Maybe it's an illusion.
It must be.
Just an illusion.
Simply an illusion.
A figment of my imagination.

Maybe it's a dream.
Just a wish.
It's too much to hope for.
To hope that it was true.
I would disappoint myself.

I'm too weak.
Too helpless.
I don't deserve acknowledgement.
I would earn my honor.
Just like everyone else.
To earn their respect.
To deserve their respect.

I'll reach it.
No matter what.
The road is long.
But it's to be expected.

To hope.
One day.
He would meet my eyes.
And I would not feel ashamed.
To be seen as an

That he would finally accept me.
The way I accept him.

Maybe it's an illusion.
Maybe it's a
I think.
It's real.