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Welcome to the School of Nations!

Matthew let out a small sigh as he gazed up at the building that was his new school. The blond boy simply thought to himself, Great, a new school, and yet another chance to not get noticed and to get forgotten... Shaking his head, he looked back up at the school before adjusting his maple leaf hoodie and forcing himself inside the school, needing to get his dorm.

Walking around the halls, the Canadian found himself lost, in the halls of the school. Spotting a pale kid with silver hair, Matthew blinked and noticed that he was in a, rather sloppily thrown on, uniform. Another thing that he noticed, was that the kid was actually looking in his direction. This caused him to glance behind him to make sure there was nobody behind him, which there wasn't, before walking up closer to the boy, red eyes following him the entire time.

Matthew looked up at the boy, and stuttered out, "U-Uh... I-I'm M-Matthew. D-do you know where the, uh, office is? I, k-kinda need my dorm still... I-I'm a new student..."

The pale boy, who Matthew had officially dubbed 'albino', smirked lightly and said, "Kesesese, I'm Gilbert. Und vhy don't du come vith mich? I can take du zu dee office, zupposed to be heading there anyways." (Kesesese, I'm Gilbert. And why don't you come with me? I can take you to the office, supposed to be heading there anyways.) The boy then grabbed the Canadian's hand, earning a slightly flushed look from him, and begun to lead him towards the office. Upon reaching it, the albino let got of Matthew's hand as a receptionist yelled at him, "Mr. Beilschmidt! Vice Principals office. Now."

The albino sighed and said, "Kay, Deb." He then let go of the Canadian's hand, giving a dismissive wave to the receptionist and started walking off before looking back and giving Matthew a wink, saying, "See ya later Birdie~"

Matthew blinked confusedly at his new apparent nickname before looking at the receptionist that Gilbert had called Deb. Quietly, the blond Canadian say, "Uh... hello... I'm Matthew Williams... I need to get my dorm..."

The receptionist looked up and said, "Okay. Uh... what is the name of the country you are, Mr... Uh..."

Matthew let out a sigh and thought to himself, This already? He then quickly said in his soft voice, "Mr. Williams, miss. I'm Canada."

Seemingly checking something on the computer, Deb nodded and said, "Well... It seems that the only dorm with a bed open is Prussia's... Er... Mr. Beilschmidt's." She was actually lying there was another dorm open, but that was dorming with Francis Bonnefoy and, as they had gotten complaints from his last few dorm-mates of him being overly vulgar to them, and as such, he had been forbidden from having a roommate. Deb then looked up at Matthew and said, "You came in with Mr. Beilschmidt, you should be fine. Normally his egotistic personality keeps him from helping other people. You must be special, Mr... uh..."

Matthew sighed and said, "Mr. Williams, madam, I'm Canada." The boy then shuffled his feet and was about to ask what dorm it was when Gilbert came out of the office, slamming the door behind him and muttering something in a language that wasn't English. Or even German or French for that matter.

Gilbert almost instantly seemed to cheer up upon seeing Matthew and said, "Oh yeah, I heard dat du vor mein new vroom-mate, Birdie! Congrats on getting dee awesome mich as dur vroom-mate. I've heard the teacher's talking about zu coming und I figured zat du vould probably be in mein vroom, zince, mein und Francis's dorms are dee only vones open, und since Francis tried to undress Arthur in his sleep, he has been forbidden vrom having ein vroom-mate." (Oh yeah, I heard that you are my new room-mate, Birdie! Congrats on getting the awesome me as your room-mate. I've heard the teacher's talking about you coming and I figured that you would probably be in my room, since, mine and Francis's dorms are the only ones open, and since Francis tried to undress Arthur in his sleep, he has been forbidden from having a room-mate.) The albino boy then blinked when he noticed that the Canadian was flushed in the face and said, "Vas ist vrong? Are du sick?"

The fact that Gilbert was even asking those questions shocked the receptionist, who had stopped paying full attention a while ago, and caused her to look at the duo curiously.

Matthew shook his head and said, "Non, non, I'm fine... It's just that, Francis is my cousin..." He then sighed and said, "I haven't seen him in a few months actually... I just figured he had forgotten about me."

Gilbert then patted Matthew on the back before saying, "Well, the Frenchie does get in a lot of trouble, zo, ve zee each other often. Now how about I zhow du zu our dorm?" ((Well, the Frenchie does get in a lot of trouble, so, we see each other often. Now how about I show you to our dorm?)

Matthew nodded and said, "That'd be nice..."

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