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Gilbert smiled and, after Matthew got settled into the dorm, the albino said, "Well, if du vant mich zu, I can zhow du around now. Zince, I von't be in any of dor klasses vor dree days aftver alle. Got zuspended for getting inzo ein argument vith ein teacher, mein groƟ vater at dat." (Well, if you want me to, I can show you around now. Since, I won't be in any of your classes for three days after all. Got suspended for getting into a argument with a teacher, my grandfather at that.)

He then rubbed the back of his head and smiled awkwardly.

Matthew deadpanned a little bit at his new room-mate and said, "O-oh... well, I guess you can if you wa-" He was semi-cut off has his hand was taken once more by Gilbert, who said, cheerfully, "Awesome!"

While Gilbert was leading Matthew around, the two figured out that they actually had quite a bit in common, especially a love for pancakes and maple syrup.

"Hey, maybe we can have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow?" Gilbert said, followed by a sprawl of laughter as he lead Matthew to his last class's room. Realizing class was in session and it was actually the last class, the boy smirked and said, "Hey! Lets meet your classmates!"

The Prussian then literally dragged the Canadian boy into the classroom and chuckled a little bit when the teacher looked at him and grunted out in his gravely voice, "Mr. Beilschmidt? Everybody said you were suspended? Oh well... Take your seat quickly and you owe me yet another detention for being late."

This caused Gilbert to let out his annoying chuckle and say, "Nein, Mr. Frankish. I vas suspended~ I'm just leading around Birdie here!"

Everybody just seemed to raise their eyebrow at the Prussian or give him a strange look, besides the American that was sitting in the back, who had cracked a smile and called out, "Yo' Mattie! Long time no see, dude! You should of emailed me that you were coming to my school! Well anyways, since I couldn't be there to greet ya' originally... Welcome to the School of Nations, dude!"

Matthew blinked and said in his soft voice, "M-maple! I-I didn't expect you to be in my class Alfred." The Canadian then looked at Gilbert for a moment before looking back at Alfred, the American who had shouted out.

His attention was not long after though brought back to the Prussian as he kesese'd once more and said, "Yup. Me and Al actually have quite a few classes together, and since you and me only have one class that we don't have together, that means you and him have a lot of classes together also!" The albino then flung his arm over the blond Canadian's shoulder and said, "Let's go back to the dorm before Mr. Frankish gets too mad at me. I'll see ya in a few days teach'!" Gilbert then quickly grasped Matthew's hand once more and pulled him out of the classroom, down the hall and slowly back towards the dorms.


Alfred frowned slightly when he watched Gilbert pull Mattie away. Hmph. Gil better not hurt Mattie or else. Eh... I wonder where Arthur went... he has been in the bathroom along time... I hope, I, as the hero, don't have to go save him or something... wait... no that would be so freakin' awesome!

Alfred was then pulled from his thoughts by at tap on his shoulder, which in turn, as he had watched a horror movie with his British bud just the previous night, caused the wheat blond American to let out an equal horror movie shriek, one, forgetting he was in class, and yelling out at the top of his lungs, "M-MONSTER! D-DON'T EAT MY B-BRAINS!" He then clutched his head in a very protective manner before looking up and letting out a nervous laugh when he spotted it was only Arthur... and everybody in the classroom was looking at him.

Arthur smirked and patted Alfred on the shoulder before saying, "Excellent show, mate. Now shut the bloody hell up. It's time to go back to the dorm."

Alfred nodded and said, "Uh... you... uh... didn't hear that girly scream, okay?" Smooth move, Al, smooth move. That was so unheroic...

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