younger brother knowing I needed to say it before he shot out with a protest. The frown on him knew I was right, but did not want to admit it outright.

"Fine," a slight pause made me watch him as I noticed he wasn't finished. "But, if you are injured in anyway by that vampire, or anyone for that matter, I am coming to pick you up. I expect no complaints if this were to happen and don't think I will not know if something happens!" A pale hand had a finger pointed at us with a shaking movement and hard blue eyes.

"Now that we are at an agreement…" I stated with a stretch of my arms and noticed a pair still around my waist. "I'm starved!" A snort was next to me as I pulled to a muscled body and heard a growl, but it sounded pleased.

"Me too…" The heat in my cheeks appeared quickly as I struggle din my grip.

"No." I told him, only to receive a chuckle as he released me from my hold.

"I don't always think like that. Seriously, I am hungry." I gave suspicious eyes to my boyfriend before seeing a slight smirk. "I think Mom would have dinner prepared by now."

"I'm leaving Niisan."

"Eh?!" I stated up before quickly moving after my twin. "Already? I can make dinner here! You can stay a little longer, right?" A light strain was in my voice as I tried not to sound desperate, but let's just face it… I love my little brother no matter how much he annoys me. His body stopped by the door as he gazed back at me with arms crossing.

"What are you making?"

"I have ingredients to make one of your favorites!" A grin was plastered on my face and I saw his brain working before I noticed a deep frown.

"I will if it's just us."

"What?!" Ryuji was next to me in a heartbeat and I pushed against him lightly.

"It's fine, Ryuji. You can come pick me up later and we can go back to your house or something." The suggestion I gave was holding with my smile and he had a tense body.

"But Rin—!"

"I will be fine, I have Yukio who has gun for fucks sake." A frown appeared on my face before he crossed his arms and began muttering to himself.

"…Alright… but as soon as your brother leaves call me!" A tan hand was moved to point at me with his unpleased tone. The smile I flashed him made him calm a little before the same hand moved to pet through my locks. "I will be back later." Lips pecked my cheek before pulling away to head to the door where my twin watched him leave.

"See ya later, Ryuji!" I waved to the male and received a smile and a hand before the door closed behind him. "Why don't I go start on dinner?" A grin was on me as I began for the kitchen with Yukio following behind.

"Could I help any?" I paused in my steps before turning back to see my younger brother scratching at a cheek whilst looking away.

"Yeah! Then we can eat sooner!" The smile on him made me grin wider as he soon joined me in the kitchen.

To say the least, cooking and eating with Yukio made my night.