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"Surprised to see you away from your desk, Lester. Did it dump you?" the girl replied lightly, feeling considerably happier despite the team's current situation due to her positive visit to Becker.

"What have I told you about sarcasm, Jess?"

Jess shook her head, "Nothing at all, actually."

"Never mind," Lester said with an irritated sigh. "Can you get in touch with the others? There's been another kill."

"Oh my God." Jess immediately adjusted her earpiece and started scanning the news reports out of habit. "Where? Who?"

"Not too far from where the team are now, actually. And it was a couple going for a late night walk. One of them got out, but the other wasn't so lucky. The police haven't found the body as of yet, and it was in no way the work of a common wild animal."

Jess contacted Matt, "Guys, what's happening?"

"There are anomalies, Jess. Everywhere. We have them almost all closed, but creatures are coming through. Small ones so far, and no casual-"

"Not any more. A couple walking in the woods have been killed. Lester says not far from you, but I can't tell you exactly because this stupid thing," she broke off to give the ADD a small kick. "Won't respond at all, now."

When Matt replied, his voice was urgent, "We're on it."

Matt and Connor tore through the trees, paying no attention to the brambles as their snarling branches caught on their clothes. Abby had stayed with the soldiers to help them finish locking the anomalies, and to take care of the maelestes and the other creatures.

Because now, Connor and Matt could hear something in the distance; it's low rumbling growls mingled with something they couldn't place.

Dawn was beginning to peak out from behind the clumps of trees blocking patches of the sky, by the time the two of them reached a clearing. Connor almost collapsed from exhaustion, but Matt steadied him.

"Woah, steady on, mate. It wasn't that much of a run."

"You're kidding, right?"

Matt shrugged, and they heard a roar. The pair froze. That hadn't come from anyhing small. It was too deep, too loud, and without that realisation the thumps they were feeling through small vibrations on the ground wouldn't make any sense.

Connor frowned, and started muttering to himself, before saying louder, "That sounded... really large. So, therapod, obviously Cretaceous, presumably carnivorous... I hope it isn't another spino."

"You and me both, mate."

It was a small clearing, surrounded by trees in an almost perfect circular shape. Shrubs covered most of the dry dirt, and there was the small trickle of a narrow river running down the centre and into the trees. Connor narrowed his eyes, and scanned the foliage. The odd squirrell, a bird, a splash of red...

"Over there." said Connor, suddenly feeling slightly sick at what they might find.

Matt followed Connor's hand as he pointed out the splash, which was unmistakably blood. The older man bent down and dipped in two fingers, then grimacing when he brought them back up and tasted them. He stood back up and walked furthur along the faint blood trail.

"Oh, God." Connor heard Matt say when he joined him. Matt was standing over more blood, which was covering the dry grass and bushes. Nestled in between the bushes, was the mangled remains of a human body.

"Look at the clean wounds," Connor said, repulsed. Matt gave him a look. "Ok, not clean in the.. you know... clean sense, but clean in the way that those wounds were evidently inflicted in one smooth motion. By one mouth."

"This is getting out of hand. We need to split up again."

"What? With this thing roaming around? Look what happened when Becker was alone, and that was by dinosaurs the size of peas!"

Matt chewed his cheek. "This animal, whatever it is, didn't come from one of those weaker anomalies. Assuming it's size to be around the tyrannosaurus', there's no way it would have been allowed. That means there's yet another anomaly here."

"It could have come through the larger anomaly Abby and the others locked, before they got there."

"Nah, there would have been signs. And this kill is fresh."

Connor threw up his hands, "Alright, fine. I would tell you to be careful, but that's a bit hypocritical coming from me, isn't it?"

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