The order couldn't believe it over the past two months the mystery of Harry Potter was one of great importance to them and they couldn't believe just like that he was right in front of them

The boy the had knew had grown into a young man his hair now reached his shoulders and was spikier but messy as ever. He no longer wore glasses and his dark emerald green eyes looked more defined. But the one thing you couldn't miss was how held himself like that of an alpha of a pack, the disposition of a leader. Now as they were all thinking this Harry spoke up

"So what the hell you guys want I only planned an hour of you guys in my day." he said as he looked down at his watch

"Shut up you brat acting as if the world revolves around you." A man from the crowd said this man was Severus Snape the potion master at Hogwarts he was also a spy for the order against the dark lord Voldemort

"Now listen here people, I heard you were looking for me so I nice make time out of my bloody day to come visit, so what do want." Harry ignored his professor talk in a tone saying he was in a hurry

"Well mister Potter we were just worried about you I mean you did just vanish." Dumbledore said

"Its not vanishing when you leave and don't tell some people, its called I don't want to talk or see you." The green-eyed teen said as if he was talking to a bunch of three year olds

"Why wouldn't you want to contact us Harry?" A bushy brown haired girl asked. She was Hermione Granger a fellow up coming Gryffindor student at Hogwarts and also one of the betrayers of Harry

"That easily answerable its because I would have tried to kill you." Answered said betrayed person

"Yeah right Potter you couldn't harm anybody." Ron remarked in a cocky tone

You see over the years Ron felt more inferior to Harry because he always got more attention, no matter what happened good are bad Harry was always someone people talked about and noticed. The fact the amount of brothers he had he was always less notice and he hated it. So in the end Ron felt a little smug because he thought he finally got one over Harry.

Bu all that came to an end when Harry was behind him pointing a black handgun at his head.

"Do you think I don't know what you did." Harry said in a calm tone with barely contained anger in his voice and the order was shocked again. They didn't see him move he just appeared behind Ron with a gun to his head, they were all about to pull their wands out but Harry spoke again

"Don't pull your wands out people or I will kill him."

"Now Harry there is no need to be violent that only leads to a dark path." Dumbledore said in a grandfatherly tone while having his wand arm at ready just in case

"Dumbledore after all the shit you put me through and even paying this dumb ass to be my friend, to find out people I trusted were using me. What did you think was going to happen when I found out." The angry teen said with a snarl

"Harry I only wanted to guide on the path of light." The old man answered

"Dumledore what is Harry talking about?" Lupin asked

"Oh he didn't tell his master plan. He used my parent's death for a means to find a successor, he put me with my relatives so he could have a broken child to build to his standards and only with his ideals in mind." Replied the boy who lived

"The Headmaster would never do that." One of the order members said this gave Harry the idea that some of the members didn't know what Dumbledore did maybe he could work with that

"You know I don't care what you believe I came here only for two reasons the first is to give you this note." Harry said as he moved the gun away from Ron and pushed him to the order he then raised it to group in front of him and set a letter on the table

"Next, Ginny you ready." This lone statement put the order through another loop as they watched Ginny walk quickly to Harry and give him a hug

"You got your things packed." He asked

"Its all in my trunk upstairs." The youngest Weasley said

"Ginny get away from him." The voice of Molly Weasley broke thought the silence

"He's evil Ginny." Ron said backing his mother up

"I wouldn't hurt one of my real friends Ron unlike trash like you I won't harm Ginny." Harry said as he raised his free and snapped his fingers

"Accio trunk" he said and a trunks came flying downstairs he snapped again when he could see it at the foot of the stair and the trunk shrunk and flew in his hand

"Thanks Harry."Ginny said as he handed her the trunk

"Miss Weasley what are you doing." Dumbledore asked with a hint of anger, things were not going as he want them he need to fix the situation

"Well you see Ginny is good friends with my girlfriend and they wanted to visit so I came to pick Ginny up." Harry told the Headmaster

"Girlfriend, so what whore did you pay to be with you?" Ron asked with anger in his voice

"So anyway we'll be going see you when I see you." The cloaked teen said as the same blackish energy started to form around the two

"Don't ignore me Potter!" Ron shouted as he pulled out his wand as well as several members of the order

The black energy covered Harry and Ginny as a wave of stunners were fired at the and the energy just absorbed it

"Well that just shows you, you can't stop chaos." Harry said with a dark chuckle

"See you later." Was the last thing he said before they were covered in a dark sphere and when it disappeared they were gone

"Professor what did he just do?" Hermione asked as her curiosity kicked in

"It is probably advance magic miss Granger." Dumbledore said as he looked at the spot Harry and Ginny disappeared from thinking where Harry learned such magic it looked dark and he could not have his successor fall to he dark side

"Albus what about the letter?" Moody asked with his wand trained on it checking it for dark magic with the way Potter was acting he had o make sure

"Forget about a stupid letter he took my sister!" Ron yelled to the gathered members

"Well the fact she left willingly means it's not a kidnapping." Tonks said to the youngest Weasley male

"How bout we open the letter and find out." Lupin said trying to act as a peacemaker

The order debated on this for a few minutes before deciding it was the first thing they do so Dumbledore picked it up and read aloud

Dear order of retarded birds

I first want to say this, yes I found out what some of you did to me and yes I'm not to happy about it. Now as much as a pain in the ass your guys are to me, there is a bastard by the name of Voldemort who is an even bigger one. If you wish to work together to beat I don't care just know a few things first. 1. After he is dead don't bother me again we just have a common enemy that is all 2. We work together I follow no orders but my own. And finally 3. Cross me and I will kill you

Now that I have said this I took Ginny with me because she was the only one who didn't lie to me and even wrote me. Plus I need her for an event and she and my girlfriend are good friends.

I'll give you a week to think about give your answer at my wedding that will take place after the ceremony

See you then…maybe

Lord Harry Potter-Black

The room was in absolute silence

Daphne Greengrass was in the sitting room in Greengrass Manor. She was a girl with strawberry blond hair and crystal blue eyes. Today she was wearing simple blue sundress as she was reading a charms book when she saw a wall of black energy from across the and two people walked out it and knowing who it was she jumped up to hug the taller one

"Miss me much?" Harry asked as he pulled her in for a kiss

"Of course the trouble you run into everyday is pretty entertaining." She replied to him as they pulled away

"Its not that bad and its not like I go look for it." The sole Potter said with a roll of his eyes

"Sure you don't dear. So Ginny how have you been?" Daphne asked as she turned to address the other girl

"Hey Daphne it's been boring with out you two" Ginny admitted as she went to hug her best friend

"Well while you to catch up I have a meeting to go to." Harry said as he made another dark portal and walked through it

"It's funny isn't it how things turned out." Daphne said with a small chuckle

"It wasn't funny, I was shocked when Harry said you to have been dating over a year now." The red head replied

You see in the summer of fourth year at the world cup Harry and Daphne meet in a random passing the two started talking and it developed into a weird relation ship that grew to the point to where they were getting married in a week and the two couldn't be happier

"But the last two months has been fun." Ginny continued

"Well anyway how bout one of my bridesmaids comes help me pick out some flowers." The future Mrs. Potter said as she got up and she and Ginny left the room

Harry walked out of his dark portal in to a hall he walked down it until he found a pair of giant doors. He waved his hand and they opened he walked down a flight of stair into another Hall with doors lining them with name plate above them. He then went to the end of the hall where there was a round table with fifteen chairs with people in fourteen of them so he sat in the last seat

"Not that Chaos is here we can start." A man in a green cloak said

"Yes we can, now Chaos what is your report for the day?" asked a female voice from the red cloaked person

"I asked Dumbledore if he was against me or willing to work with me to stop Voldemort, I'm supposed to hear from him in a week after that if he wants to talk he has to wait till I go to Hogwarts." Harry replied

"So they took the bait?" Asked the man in the green cloak

"Yes Forest they did it seems like they were despite to find me." The blacked cloaked teen said off handedly

"So is there any else to report?" The white cloaked individual asked

"Well Holy I need some help with a vampire job." A sky blue cloaked figure said

"Very well take Chaos with you and get it done today." Holy the white cloaked person said

"Now that I have everyone's reports you all my leave." Holy continued and since it was later in the day everybody left in a portal of different elements except Harry and the sky blue cloaked person

"Let's get this over with Hurricane." Harry said as he stood

"Alright Chaos the problem is about fifty vampires went berserk and are destroying an area around London and will be on a killing spree if we don't stop them." Hurricane said

"What area?" The messy haired teen asked

"Twenty-five miles north of London." Hurricane replied they nodded to each other and Harry walked through a dark portal and Hurricane summoned a smaller version of his namesake around himself and they both disappeared

Chaos and Hurricane appeared in the location of the rabid vampires. Chaos summoned his two black handguns and Hurricane summoned a pair of sky blue gauntlets. They heard a roar to the east so they set of n that direction, it wasn't long before they saw the pack of vampires and they jump in to action Harry flipped over a group and aimed directly below him and in a storm of energy he shot down about thirteen.

He looked to his left and saw a pack of seven about to jump on him when a hurricane ripped through the landscape taking the vampires with it

"Can't let you have all the fun." The blue cloaked man said as Chaos landed next to him

"Let's just hurry up I'm tired as hell."

The two stood back to back as they were surrounded by the remaining vampires and Harry made a slashing movement and a blade of energy cut down a few of them he them weaved thought the crowd getting in some kill shot and the wind from Hurricane ripped the remaining in to shreds

At the end of the slaughter about five tried to get away but Harry raised a gun and energy gathered at the barrel, he pulled the trigger and a laser shot out to vaporize the remaining vampires

"Thanks Chaos these jobs are always fun with a partner." Hurricane said as he walked up to Harry

"No prob it's always a blast but I got to see you later." Chaos said as he left in one of his portals Hurricane chuckled before he did the same

Harry appeared in Greengrass room in the room he and Daphne shared he was tired so vampires were dumb when in a blood rage but their natural strength increased so he had to make sure he wasn't hit the same for the death eater raid. It also took a bit out him with the constant use of pure magic it wasn't as bad like it was when he was training but still he was only sixteen a powerful sixteen year old but still he magic need to rest

Harry proceed to take a shower and pass out on the bed he was tired and needed sleep. This was how Daphne found him an hour and she quietly slipped in the bed next to him and he put his arm around her waist and pulled her close into him.

Daphne had to smile as about two years ago she never dreamed that she would be this happy as she was now with Harry. Back when she started to learn about what the famed Boy-Who-Lived for who he was and what he hid from the world and she could honestly say she knows him better than anyone else in the world.

"I love you Harry." She said as she drifted of to sleep and she knew he felt the same when the little squeeze she had gotten from a sleeping Harry

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