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Chapter I

A boy, no older than seventeen, made his way across the ancient pathways, that no one seemed to have used for centuries. When he looked around the room, it looked like what he always imagined the Great Library of Alexandria should have looked like, when they talked about it in school. Row upon row of bookcases, filled with books, scrolls, and tablets in any given form and size. He saw titles in Latin, ancient Greek, Hebrew and languages he couldn't decipher. But nothing prepared him for what awaited him in the middle of the room. There, on a pedestal, illuminated by a beam of light, that apparently came out of nowhere, rested a book. A book, which apparent by it's special position, outranked everything else here in it's importance.

There was a feeling of power radiating off said book, and with every step the boy took, the books presence got stronger, filling his mind with promises of power and secrets beyond anything he could understand with his mortal mind. It was as if the book was calling him. Calling him, to come nearer, to take it's power and make it his. Called him to take what was rightfully his, no not his, theirs.

His feet seemed to have a mind of their own, as they carried his body until he stood directly in front of the book. The moment he reached his destination there was a rustling sound, as the book's pages turned on their own, until they ended on an elaborately ornamented page. Knowing for certain he wouldn't be able to turn the pages if he tried, he read the words, the spell, he found there.

"Hear now the words of the witches
The secrets we hid in the night,
The oldest of Gods are invoked here
The great work of magic is sought.
In this night and in this hour
I call upon the ancient power.
Bring your powers to us destined three,
We want the power, give us the power."1

When the last word of the spell had left his lips, the book slammed shut, leaving the boy perplexed. He felt tiredness overtaking his mind, as he was transported back to his own bedroom in the real world, not noticing his eyes glowing golden. Not knowing, that two other pairs of eyes glowed in the same ominous shade. One was a girl's in a hospital room, the other a boy's, who had fallen asleep on his desk, using an old book on werewolf law as for a pillow.

The next morning...

Unknown POV

"Dude, get up... we'll be late for school." Said a very chirpy and annoying voice into peaceful sleep.

"AHH, fuck off..." Came his, slightly, unintelligible reply.

"DUDE, DANNY. SCHOOL!" His fogged up mind was finally able to identify his molester as... Jackson?

What was Jackson doing here? In the last months, following the winter formal, Jackson had become less and less his best friend and more like a casual acquaintance. Sure, he was still polite when they meet in the school hallways or the locker room, but he was always busy with something or someone else. Strangely enough, he was now seen with Scott more than anyone else. McCall and Jackson became the school's new rulers, becoming best friends on a bases Danny could not begin understand.

When he had asked Stiles, who too had lost his best friend in the forming of the new power duo, had just shrugged and replied he didn't know what Dumb and Dumber were up too these days, before leaving to go visit Lydia in the hospital.

They had meet there quit a times actually, her parents were to busy and she didn't have any real friends. When their fellow students learned she was going to be out for a while, it was like the beginning of "The Wizard of Oz" with the Munchkins celebrating the Wicked Witch's death, fighting about who would step up and take her place as queen Bee. So Danny, who thought of her as his unofficial fag hag, and Stiles, the boy with the unrequited crush, were her only visitors.

He missed her if she were here, she would be able to shed some light on the whole Scott and Jackson thing. But as it was, he had to deal with the situation without her. It was a shock to learn, that Stiles was actually decent human being and they became fast friends, both filling a void in the others heart. They quit Lacrosse and started swimming, which, as it turned out, was a great outlet for Stiles excess energy and stabilizes his condition even more.

Back to the point of what the fuck Jackson was doing here. Knowing that there was no way around this, he steeled himself up for this overdue conversation with his FORMER best friend.

"What do you want, Whittemore" He asked so coldly, it sent shivers down his own spine. He could see the the hurt and anger forming in his former best friend's eyes.

"Dude! I know I haven't been the best of friends the last few days, but what did I do to deserve that kind of tone?" Jackson replied. Bastard had the audacity to sound hurt!

"This kind of tone? THIS KIND OF TONE? Really WHITTEMORE? You can stand there and ask me that in all honesty? How about how you blew me off for weeks, when all I tried to do was to talk to you, like I was some kind of charity case you grew tired off. How about the fact you haven't visited Lydia, at all, since the day she was injured. How about you and Scott ripped mine and Stiles hearts out, when our friendships were one of the few things, both of us could rely on in our lives? I ask you again Whittemore, what do you want?"

Danny said more angry than he could ever remember being!

"I'm sorry, please believe me, when I say that it had to be done. What is going on with you? You don't seem to be yourself, where is the Danny everybody likes?" Jackson asked, with an innocent smile at the end, that at one point would have been enough to break Danny's anger. But not this time. This time had been the, metaphorical, last straw.

Jackson POV

O.K. This was odd. Jackson had known Danny for fifteen years, since they caused mischief in kindergarten together. And never had he seen his best friend this upset. There was this one indecent, when someone first called him a fag and later insulted his mother, where it took four guys to restrain the goalie. But, NEVER, had this kind of hate been directed towards him.

He had missed the other boy. Had missed the easy camaraderie that had always defined their friendship. But he could not have risked his his best friends life. Derek had given him and Scott an order to stay away from their best friends and girlfriends. As Lydia was still in a coma and Alison's parents decided the safest way to do, would be to move away, girlfriends weren't the issue. But when school started up again, they both used the same routine of I'M KING JOCK to keep everyone away. Apparently they were better actors then they gave themselves credit for.

Him and Scott had made peace over their shared fate, their lost loves and their lost friends. They bonded over their shared social isolation Derek's orders entailed. His orders had been precise and left only very few loopholes, which he closed as soon as they became obvious. In the beginning both, him and Scott, stood guard, hidden in the shadows, in front of their best friends houses, as to protect them, from the things living in the darkness. That was until Derek caught them and included a ban on their activities in his orders.

But this was worst then what he had expected, Danny was angry to a degree that scared even a werewolf. And now, that he thought about it, there was something different about the former goalie. His scent had changed, since the last time he had seen him, it was still mostly human, but there was something he couldn't identify, but his wolf classified as dangerous with a capital D.

During Danny's little outburst, Jackson could have sworn he saw Danny's eyes flash golden for just one millisecond, if not for his increased werewolf senses he might not have even picked up on it. But Danny wasn't a wolf, Derek had taught them to differentiate between wolf and human from their scent, and his friend's bared all the characteristics he associated with a wolf.

Jackson got closer, so he could get a better read on the smells filling the room, not noticing his wolf coming trough, initiating the first stages of change. He didn't notice until Danny brought up his hand in a gesture meant to to be protective. What neither anticipated was Danny's eyes to glow bright golden again and for Jackson to be thrown, head first, into the nearest wall with the sickening sound of breaking bones.

Same time across town...

Scott POV

Stiles had never been the easiest person to wake up in the morning. Probably why they got along as well as they did. The first time Stiles slept over, Scott's mom had declared them "brothers separated at birth". It had taken her an hour to wake them, while both clung to sleep and each other.

Now he had the unenviable task of waking his best friend up, hopefully without losing any limbs. While werewolf healing was awesome, it couldn't replace lost limbs. So he took Stiles Lacrosse stick, why he still kept it was a mystery to Scott, and slowly started poking his best friends exposed side. Only to have a hand flung at the stick's head, ramming the handle into his junk.

"Dude, wake up." Scott moaned, still very much in pain.

"Fuck off, still sleeping." Stiles replied.

"Genim Eustace Winifred Stilinski, get up!"Scott said, trying to use the Sheriff's approach at waking Stiles up. He knew using Stiles full name was a low blow, but as they say desperate times...

"What the fuck do you want McCall? I thought I wasn't good enough to be "graced" with your presence anymore? Why don't you go back to Jackson and suck his cock for all I care!" Stiles words came hard, harsh and cutting.

Scott had never heard the Sheriff's son cuss so much in so few sentences. This was bad. And like Jackson had seen Danny's, Scott saw Stiles eyes glowing golden for the fraction of a second. And like Jackson, he couldn't find anything indicating Stiles was a wolf now. And, also like Jackson, he noticed Stiles scent was different than he remembered it. His wolf also classified the changes as dangerous.

"I'm going to ask this one more time before I'll call animal control, what do you want McCall? You want me to risk my life? Does Derek need a new chew toy? Is there a new rogue alpha and you need me to play bait? What the fuck is it, because there is no way you are here for anything, but another favor. Since Alison stepped into your life and Peter bit you that's all I'm to you, a gullible idiot doing your bidding. And through all that I stood by you, I was there when you nearly killed all of us at the school. I was there when you kissed the girl I loved and then used the fact to hurt me. I was there through all your bitching and whinging of "OH WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW?" . But when you abandoned me, to deal with all that shit my own after Peter was dead. When you got yourself another best friend in Jackson and become a carbon copy of that dick, you overstayed your welcome in my life! You know where the door is or the window or whatever. FUCK OFF!" Stiles voice got even colder than before.

Scott wanted to hug his best friend, until all the hurt and anguish went away, like he had done when they were eight and Stiles mother had died. But when he came near his friend, Stiles put up his hands in a protective gesture, his eyes glowed and then...

Stiles POV

… Scott just stopped. Everything just stopped, according to the clock on his nightstand. A page of his research he had dropped from his desk, stopped mid air.

There was definitely something wrong here, time didn't just stop, did it? He needed someone to talk to about that just happened. And, strangely enough, only Danny came to mind. He really wished Danny were here, although the former goalie knew nothing about the supernatural stuff going on in their little town.

What he didn't expect was his wish to be fulfilled, when, in a flurry of blue orbs, Danny appeared in the middle of his bedroom, wearing the same gobsmacked look Stiles was sure his face wore also.

"Ahh... O.K. Stiles? Any idea what is going on? How I ended up here or how I flung Jackson ACROSS my room?" Danny was talking himself into a panic attack and Stiles knew he needed to intervene before he got there.

"Flung him across the room. Like how? You put up your hands like that and..." Stiles said, copying Danny's earlier movements, flinging Scott into the next wall, where he, in Stiles mind, collided into with a very satisfying thump. "AWESOME"

"Boys? Would you please stop hurting your friends? And I promise I'll explain what's happening to you?" Come a voice from the door. And standing there was the one person Stiles thought he would never see entering his room again.


1. Yes, my angle on magic in this Story is strongly influenced by Charmed.

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