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Phoenix of Chaos

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Elementals, people who have a branch of magic that allows them to manipulate the very elements themselves. The total number of people who have this branch is very limited because at its invention it was meant for combat. In a way it was nature giving her chosen ones a little of her power of the seven elements: fire, water, earth, lightning, wind, light, and darkness. Depending on how Nature has favored you can be considered a god or a simple foot soldier but it still comes down to your own ability.

Now these type of people have decided the history in the past b the actions they have done but you have to remember one thing Nature doesn't favor good or evil only those who strong enough to write their own destiny no matter what history say the most basic rule is the law of the strongest.

Chaos what a weird name it was but it was the name of the target the one they had to capture to get any information on Harry Potter. You see the group of people here today is the Order of the Phoenix and the start of al their problems a little over two months ago after everything that thing went on at the end of last year with the death of Sirius Black and being told by Dumbledore that he was apparently destined to fight Voldemort or die trying well lets he was rather upset.

OK he pissed

And to feel better about he was going to talk to Ron and Hermione. In the end it didn't help his mood he just learned that they betrayed him, it turned out that after second year the thought it would dangerous to be friends with him so Dumbledore paid them to keep being friends and also he wanted Harry to succeed him as the so called lord of light so he did a lot of things to mold Harry to his design.

Now pissed off to newly found levels he stalled of to find some place to calm down till he heard a voice

"Harry are you ok?" he turned around to see Ginny Weasley he looked in her eye and say that she was genuinely concerned about him so he put on a false smile to make it seems like he was fine

"Yeah just a little tired after all that's happened plus I wanted to go get some air you know be alone for a while." He said. It wasn't a total lie he did want to alone his magic did get a little unstable when he was angered

"Well I just wanted to see how you were holding up." She said with a small smile on her face

"Thanks." He said a true smile show on his face it's was good to hear that some one cared with his ever declining group of friends

"You know Ginny how bout I write you over the summer I think after all the shit that happened this year we've become friends."

"I would like that Harry."

After saying goodbye Harry watched how Ginny went up the staircase to the girl's dorm rooms and made his way to the seventh floor of the castle and walked in front of the room of requirement

'I need a place to calm down' the dark haired teen thought three time and opened the door that appeared and inside was a mediation room. You see Harry had discovered over the last year his magic had a destructive nature to it when he didn't have full control of certain emotions and anger was one of the major ones he need to control, so Sirius had taught him some mediation methods to keep it under control because the didn't want a repeat of what happened last luckily magic could fix most of the damage.

For the next three days no one saw Harry except for a house elf and one other person and then it was time to go home for the holidays and even on the train ride Harry disappeared again when he got on and silently when with his aunt and uncle only for him to go missing two days later.

It took the order over two months to find out any information and it was only two weeks till the start of the school. All the info they got was that Harry had a link to the man named Chaos so it was their mission to capture him and find any info on Harry.

The four figures stood hidden on had light brown hair with little hairs of gray mixed in he also had a tired look in his eyes and patched up cloths. This man was Remus Lupin former DADA teacher and friend of Harry's parents and godfather and the only known link of said people that Harry had he was also a werewolf since he was a child.

The next person was Nymphadora Tonks a young woman who had spiky bubblegum pink hair and a personality more on the perky side of things. She was a cousin of Sirius on her mother's side even if she was disowned. Over the last year she grew closer to Harry and Sirius as the two had a father-son relationship so she developed a brother sister bond with the two of them. She is also a metamorphmagus or a shape shifter in basic terms which is great to be able to do when you're an auror

The third was Kingsley Shacklebolt a tall dark skinned man who was also one of the Ministry's top aurors

And lastly was Mad-eye Moody an retired auror who has spent several years fighting a verity of dark wizards a man so dedicated to his work he has lost an eye and a leg along with several war scars. He is man who believes that taking down your enemy is the best way to take care of them it was always an issue that he and Dumbledore disagreed on no matter well they worked together.

This for figures were some of the best the order had and a small unit was best to capture someone with the least notice or at least according to Mad-eye. The intel they have gotten said a death eater recruitment party was here today and this Chaos was going to be here. They saw five wizards in black robes the death eaters were known for all with hoods up to cover their faces.

"They must be new recruits since they don't have the mask." Tonks said as she watched the group with the others

"Yes but do any of them match our target?" Moody asked

"No." she replied then she saw another figure appear with the same black robes as the other five but with the mask the death eaters were known for

"Wait someone else has show up." She announced and all of them listen I'm

"So today each of you will be tested to see if your worthy to join our fight to show muggles their place." Said the lead death eater

"He sounds like Malfoy." The pink haired shape shifter said

"Be quiet and listen." Kinsley said

"Now your goal tonight is to bring the heads of three muggles each and your our one step closer to join our great Master in his noble work." The lead death eater spoke again until another voice was heard

"No I think it would be better to put you all six feet under."

Another figure walk out of the shadows with a sleeveless black cloak with a picture of a black phoenix on the back and fingerless gloves with a hood to cover the upper half of his face. In his hands was a pair of black handguns. He took aim as he shot two of the rookies in the head they died instantly.

"Kill Him!" the leader shouted and the other three rookies fired spell after spell after the hooded figure he then flipped over the spell fire and shot two bullets that looked to be made out of a dark magical energy and hit one of them in the wand arm and in the head still in mid-air he quickly fired four more shots and the other two rookies fell dead as well.

"That's him, that's our target." Lupin said as they watched how the young man quickly dealt with the five Death eater recruits

"Let's wait for a moment to strike." Moody told the others ad the four got battle ready so the can move at a moments notice

"Who the hell are you?" The death eater questioned his wand raised

"Is that you Malfoy didn't think you'd be here but you can simple call me Chaos." The man now known as Chaos replied

"I don't know how you know of this meeting or who I am but you will pay dearly." The identified Lucius Malfoy said and started firing spells at a rapid rate of fire and all Chaos did was raise one of his guns and pulled the trigger and a wall of the same darkish energy appeared in front of him and blocked every spell sent his way. Once the spell volley stopped he raised the other one in a downward arc while pulling the trigger again and a slashing wave of energy hit Malfoy in the chest giving him a deep wound

"Well that has to hurt like hell, wounds like that make you not underestimate your enemies don't they Lucy." Chaos said the humor clearly in his voice

"When my lord finds out what you have done you will pay Chaos." The elder Malfoy promised before he used a portkey to escape

"Well you four can come out now." Chaos said to the Order group before his handguns disappeared and the four came out of hiding no loner seeing the point now that he knew they were there

"How did you know we where here?" The war scared former auror asked in an irritated tone

"Well besides the face I can feel your magical energy how do you think you found me in the first place, I let the info of my clean up here reach your ears." The clocked man said in a smug voice

"Well how bout you come with us." Tonks said her wand at ready incase she had to stun him she did just see him take down five wizard and injure another in no time flat

"And why would I want to go with you lot then?" Chaos asked

"We would like to know where Harry Potter is." Lupin answered

"Well in that case sure I can help you." He said as he walked to the group and Tonks grabbed his arm and all five disappeared in a pop.

The rest of the order of the phoenix was at the Burrow waiting for the return of its four members to return when a pop noise was heard out side and four familiar figures and one not so familiar walked in side and Moody went to Dumbledore

"We saw him take out five death eater and injure Lucius Malfoy before he portkeyed away then Mr. Chaos here came willingly." Moody explained

Dumbledore nodded as he saw Chaos take a seat the other order members watching him closely as it had been common knowledge that this man was a very dangerous person as he was very experienced in the art of combat

"So Dumbledore what is it that you need from me today?" Chaos asked the 100+ year old headmaster the room was quiet as the headmaster asked the question that the whole order wanted to know

"Well Mr. Chaos we have been informed that you know the location of Harry Potter and we would like to know where he is so we can make sure he's safe." Dumbledore said in a grandfatherly sounding voice

"Oh and why do you think I would know this information, I am a busy person so why would I care about some kid." Chaos asked in a bored tone

"Well several people have reported that you and Mr. Potter know each other so we thought you would know where he is." The old man said once again in a nice tone but he was getting a bit irritated the boy had been missing for over two months now

"Well of course I know him better than anyone else in fact." The clocked man said again with a humor clearly in his voice

A red head in he crowd spoke up "And why is that I've known that moody bastard for five years now." This boy was Ronald Weasley one of the backstabbing friend of Harry Potter

"I mean how in the hell do I not know myself." Chaos said as he pulled his hood to show green eyes and shoulder length spiky jet black

"Well Hello bastards and bitches how the fuck you guys summer been." The person they had been looking for and Chaos was one in the same

After all this time the have found Harry Potter

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