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A soft, gentle had was smoothing back the hair covering my forehead while there was soothing hum in the background. I felt a pang in my heart, remembering someone who would do the same to me. Did she still feel disappointed in me? Along with everyone else? Before I could think deeper on this, a voice rang out.

"Catherine... Open your eyes."

Slowly parting those lids, the first thing I took note on was a bit of sun peeking out from willow tree branches, warming my face a bit. Turning to my left, I saw Aurum gazing down at me, still stroking my hair while looking a bit... sad?

"... What happened?" Was the first question to come into my mind.

A bit of a smile moved those frowning lips. "You knocked yourself out. Though that is to be expected."

"Say what?" I asked, deadpanning as I felt my bruised eye before wincing.

Aurum grabbed my hand and set it down on the grass. "You are residing in a world where commen sense is... Not as used as much as it would in your world. And like you said, it does seem like you are living in an anime. So do not be surprised if you have more irrational thoughts than you would have back at your world."

Ah, that explains it then... "Now that I think about it, it is kinda dumb of me to try knocking that review from my brain," I said, feeling like I deserved another pounding for my lack of intelegence. "But then again... I am in Hetalia..."

And no, I did not say that in a happy tone.

"... Catherine..."

Looking up, I met the expression of one who was... guilty. Seeing how Aurum looked away at the meadow we were in, I felt dread well up at the pit of my stomach. This can't mean anything good... "What?"

"... I'm sorry, but I will have to leave you girls for now."

Wait. Hold the phone.

"... Come again?" I asked weakly, hoping that I heard her words wrong. I may not have known her for long, but nonetheless she helped me get by with this whole living in a diffrent dimension situation.

"I can no longer interfere with helping the three of you cope with staying in this world. It is one of the many rules when it comes to bringing one to another reality," the woman said, those golden eyes downcast.

Sitting up, I just stared at this person. That's it? Just like that, I'm left alone?! Call me selfish, but I need at least a few things to keep me sane! "... Why am I here anyway?" I whispered, clenching my fists. "Really, you can't expect me to help those guys! I'm a mess! The only hand I'll lend would be to add more problems!"

Problem maker... Outsider... You don't belong! Isn't that obvious enough?!

Remembering how Spain remained distant from me... causing a commotion from my outbursts... knowing that I'm being watched, and am untrusted... Trying to hide back tears, I looked at the bracelet on my wrist. The three beads shined in the sunlight, as if teling me that they represent something that I could never begin to understand.

A hand was then put on my cheek. Refusing to look at Aurum, I clenched my teeth.

"You are wrong, Catherine. I may not know much about you, nor of Valentine and Morgan, but you all have a special something inside you. Just believe... and hope... there is something that is not to be underestimated about you."

Fat, salty tears rolled down my cheeks as I felt that hand disappear, along with the soft grass that I sat upon.


The first thing that I noticed was that there was a... humming sound? I tried opening my eyes, only to have one succeed in seeing light. Great, guess my left eye is swollen now. At least I see slightly better on my right. "Guh... Seriously?"

The hummng then abrupty stopped. "... Cathy?"

Turning my head to see who spoke, I then winced before putting both hands to my head. "Uuuhhhh... Is this what it's like to be hungover?"

"Ahahaha, aren't you a little to young to find out?" the voice spoke again, though the nervous tone was noticeable.

Spain... Wonderful.

"Aren't you a bit late to suddenly show concern again?" I asked in a clipped tone, scowling as I remember how I was ignored. The Mediterranean country then stayed silent. Good, he deserved it.

The sound of shoes walking away then reached my ears, along with a door opening shortly after. There was no more footsteps afterward though. Was he trying to say something? Well, he must of decided it was not worthy speaking, since the door closed again. Uncovering my unbruised eye, I then sighed.


Germouser, who was curled at my feet, padded over to me and just stared. I gave him a weak smile as I felt the tears come. "Bet you wish that someone else was sent here, huh?"

The blue cat just started, probably from my tears. His brilliant blue eyes then softened before he came closer and curled himself at the crook of my neck. A bit surprised at the fur brushing against my cheek, I then hesitated before I stroked his head. "... I'll take that as a no..."

Germany could take some social lesson from his pet... Holding back a sob, I closed my eyes and thought about hands brushing my tears away, as if sending my miseries away far from here. Who's hands?

'... From someone, anyone... who cares...'


"... Anything at all?"

Sighing heavily, Germany put down the phone. "... Nein... Mein gott... How iz zhis possible?"

Giving a crooked grin at his bruder, Prussia shrugged. "How iz it possible zhat I'm still here?"

Pausing from his typing, Japan then gave a brief glance at the albino. "That may or may have an expranation... but regarding Cathy-san, who is not one of us..."

He left that statement open for thought before resuming focus on his laptop. For a few days, this has been going on. They searched databases, looked up for anyone with the name Martinez who truly was related to their 'guest', but none seemed to quite match. It's like... she didn't exist.

The door to Germany's office opened, followed by Italy peeking in. "Vee~ Cathy is awake... though she seems to want to be alone for now."

"Don't blame her. Bet she's embarrassed about knocking herself out," Prussia commented before closing the laptop.

Though it wasn't his. Not at all. Looking at the American company's name on it, he frowned a bit before opening another can of beer. Right now wasn't the time to tell them. Not yet. Gilbird tweeted from his perch on his hair before taking off towards the door. Cathy may not want any of the countries to talk to her now, but surely she won't reject him.


Raising an eyebrow in interest, the young man chuckled as the little yellow bird pecked at the window above him. He certainly hasn't forgotten how interesting this world is. When the girl opened the window, she peered out before looking in confusion at her visitor. The bird just chirped before settling on her hand. Letting out a sigh, she petting him on the head while smiling a bit.

"This one is certainly more different from the rest... is that why you chose her, Aurum?" the stranger asked to no one. His copper eyes narrowed a bit as he caught the glimmer of the gold and silver threads that wove around the girl's bracelet.

"... No matter. I can just use this to my advantage."


There are different worlds out there.

And not all are aware of this.

But the few that are... have those who yearn to travel to them.

For good reasons... and selfish desires.

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