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A camping site; three large tents surrounding a crudely built fire. Only one person remained, huddled in an oversized jacket and toasting bread over the flames and whistling an out of tune version of Another one bits the dust.

His mobile rang, and his whistling was cut short and turned into a sigh. He flipped open the phone and pressed it in between his ear and his shoulder.


"Hey, Ken, we had a bit of bother by the lake," came the voice of Peter, one of his mates.


Behind Peter's voice, was the sound of sniggering and splashing. "Yeah, to cut a long story short, we'll be back a little later than we planned. And most likely without fresh water..."

"We only have half a bottle left," protested Ken. "Either we'll squeeze it off of Gary's clothes when you get back, or you'll fill the other bottle."

"Well, if you want Gary-flavoured water for the pasta, fine-"

Ken rolled his eyes and snapped the phone shut. He stumbled with the phone and the toast and managed to get the phone stashed away inside his pocket. He looked at the toast, which was now burnt black. "Damn."

Ken took the toast off of the fork and threw it into the foliage a few metres away. He shrugged the jacket on tighter and made his way into his tent, only after he'd gone inside realising that the ground was wrong. He gingerly swirled a finger around in the dirt and it came back up covered in mud. The ground was wet.

"What the hell..."

It hadn't been raining for the whole week. It was why the group had chosen today for the camping trip. The dirt had been bone dry an hour ago. Where was the water coming from?

Ken, frowning, wandered from his tent and down the short hill the tents perched atop. It was like going down a slide, and by the time he reached the bottom his trousers and back were covered in mud. He stood up, and his boots sank a few centimetres. Here he could even see the puddles forming around the straggly shrubs.

Ken's eyes found something among the trees furthur ahead. A golden flickering. The quietness of the forest was broken by a faint metallic sound, and with it was the unmistakeable sound of water trickling. Slowly, but surely.

He ran to the flickering, fully captured by curiosity, and when he'd approached it his boots were lowering rapidly into the muck. Ken stared in wonder at the thing before him. A circular, flickering mass of what looked like shards of crystal. Ken walked around the thing, because there was no doubt that the water was coming from one side of it.

Was there something through there? Could it be possible?

Ken was now trying desperately to fight his curiosity, but despite his efforts still found himself stepping ever closer. His eyes closed and he took a deep breath. Air was suddenly rushing past him and the sounds and smells of the forest were rapidly disappearing. All this he experienced in a second and when he opened his eyes he almost had a panic attack.

Water. All around him, was what looked like incredibly deep water. Above the water, and only a mere few inches above Ken's head was a rock ceiling. He was looking from the forest into some kind of underwater cave. And somehow he was breathing.

The cogs of his brain were struggling to process it all, when he realised that if water is travelling through what he thinks should be called 'The Window', air could be travelling from the forest into the cave. Before he could think about it, Ken found himself reaching a hand through the Window and underneath the water itself.

"This is so cool," whispered Ken to himself, fear levels lowering. "And slightly freaky."

He swirled his hand around in the water and he was about to pull it back when-

"Ah!" he gasped, at the sudden pain in his hand. He looked down and saw the cloud of red liquid floating to the surface, and the dark shadow moving around his hand. In a heartbeat, he backed up and fell backwards onto the muddy ground. Only the something that attacked his hand wasn't gone. It was still attatched.

And biting.

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